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  1. Hello, I often fly with a pal in multiplayer (V4) and sometimes we experience a sudden simulation rate increase (maybe X2). The session is ruined because things become incontrollable and the simulation rate cannot be changed in MP. Has anybody encountered this issue? Is there a way to fix it? Thank you
  2. Hello, Having been IFR qualified and being current are two different things. If you work for a VFR only operator, there will be no operator funded IFR training/testing and you will quickly loose your proficiency ....(and qualification).
  3. Hello I 've taken the opposite path of Rocklife.. I started flight simulation with Falcon 4 . It was an excellent simulator and I enjoyed it very much for years. I ended up being discouraged because on most of my missions I was shot down even though I had a very good knowledge of the weapon system (for good reasons...). I had enough and switched to FS. I like flying VFR using old fashioned navigation technique, real weather, over photoscenery. Megascenery earth V3 is very good indeed. I like it very much and it allows me to discover stunning sceneries. I don't find it boring at all!
  4. Hello, This is absolutely incredible. What a shame! https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/engineers-say-boeing-pushed-to-limit-safety-testing-in-race-to-certify-planes-including-737-max/
  5. Hello, I am afraid this aircraft is not compatible with shared cockpit. This feature is not listed on the PMDG website.
  6. Hello I cannot understand how the MACS could have been designed and then certified without any redundancy. I thought it was mandatory. One defective AOA (Lion air) led to a catastrophe: incredible
  7. Hello There is a thread on the P3d forum on this subject. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=132191&p=193469#p193469 No reply with a solution so far...
  8. Hello Breaking news 😉 Out of curiosity, before biting the bullet as suggested above, I rolled back to v4.3. I had nothing to lose after all and you know what , the textures were no longer whitish, they were perfect. So my conclusion is that the problem is indeed V4.4 related. If I had been the only one to report it, I would have thought that I had made a mistake somewhere down the line but it is not the case. The matter of the fact is that there is an issue with this latest version.
  9. yes bite the bullet, that's it!! I wanted to avoid the unavoidable...😢
  10. Hello, I understand that but how do you explain that it worked perfectly with 4.3 and now not with 4.4 yet I followed the install procedure to the letter using the client package and did not change anything elsewhere? I see that there 2 other packages Scenery and content. What do they do in the sim? Should I try to use them? THX
  11. It does not like a graphic card setting issue because in some places such as forests the colours are correct whereas in urban areas or airports the colours are severely whitish. It was perfect with 4.3 and I did not change anything for 4.4.
  12. Hello, I deleted the shaders folder in order to generate a new one. Nothing has changed. By the way I am not using HDR. Then I deleted the cfg file. Nothing has changed. textures white Next step? THX
  13. Hello I don't know anything about those parameters. I use the default settings. It is not related to add ons because the problem is there with the default scenery.
  14. Hello, My previous version was V4.3. It worked fine I was very pleased with the photoscenery rendition (Megascenery). I've upgraded to V4.4 using the client installer. Now I am getting awful textures with photoscenery and with default scenery. Everything looks awfully whitish. I have not changed any settings. It is a disaster. Any idea? THX
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