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  1. Robinson67

    Weather radar....

    No thank you from the OP for any of the people who tried to help him out. What to say about this attitude?
  2. Robinson67

    Angle of Attack - FS Training

    It is always useful to get a better understanding of anything in life, as for the AoA trainings they worth it every penny, I bought the 737 training when it was released and learned a lot from it.
  3. Guys, just found this, really interesting: 10 differences between 747-8 e 400
  4. Robinson67

    Something unexpected happened :/

    Changed to stable version which is working.
  5. Hi guys, Purchased CP 0.4 last night, set the cameras for three acft, all went well, using P3D 4.1, but when launched CP again this morning, this annoying message (below) popped up and CP is not working any more. Any ideas? Thank you. P.S. sent logfile to support. Pop up--> Something unexpected happened:/ It looks like something unexpected occurred. A log file will be sent fo FSFX Packages automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Robinson67

    PMDG 777 Tutorial (Paid) Who'd be Interested?

    Hi Crag, good to hear this great news, can´t wait to get a copy of your T7 version, just now that I´m about to buy this acft. Thanks. Robson Sousa
  7. Thank you! Well done!
  8. Robinson67

    PMDG NGX Youtube Tutorials

    Subscribed! #1
  9. Robinson67

    AVSIM Prepar3D Guide

    Thanks for this impressive guide!
  10. Robinson67

    Learning by doing

    All of them beaufitul pictures, but the first one rocks. :smile:
  11. Robinson67

    Effect of wind on IAS

    Thanks all for helping me out with this train (the place I was born the word 'train' in some contexts means 'problem') I´ve just bought the book and reading it on page 90 'Motion is Relative', found the answer there and here too.
  12. Robinson67

    Effect of wind on IAS

    In reference to the turbulence explanation provided by Dan and Kyle is clear. Appreciated it. Although the IAS is not affected by wind I still didn´t get it fully understood. If a plane is on ground and facing a 30kt headwind, wouldn´t the ASI indicate 30Kt? ALF1 - I´m using ASN on P3D 2.3. Thanks
  13. Robinson67

    Effect of wind on IAS

    Hi guys, We know the effect of the wind on GS, a HW component will decrease the GS whereas a TW component will increase the GS. As for the IAS, I understand that flying with a HW there´s more ram air flowing into the tube, why is there no increase in IAS? Another point, in a turbulence the IAS goes crazy by the effect of the wind or by something else? Thanks
  14. Robinson67

    IRS and AHRS - What´s the difference?

    In fact I was reading the Phenom manual and I didn´t find any references to IRS, that`s the reason for my doubt. So it`s clear now. Thanks again