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  1. I'll buy something from this company when they finish their Skypark addon...
  2. Dude, they're not going to "go ahead" with this, this whole idea makes zero economical sense and it doesn't take much thinking to realize why.
  3. 🙄 There's nothing positive about the Marketplace Backlog and it's very much why they titled it that way. The community has been complaining for a while about the bottleneck of add-ons in the Marketplace, there's no reason to spin it as a positive like you're pretending to do. Yes it has a negative feeling about it, which is the point. Any of your "ideas" would be far worse than Backlog.
  4. Performance issues of the Fenix are exaggerated, I have much worse hardware than you and it runs fine. Make sure to download 4k liveries and not 8k liveries just to be safe (this is an option in their livery manager).
  5. You really need to read the product descriptions. The mod in the marketplace is useless for 99% of users, it simply enables independent FMS. Everything is otherwise in the base sim already.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzeFYXw62MgbBB7JiZaszJu4kN6o8D759 Very informative.
  7. Seems like you missed the 40th anniversary missions in your open post!
  8. Also, you can click on the black box above the attitude indicator to transform it into an autopilot control.
  9. But did you display the GNS using the switches next to the copilot's yoke?
  10. What does WT updated mean? The WT is in base MSFS, there's nothing to update, it's done automatically. Remove any WT package you have in your community folder, it's old stuff.
  11. For your information the King Air update has already been released.
  12. I use Pilot2ATC (that can import Simbrief) so I don't have to plan SIDs and STARs and approaches, I fly what the ATC tells me to! There's even an option to check so that it gives you varied approaches rather than always the ILS.
  13. Hello, thanks for the excellent software and serious updates. I have a suggestion. These days I fly mostly with SayIt / Speech Assistant rather than microphone. There doesn't seem to be logic about how the drop-down list is organized [or I can't see it, which is possible]. Each time I have to scout in the list where the item I'm looking for is, which is compounded by the fact the list is dynamic. For example on my current flight, I have first ArrivalRunwayRequest, then ToAltitude, a bit later I have a VFR item, then Flight Plan things, and the last item is again a VFR item. You could reorganize the list so that items are logically grouped together (early flight at the top, approach at bottom, etc). You could also use fake "-------" items to segment the list in categories. Thanks!
  14. Explanation: Asobo has set no framerate limit on the menus, this means your GPU wants to render them with as much FPS as possible. This is useless. In your graphic card control panel, limit the framerate of Flight Simulator to solve the issue.
  15. Black Square King Air (and, I surmise, the Black Square Caravan).
  16. The best rated add-ons are: Black Square King Air Flysimware 414 Blackbird/Milviz C310 Liking the King Air the most due to it being a sportier, more complex aircraft.
  17. Not fair, Just Flight updates typically have much more items patched than Carenado updates.
  18. I read FSW contracted another company to make the graphics of the C414, or part of.
  19. Hello, you made changes in the recent times that greatly reduced the events where the ATC issues an approach (say VOR), but doesn't say which approach (X, Y, Z). I recently encountered an approach where it again displayed that issue. Using Navigraph: landing at VVDN "Expect the VOR approach to runway Three Five Right at DA NANG International" no mention of whether it's the X, Y or Z Thanks!
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