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  1. Ok, what commercial license are you talking about? And by the way this is the virtual reality forum. Also what team are you trying to get in touch with?
  2. I would suggest you watch some of flightdeck2sim videos on YouTube. He is a real world 737 pilot. Are you using the default X-Plane 737 or the Zibo? There are some differences between the two....actually a lot. 🙂
  3. Pretty sure it does. Yeah it has a set of more modern panels, similar to the MD-11. But it's still has the same windows, same tiller, same Dial-A-Flap, same spoiler handle, same seating with two rows of seats on one side and one row on the other and probably a bunch of other things that are the same as the MD-80 series as well as the DC-9. Remember this is a Boeing in name only.
  4. Yes it does work for the Rift S. I just tried it and it has fixed the flickering in the left eye. You should not have two entries for Virtual Reality on the toolbar. I kind of think you didn't follow the instructions exactly. But if you're not having an issue then just stick with the default.
  5. Go down to the RealityXP forum and I'm sure someone can answer your question.
  6. Try simWest ABQ. It's actually free!
  7. Well how much gas do you have when you start your flight?
  8. Exactly. Finally someone that understands the situation. Has it been disclosed the last time this pilot actually flew IFR or even instructed instrument flying in a helicopter? I have an IFR rating but haven't logged any instrument time in nearly 35 years!
  9. I just ordered one from there as well. Should have it by Friday. Free shipping and no sales tax charged.
  10. If you go with a newer CPU, you're going to need a new motherboard too. Also, looks like you have DDR3 memory...you're going to have to get some DDR4 memory as well. Honestly if you really want to upgrade your computer, you're probably going to have to increase your budget a bit. 😀
  11. Yeah, I would get a new cpu before I would worry about a new gpu. If you don't want to get a new cpu, you might want to try overclocking your current processor to at least 4.5 ghz, if not a little more. Also you might want to consider turning down some of your settings in P3D.
  12. If you are using the Jeehell software you have to setup your throttles in that software. I would check on his forum on mycockpit.org for help as most here are probably not familiar with the Jeehell software.
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