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  1. Thank you ppgas. I can confirm that it is indeed the case😉: They don't show!
  2. hello I have the same problem as BD 515. In the set up menu I see how to select IVAO/VATSIM aircraft but how to display the players using the FS2020 server? I see them in FS but not in LNM. THX
  3. Hello I didn't know there was a little nav section in this forum, I will check it. In the option menu, is the a server to select? currently none is selected but I don't know which one to use.
  4. Hello, I have plenty of multiplayer aircraft that show in FS2020 but I cannot see them in little nav map even though I have selected this option. What am I doing wrong? THX
  5. Hello, I have the same issue and I don't think that it was present before the latest update. Not a big problem but I hope it will be fix. THX
  6. Well actually I do nothing... Well after take off I click on AP, ROL shows and the circus begins... Only way to avoid dying is to disengage the AP
  7. hello, When I engage the autopilot on the C 172 (non Garmin version), the aircraft starts to bank abruptly in ROL mode (nothing else activated). I have not yet tried the AP with any other aircraft. How can I avoid that? I cannot use the AP. THX
  8. Hello, When are we supposed to delete the rolling cache? What happens when the rolling cache is full? THX
  9. hello, Thank you very much. You saved me!! I am discovering FS. I did not occur to me that additional installations were required. Great support for me.
  10. Hello, I am sorry to ask but where is the content manager located? it seems that I have the premium deluxe installed according to the shop page.
  11. hello, I ordered the premium deluxe version from the microsoft store and I have only the 20 standard aircraft in the hangar. How can I fix that ? How can I know which version is really installed on my PC? Thank you.
  12. Hello Thank you. Regarding the boxed version, I've read somewhere on this forum that there is a redeem code provided with the boxed version that allows to download FS2020,from the MS server, so one can install it without using the DVDs. If that is indeed true, it eliminates the need to insert the DVD. Can someone confirm?
  13. Hello, How good is the booklet that comes with the boxed version? THX
  14. Hello, I often fly with a pal in multiplayer (V4) and sometimes we experience a sudden simulation rate increase (maybe X2). The session is ruined because things become incontrollable and the simulation rate cannot be changed in MP. Has anybody encountered this issue? Is there a way to fix it? Thank you
  15. Hello, Having been IFR qualified and being current are two different things. If you work for a VFR only operator, there will be no operator funded IFR training/testing and you will quickly loose your proficiency ....(and qualification).
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