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  1. JP_Visser

    Any Over The Hump Adventurers?

    Just to be clear, I have absolutely no hand in anything relating to the Jahn/Visser DC3, I am in awe of people capable of giving us simnuts an airplane that awesome, which is why I felt obliged to comment. I echo your sentiments, though, while I love the DC6 I will always love th C47/DC3 as well and that is their accomplishment. JP.
  2. JP_Visser

    Any Over The Hump Adventurers?

    The free C47 if it is the free one I think it is is as good as if not better than the PMDG DC6. Why? 'cos it too is a labour of love but this one is absolutely free. JP.
  3. JP_Visser

    Words I need to share with our Community

    I am so very sorry to hear this, What can you say at times like these ? For me, you are Avsim, and Avsim is you .. and then there's so many other things you are to a lot of other people, as in reality, Avsim is but one of the things you've done and do. I wish you strength, and I hope you will enjoy your loved ones, and they will enjoy you. You will all be in my prayers. JP.
  4. JP_Visser

    Taking off from orbx bowerman with 737

    SFP's : Short Field Performance
  5. JP_Visser

    RAZBAM Metroliner III

    Big thread is here : Lots of useful information in it. I intend to buy it also, it seems like a nice twin.
  6. JP_Visser

    AVSIM's 15th - A Retrospective - Part 1

    I'm so glad you mention Richard Harvey. Be sure he touched at least one life in his life. I will never forget his "Don't stall on me, I need to soar" .
  7. JP_Visser

    Door Manager

    Awesome Jim.It works and I'm happy as a clam.Thanks a ton mate.cheersJP.
  8. JP_Visser

    Door Manager

    If it is not too much trouble, Jim, could you send the file my way as well.cheersJP.
  9. Also note the pilots wanting as much realism as they can is a very vocal minority while those hopping in and flying with hardly any experience are a non-vocal majority.
  10. JP_Visser

    757, soon?

    I'm glad my faith hasn't been misplaced.I am and was pretty sure you folks would deliver th
  11. Did you start at KSFO.IIRC it only works there.JP.
  12. JP_Visser

    Wilco A400M error

    and Wilco is the one providing support and selling the plane so I'd hazard a guess and saythey might just know a wee bit more then we do.
  13. JP_Visser

    Flight planning software

    I use Vroute too,but FSBuild comes to the rescue when Vroute cannot deliver.Vroute is the main planner though,it is good for my needs as it supports the three planes I fly most often.
  14. JP_Visser


    ahhhhh ... good ole Ferd ... he makes even m
  15. JP_Visser


    >Jan, I see you had to rattle the cage again! ;)grinn,rattling cages is like,well...i learned it from Ferd,eh :-hah