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  1. Tony, it was listed in the release notes for 1.2. Glad to be able to help.
  2. Yes they removed the Aerobask button. You can click on the tail number now instead.
  3. Try going into the sound settings in P3D and set the Primary Playback Device to your G2.
  4. Yes it appears that they will have support for all of the popular headsets. Suppose to be with the next major update on Dec. 22. How well it works remains to be seen. 😀
  5. Just tried it on Firefox and no issues at all.
  6. What WMR exclusivity? They already asked for beta testers for Oculus.
  7. I agree with Ray & ChaoticBeauty that for now the 9700 will give you the best performance.
  8. That 2600x is kind of an old CPU. You would be much better off getting one of the new Zen 3 processors like a 5600X. Unfortunately they are very hard to come by right now. If you can wait a bit until they are more readily available, you will be much better off. If you can't wait then at least get a 3600 or better. This is assuming you want an AMD CPU. The rest of the build doesn't sound too bad.
  9. That price is definitely a good deal. However, regardless whether you get a new AMD or Intel CPU, you will also need new memory. You currently have DDR3 and these newer boards use DDR4. Also as was mentioned above you also should consider getting a new graphics card as well. And yes you will need a new motherboard (Z490) with a new Intel CPU. Also might need a new CPU cooler depending on what you have now? So either way you're looking at spending a fair amount of money.
  10. I'm curious. Do you actually own this or are you just going by what some You Tuber claimed?
  11. I have the Toliss 319 but not the Flight Factor 320. Go check out V1-Simulations on You Tube. He is a real world Airbus captain and he has many videos on both the Toliss and Flight Factor airbuses. Remember Toliss has the 319 & 321. Flight Factor has the 320. However the general consensus is the FS Labs planes offer the most complete Airbus simulation. They are the most expensive and of course will require P3D instead of X-Plane 11. There is a You Tuber named Blackbox711 that has a lot of videos of the FS Labs planes and he is a real world airbus pilot too.
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