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  1. forstmeier

    FSX Borderless Windowed Mode in Win10 FSX Steam

    Hi ega, FullSize has been created with Win 8.1 and should work with Win 7. Also Win 10 no problem. (64-bit) Did you open the program with "administrator" privilege ? (also FSX ?) FSX is installed in a different Folder like C:\FSX\.... or the standard folder C:\programs(x86) ? Always better to run FSX within a different Folder like C:\FSX\...... Did you select "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" (or your SE Program Title) on the List before you click on the [ON] button as explained with the [About] ? (or use the Keyboard short-cut) Before you close FullSize (not system-try) deselect Full-Screen [OFF]. This is the first issue i read about. FSX-SE not tested. Try again and revert please. Be sure, this has nothing to do with the "FullSize" program itself. regards, Raimund .
  2. forstmeier

    FSX Borderless Windowed Mode in Win10 FSX Steam

    Hi EGA, just one question. Does FullSize work as expected ? Should work with any Windows Platform. FullSize is a professional application for border/less screens using 2 buttons and a Keyboard shortcut. If someone missed the download option, the download could be available again if interested. regards Intrasystem Raimund .
  3. forstmeier

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    Hi pcubine, Yes i succeded finally using a different Monitor setting that is showing all colors. For test purposes my monitor was not showing certain colors. As stated, i could not see the borders around the TextBox for entering "yes". Yes, there is always a explanation. By the way, no problems with the 777 and Win 8.1. Meanwhile i setup a Cold-Start and Shut-Down with the MouseClicks program you can still download at Avsim. In the FSX-SE forum i published for download (only at Avsim) the latest "FullSize" program, a professional software for a borderless screen that is not connecting to FSX using a Keyboard shortcut and or 2 buttons ON + OFF listing the open programs you want open as Fullsize. If you are interested i can open, here, the download again for 1 or 2 days only. regards Raimund .
  4. forstmeier

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    It is quite simple. I explain it in english. When i go into the PMDG official site and try to buy the 777-200 or any other the page is asking to confirm "yes". you input "yes" and it is asking you to enter a positiv integer number. Now input what you like you never enter the "ADD to CART". The only thing you read is: " You have 3 character left. Do not use HTML." I'm programming since 40 years. Maybe (europa time) it is late. i dont think i'm missing something. In any case there is no logical explanation for it. Just do me a favour. Go into the PMDG Download Site and try to enter the " ADD to CART ". thanks Raimund Yes i got it. there is a Text Line for entering "yes". I could not see the line using a particular Monitor that did not show the margins of this TextBox. Yes, there is Always a explanation for everything. thanks anyway. Raimund
  5. forstmeier

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    Is there anyone that could explain how buy the PMDG 777 base pack for 89 dollars ? the PMDG is saying: enter YES, then enter a positiv integer nr. > ok - you can do what you want exhange positiv nr. as many you want or yes the question is Always the same: enter a positiv nr. It might be that i'm missing somethin but there must be something wrong. Whatever is the solution, for sure it is not logical. In other word's i'cant buy. How did you buy the FSX download version ? thanks for your kind answer if possible now, Tomorrow i will not buy it anymore. thanks Raimund / Italy .
  6. forstmeier

    FSX Borderless Windowed Mode in Win10 FSX Steam

    The download for FULLSIZE is again open. I will leave it open the 27. October 2015 (europa time) Download link is now: User: fsxfullsize Pwd: fsxdownload54321 There is a simple and logical modification. FullSize can't open itself to 'Full Size'. To be honest i woul have expected that someone noticed this cosmetic detail. Unzip where you like. For easy access create a Desktop connection. Intrasystem Raimund .
  7. forstmeier

    FSX Borderless Windowed Mode in Win10 FSX Steam

    There is no need for a description. Just press the About button and read. Download is now stopped. Enjoy You should use the MouseClicks program that is very useful but not easy at the beginning. Raimund .
  8. forstmeier

