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  1. michal

    A380 Production to cease?

    Very poorly phrased rhetorical question. They care about filling up their airplanes with paying passengers and not losing monies, the "comfort" is determined by a statistical customer who is willing to pay only so much for so many inches of space, if you need more "comfort" they will gladly upgrade your for a fee. And 757 was never a fiasco. I can't understand the rest of your tirade anyway.
  2. michal

    Economics. 777-300 vs. 787

    Airlines like Ryanair do a lot of gimmick advertising, by the time you want to get this ticket - the price is all of a sudden very different. Take a look at Ryanair annual report (btw, the cost of aircraft rental/financing is there too) - they clearly are getting a lot more per statistical passenger than $56. Grab some calculator, plug in some numbers and it is all very doable.
  3. michal

    Which SIM for an IFR simulator?

    I am still waiting for my "dream" IFR simulator. And my requirements are truly minimal. I don't need terrain, I don't need autogen, I don't need weather, I don't need clouds, I don't need rain drops. My Garmin G1000 PC Trainer is fine - the problem is it lacks aerodynamics of real aircraft. So add some half-decent "airfile" (SR20/SR22T, etc) to my trainer and I would be in heaven but I suspect none is coming soon.
  4. There is no class F airspace, perhaps you meant G.
  5. Yeah, perhaps Victor wasn't aware that flying with the Garmin (his words) doesn't mean anything unless you specify what Garmin. These days you can be flying a 20+ million dollar jet - say Cessna Citation Latitude equipped with the latest Garmin G5000. And Garmin can also mean an inexpensive handheld device that is only "legal" for VFR flights.
  6. It is, I just returned to real world flying after 20-year hiatus. As a matter of fact just finished the Cirrus SR20 transition course. Our desktop simulators are simply incapable of conveying realism (not even close) of real world flying hence I really abandoned the sim world except some basic procedural stuff (Garmin G1000/PC Trainer - $30). So if you have some dough I urge you to do some flying for real - completely different experience. But yeah, it ain't cheap, one hour with an instructor on an SR20 may cost you more than all the monies you invested in your simulated world but success is extremely rewarding.
  7. First of all I don't really understand what you are asking. Both FMS and Garmin (I fly in the real world using Garmin G1000) use GPS (or other sources) for navigation and both provide pilot with other items like needed fuel, diversion options, airport info, etc. So in reality FMS and G1000 are very similar, the only difference is that they were certified for very different aircraft.
  8. michal

    Aviation movies sugestions

    "Sully" movie really disappointed me, this confrontation with NTSB was completely fake and not true to actual events. On the other hand I am surprised no one mentioned a very recent "America Made" - a lot of flying in Aerostar, super nice aircraft, with great short field landings/takeoffs, well made, fun to watch. Another recent movie, this with phenomenal aerial-battle cinematography is "Dunkirk", breathtaking to watch. I watched both movies in an IMAX theater.
  9. michal

    Economics. 777-300 vs. 787

    Correct, airlines aren't charities hence 737 is selling extremely well, actually comparing A320 versus 737 starting around 1996 - both aircraft families are pretty much running neck-and-neck in total deliveries year after year. If one of them was more economical in any measurable way - the outcome would be very different. As of last month - total 737 deliveries were 9753, total A320 deliveries - 7472. And this is the graph showing deliveries (blue is Boeing).
  10. michal

    Economics. 777-300 vs. 787

    737 is cheaper to run per passenger per mile than A320 - consult some well known sources like Aviation Week, etc. Actually there are numerous sources - I encourage you to dig deeper.
  11. michal

    Economics. 777-300 vs. 787

    It is a bit unfair to compare fuel burns of aircraft vastly different in size, but it is no doubt the 787 is very fuel efficient. But I suggest you compare fuel burn per seat per mile to get the complete picture.
  12. michal

    Economics. 777-300 vs. 787

    Actually not true, the latest generation of 737 is pretty much identical in its operating cost to A320, actually the cost of operating the 737 (again - comparing within the same generation and hull size) is slightly lower than the A320 but A320 is slightly larger than 737 hence the slightly higher cost for A320 is probably justified. The lowest possible operating cost of the 737 family makes it very popular among some mega low-cost airlines like Southwest, Ryanair, etc.
  13. michal

    Has anyone here flown in a 787?

    When flying to Europe (LAX) you might consider Norwegian's 787. For about $500 extra they give you premium economy with obscene amount of leg room, very comfy seats. It is one of the best upgrades I have experienced.
  14. michal

    Has anyone here flown in a 787?

    I flew 3 times on 787. Very nice, the first thing you notice are the windows - they are truly spectacular. The next thing you notice is the mood lighting. The other stuff (humidity, pressurization) is very subtle and may not be that obvious.
  15. michal

    Probability for Holding

    In the US there are very few holds these days - they would use vectoring instead. But I wouldn't use higher number than .. say 2%. But of course this is just an "average" over the whole world - when flying into Heathrow airport arrival holds may be routine during some periods of the day. This is the problem with "average".