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  1. Absolutely correct, let someone else come up with an equivalent product and sell if for 1/2 of PMDG price and he/she will be a hero of this forum. Any volunteers? Any other arguments about 'fair' pricing are nonsensical.
  2. Sorry, I was talking about a real G1000 unit, whether this simulation is complete or correct, have no idea.
  3. It is actually very refreshing that 2.7 billion USD was spent on this rover, all the social programs in the US (not counting the social security benefits) cost roughy as much as 1500 of those rovers. Thank you NASA for at least giving us something that is worth the money.
  4. Absolutely true, I actually once got lost over LA at night, the visibility was perfect and I was navigating VFR (no GPS yet) and failed to see lights of my destination airport - Burbank. The surrounding city lights simply overpowered any airport lighting, could not see runway or airport beacon. Had to land at wrong airport (El Monte) and this time with the help of controllers I was able to find my destination. Even though the controller told me Burbank should be 3 miles at 12 o'clock I still could not be 100% sure I actually had airport in sight. Did not have problems finding other (even small) airports at night which were far from major towns.
  5. For a change nice someone is looking forward to a GA aircraft rather than a million pound behemoth. 😉
  6. Spot on. I think the original post is totally useless, whipping up some unnecessary hysteria. This is what happens when you have too much time sitting behind your computer.
  7. But we have been over this many times, it is done for the benefit of those who either have no internet at all or have a very slow one. Yes, there are such people even in otherwise highly developed countries, some of them were even vocal on this forum.
  8. Are you a real A320 pilot? Pardon me but I have some doubts reading your post. Every pilot knows that consumer based simulation products do not count for currency. There is no way you could log it. I am a lowly Cirrus pilot and I could possibly turn it into a BATD and got approval from FAA but that would cost me dearly and would have to purchase thousands of $$ worth of hardware controls. But I fly Part 91 and you are Part 121 (per FAA) so for you the threshold of what is loggable is much higher.
  9. What kind of "trainer"?? Do you know what kind of trainers real pilots use? They certainly do not rely on updated satellite imagery, in fact the scenery (if any) they offer is not even close to what this MSFS offers. There is no such thing as "fully VFR capable" trainer regardless what kind of pilot you are. Please learn about real life pilot's training, make a trip to your local GA airport. My FBO has a couple expensive flight trainers but I am afraid you would be very disappointed...
  10. But you get Shock Ultra aircraft with ridiculously low speed of like 18 mph, high wing, ideal platform to view the scenery low and super slow. it is actually almost better than a helicopter.
  11. Yeah, I think you are onto something, no failures, no abnormal conditions, etc. It should simplify development a lot.
  12. Yeah, it would be amazing considering that Flight1's fairly realistic (did not try it) rendition of the G1000 is about $250. I wouldn’t hold my breath but you can never be sure.
  13. No, it isn't. It may be silly to you however which is absolutely fine. It may not have to be silly for somebody else. Yes, it is. We all make such "value" decisions every day. I am on the market for a new Porsche 718 and wonder if extra 50 hp is worth an additional $12 k to me. Or if "natural" leather is worth an additional $ 3 k.
  14. Other common responses are: "At one seven thousand descending one three thousand" or "one seven thousand descending one three thousand" or "leaving one seven thousand for one three thousand". I was often taught to avoid using "maintain" as redundant. Any "realistic" ATC is limited nowadays to a live human on the other end. In full agreement with your assessment.
  15. Makes little difference if they implemented or not, realistic ATC is so beyond what is currently possible. I fly IFR in GA and all this computer generated stuff is ludicrous. If I wanted to train for my IFR ticket the only thing recommended to me was PilotEdge, you get real controller and phraseology is correct and you know you aren't talking to a computer and I can fly out of D-class airports. Maybe one day you can create an AI-ATC that will be so good that you can't tell the difference if you are talking to a computer or human being but we are still far away from that day. Perhaps soon they can fool you with good generated voices and/or voice recognition but you will immediately tell this ain't anything like real ATC. So yeah, for those who are really serious about their ATC there are very good alternatives available, today.
  16. Yeah, when he starts with I know everything ... this is when I simply tune out, total rubbish.
  17. When they deliver the quality of clouds consistent with the screenshots I will be in atmospherics heaven since nothing of the kind was attempted before and will gladly forgive them if cirrus clouds were somehow missing. (For my IFR GA training cirrus clouds are very low on priority list).
  18. Absolutely agree, no other flight sim comes even close. The water is the first thing I noticed.
  19. No, they specified i7-9800X which is also out of date.
  20. Encouraging but I will still wait until it is available publicly in writing from official sources or when the product is already out.
  21. Actually nothing of the sort was said, people repeat what they like to hear and not what was actually said. There is a good discussion on this very topic on the PMDG's forums, no need to repeat it.
  22. It is elementary my dear Watson.... "Important" is not the right word, it is more a matter of reasonableness. How long are you prepared to wait for your terrain data before you fly over it? It is my rough estimate it will take 24 hrs to download data for 130 x 130 km terrain grid at max resolution at the minimum recommended 5 Mbps. Do you see the problem?? Assuming you are a very patient fellow you can get by with even lower speed. Yeah, no internet is needed to run the simulator but you must get the data somehow and only your patience will judge how 'important' the connection speed is.
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