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  1. Other common responses are: "At one seven thousand descending one three thousand" or "one seven thousand descending one three thousand" or "leaving one seven thousand for one three thousand". I was often taught to avoid using "maintain" as redundant. Any "realistic" ATC is limited nowadays to a live human on the other end. In full agreement with your assessment.
  2. Makes little difference if they implemented or not, realistic ATC is so beyond what is currently possible. I fly IFR in GA and all this computer generated stuff is ludicrous. If I wanted to train for my IFR ticket the only thing recommended to me was PilotEdge, you get real controller and phraseology is correct and you know you aren't talking to a computer and I can fly out of D-class airports. Maybe one day you can create an AI-ATC that will be so good that you can't tell the difference if you are talking to a computer or human being but we are still far away from that day. Perhaps soon they can fool you with good generated voices and/or voice recognition but you will immediately tell this ain't anything like real ATC. So yeah, for those who are really serious about their ATC there are very good alternatives available, today.
  3. Yeah, when he starts with I know everything ... this is when I simply tune out, total rubbish.
  4. When they deliver the quality of clouds consistent with the screenshots I will be in atmospherics heaven since nothing of the kind was attempted before and will gladly forgive them if cirrus clouds were somehow missing. (For my IFR GA training cirrus clouds are very low on priority list).
  5. Absolutely agree, no other flight sim comes even close. The water is the first thing I noticed.
  6. No, they specified i7-9800X which is also out of date.
  7. Encouraging but I will still wait until it is available publicly in writing from official sources or when the product is already out.
  8. Actually nothing of the sort was said, people repeat what they like to hear and not what was actually said. There is a good discussion on this very topic on the PMDG's forums, no need to repeat it.
  9. It is elementary my dear Watson.... "Important" is not the right word, it is more a matter of reasonableness. How long are you prepared to wait for your terrain data before you fly over it? It is my rough estimate it will take 24 hrs to download data for 130 x 130 km terrain grid at max resolution at the minimum recommended 5 Mbps. Do you see the problem?? Assuming you are a very patient fellow you can get by with even lower speed. Yeah, no internet is needed to run the simulator but you must get the data somehow and only your patience will judge how 'important' the connection speed is.
  10. A currently in production motherboard supporting only 16 MB - yeah, that would be silly. 😉 You are right, there is NO logic to upgrade NOW.
  11. Epic is great but is too much like Socata TBM
  12. The official requirements don’t say anything about SSD, you can be fine with HDD, SSD is always better if you want to avoid some potential micro stutter when the drive’s head has to be repositioned to read from another part of the disc. And the size may not matter anyway if you go above certain threshold.
  13. It is all theoretical, in real life applications may amount to little or no advantage. There are well known benchmarks that compare the best I9 "K" CPUs against the best I9 "X" CPUs and the "X" only wins in professional applications like encoding, compression, encryption, transcoding, etc. The "K" wins by larger or smaller margin in all games. If MSFS2020 would all of a sudden be an exception - that would make huge headlines in the computer world, I don't see it happening but if it does - you bet we will hear about loud and clear.
  14. They are no different than other "top" gaming systems providers like say Falcon Northwest or Origin - their default gaming system are built around the Z390 but they offer X399 as professional workstation.
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