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  1. Just to be clear, I have absolutely no hand in anything relating to the Jahn/Visser DC3, I am in awe of people capable of giving us simnuts an airplane that awesome, which is why I felt obliged to comment. I echo your sentiments, though, while I love the DC6 I will always love th C47/DC3 as well and that is their accomplishment. JP.
  2. The free C47 if it is the free one I think it is is as good as if not better than the PMDG DC6. Why? 'cos it too is a labour of love but this one is absolutely free. JP.
  3. I am so very sorry to hear this, What can you say at times like these ? For me, you are Avsim, and Avsim is you .. and then there's so many other things you are to a lot of other people, as in reality, Avsim is but one of the things you've done and do. I wish you strength, and I hope you will enjoy your loved ones, and they will enjoy you. You will all be in my prayers. JP.
  4. SFP's : Short Field Performance http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/tech_ops/read.main/240846/
  5. Big thread is here : http://forum.avsim.net/topic/429877-razbam-metroliner-released/ Lots of useful information in it. I intend to buy it also, it seems like a nice twin.
  6. Without a doubt the iFly team and Flight1 get my platinum award with diamonds. Because of my assistance there I have now landed a real paid job trucking through Europe which is what I love to do most so I'm forever in their debt. And before I landed the job I have flown thousands of hours in their 737NG which while not being as much fun as driving a DAF XF is right up there. They're some good blokes and I miss 'm daily.
  7. I'm very happy with it, when I have time (which by the looks of it will be 2034) I will fly it around some more.
  8. I can help a tiny bit, the first question the AOA providing your weight and balance is setup right is correct, Lots of people that sim question this, I think it is because we are not pilots and thus it seems weird to fly with the deck angle instead of horizontal. Just remember it is not a car or a boat and then you're gonna be allright. On 2 I would believe the engines of the rock do indeed react pretty slowly however it might depend on which engine is installed. Do note the HJG planes have all kind of different engine options and particularly the early 727's will spool up pretty slowly. It may also have to do with the fact HJG constantly update and improve on their 727 whilst the DF one is a mature product and some tricks could not be in the book yet when it was released. Your reverser question : the early 727's had a clamshellish reverser and it was later changed to a reverser which was confined within the engine i.e you don't see a lot happening outside. Some clamshell reversers were swapped for the newer ones as they also made a big difference in noise and smoke output. On three DF tell us : I cannot set the speedbrakes / spoilers to automatic, so they deploy upon landing. When I try to set them, they actually deploy a bit. What is wrong? Nothing is wrong. The real 727 does not have the ability to have the spoilers automatically deploy upon landing. You must acitvate them manually once you land. There is no notch for the speed brake handle for the auto position. This is where the 727 has something in common with the 707, and not the 737. ;-) cheers JP.
  9. Is indicated airspeed selected in the FS options. I don't even know if it is possible to do so in FSX, but in FS9 you can select true airspeed or indicated airspeed, the last one is what you want when using third party planes.
  10. Get the QW and the PSS 757 and leave the CS one alone. That one looks pretty but can't even fly a VOR approach.
  11. I think that is a post-production edit with Sony Vegas or similar.
  12. Al, I believe all you buy is a registration code,you download the demo and then unlock it as per the simmarket webpage : http://secure.simmarket.com/fswidgets-electronic-flight-bag-fsx.phtmlI have had a few crashes but never have had problems retrieving the FSwidgets EFB after themeven if I did not have it backed up.Install the demo, input registration, done.cheersJP.
  13. That isn't possible.Once you reinstall W7 all registry entries for FSX and addons will be missing, and any filesstored in the application data folders will be missing as well.What is possible is once you have FSX and W7 installed the way you like to have it, make a drive image.That way you can -hopefully- restore to that state if anything goes wrong.A good program to use is f.i Acronis.Now, I have just had a nasty virus/hack attack and I couldn't use either as both the windows andthe Acronis backups were thrashed in the process.But I have used it before with good results.
  14. I firmly believe many simmers are underestimating the knowledge required to fly a complex jet.I see it daily, you háve to fly planes by the book, if you don't, weird things can and will happen.Do also note most if not all developers model a plane after its real counterpart,so some things labelled as bugs are often idiosyncrasies present in the real aircraft.Whilst they won't throw off trained flightcrew, they will throw of the average simmerand then the trouble starts.
  15. I'm so glad you mention Richard Harvey. Be sure he touched at least one life in his life. I will never forget his "Don't stall on me, I need to soar" .
  16. PMDG DC-6.Carenado Beech C90.Don't need anything else.
  17. It now downloads again, took about 45 minutes but then it went smoothly again.Thanks DJ.
  18. I am just now having an issue with AS 6.5 that will not download any weatherat the moment.
  19. or 5 take the box home for the cat to play with.6 bury the box in the sanddunes somewhere in the Sahara,geotag the spot wih your smartphone, then boast to the free world you coulda but you wouldn'ta,after which you drop the smartphone in the toilet.
  20. Not to mention this oldy, surprised it hasn't come up yethttp://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=9644
  21. I hope the criticasters'll build a better modeled and textured 737 real quickand it better be able to taxi on idle thrust and have the exact amount of rivets or else!You folks really should get a life :LMAO:I am still debating the purchase myself, but I'll probably hold offand buy a certain old timer.The CRJ looks like a good one, too.Wasn't this thread about thát one ?
  22. It is saying "you need to fly me to land" by doing that.Seriously, though, which plane, and how?This information is so scarce we can't do anything with it as yet.
  23. Landing Alt on the Overhead is used by the pressure control to calculatethe cabin rate of descent.Has nothing to do with anything you mention.Landing speed of 130 KIAS seems a wee bit slow for a 767 but I might be wrong.
  24. Very nice addition, thanks for doing that :(
  25. Also note the Wilco 737 is a different 737 series.Those are the -3, -4, and -500 classic whereas the PMDG one, if complete,is the newer generation -6, -7, -8, and -900 NG.The interiors differ by quite a bit as do the panels.cheersJP.
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