    FSX Borderless Windowed Mode in Win10 FSX Steam

    The FSX Borderless program is not professional and not Always you get a clear FullScreen. A program should remain open and should have the possibility to "minimize" and stay alive but not visible. FullSize is using 2 buttons ON OFF + a Keyboard Shortcut for toggle. So you are free to select what you want. The only thing you should do, close the FSX Menu. From the List select your Application - Read the About - Until the October 27. 2015 you can download for free the "FullSize" application from the Intrasystem Web-Site. The Link is: be careful there is a space between .../RFO FullSize.rar. copy link and add 1 space + FullSize.rar. MODERATOR's Note: I fixed the blank space problem. In the future, replace blank spaces with %20... x avoiding web-scanning you must use the following code: User: fsxfullsize Pwd: fsxdownload54321 That's it. Raimund .
  9. The MouseClicks Test Program is ready for download. You can download here: ( x avoiding web-scanning pls. use the Pwd) User: Test Pwd: MouseClicks54321 The latest Manual: Intrasystem .
  10. First of all, with MouseClicks you can solve many common problems. Just try with a Lua-Script to Start or Close Engines for the PMDG NGX 737 or try to open the Terrain MAP + Terrain Height on the ND Instrument in automatic. With MouseClicks you can do it. MouseClicks will be available very soon. When MouseClicks Hook-System is activ (intercepting Keyboard) you can still use the Keyboard for other Functions that are not assigned to a Click-File. MouseClicks in NOT connected to any Game or else. You can use it for any Game or else. MouseClicks is including a "Key.txt" File with 47 special Keys/Char you can change for different Keyboards. MouseClicks is executing like the Pilots Hand is moving. Create MouseClicks Files This example is a ClickFile for PMDG NGX 737 The Pilot movements for selecting the Terrain-Data on the ND-Instrument. It seems complicated but it isn't. 1. We create the MouseClickFile or only a Keyboard File Show Terrain_On_Off on the ND Instrument. --- From any actual View switch to the 2D-Panel {F10} --- execute Keyboard Keys --- MouseClicks are executed on the EFIS Control Panel like a Pilot would do. Selecting the MAP ND-View, Selecting Terrain Height(click on center-knob) then click on [Terrain]. --- The ND Instrument is now showing the Terrain Display with the Terrain-Map and the Terrain-Height if both are selected/included. 2. a) We add (View 1) a Joystick-Nr or any Joystick Button Combination. B) We add (View 1) 1 or several Keyboard Keys or Key-Combinations; normally we use a) or B). Joystick number-values are assigned in automatic using 1 or more Joy-Buttons together. 3. With View (2) we can execute any File using the Mouse > click on a Filename. If a File is connected to the Joystick or Keyboard we can execute the File with View(2) or Joystick or KBD. Joystick connection 262144 - Terrain_On_Off is executed. DOORS Using a pure Keyboard File without Mouseclicks included. In this example we open the 2. Door. 1. Door opened (Shift + e) 2. Door is using (Shift + e) then, the delayed Key {2} FSX in Full Screen Just select the Keyboard Keys and save with View (1) Execute as separate File or within another File. Execute via Joystick or 1 Keyboard-Key only or just click on the FileName - View (2) Engine + Lights on Overhead Panel (shift + 6) - From any actual View you switch to any other Panel or Overhead in automatic. - ENGINE Start - ENGINE Stop - Overhead Panel is Fixed. - Execute each Mouseclick x Start or Close engines. Mouseclicks open Switch Covers, click on Switch, close Switch cover. Keyboard Keys a included within the ClickFile. Mouseclicks are executed in sequence like the Pilot Hand is doing. Intrasystem .
  11. The new CockpitStatus Edition 2014 (since 2010) (red line = Hdg, Violet line = Bearing to the virtual Wpt at 20nm aligned with Rwy) CockpitStatus is a advanced Radar and Automatic Approach System for FSX using FSUipc. Network via WideFs. CockpitStatus is including the special ATIasHold Approach and Radar System. A professional multifunction System for any Pilot. The Radar-System has been developed paying attention to what a Radar really should be, essential in any detail. This Radar System is also showing the Destination Apt/Rwy at any distance together with all Wpt/Vor/Adf around 100 nm. Radar is evidencing any Ryw with a virtual Wpt at 20nm distance aligned with the Rwy. (you never get lost) To mention the manual and automatic Radar zooming that is very important. Both Programs are not using any Frequency or FSX-Data, only real world Mathe Formulas by Ed Williams, based on world-position Lat/Lon. You approach any Rwy as well as the virtual Rwy you can create at any World-Position, Air, Sea, Ground and return to. visit Intrasystem: There are 2 new Manuals you can download for any further information. Manual CockpitStatus: http://www.intrasyst...ckpitStatus.pdf Manual ATIasHold: http://www.intrasyst...SX/ATIasHld.pdf Flying with CockpitStatus is really different. Information The SIMCON Simconnect Approach and Radar system 2014 is now including the ATIasHold Approach System for FSUipc user. You can download the Freeware AiracSearch Approach System that is a limited edition of Simcon. Simcon Manual: http://www.intrasyst...iles/Simcon.pdf Raimund .