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  1. yankeegolf3

    asking for news of HL James

    Hello Jim Thank you for trying to contact him. You don't have to feel bad about giving his name because the member chose a user name with his full name and he also indicated the place where he lives in his profile. A google search found him. No secrets revealed here.
  2. yankeegolf3

    asking for news of HL James

    I found him too in the white pages with a phone number and address. It could be our man.
  3. yankeegolf3

    asking for news of HL James

    Hello guys, It does not look good at all. I am afraid we will never know how he is doing, unless he posts another great looking set of screenshots. As for myself, when I kick the bucket, I don't think my wife will post a message here. He was (hopefully is) such a nice chap, always kind with fellow simmers. That is why I asked for him. I too sent him a PM in october, but he did not reply. If we knew his full name, we could browse internet.
  4. yankeegolf3

    asking for news of HL James

    Hello, HL James used to be a very prolific screenshot poster. He last visited Avsim on september 1 st. Does anybody know how he is doing? Thank you
  5. yankeegolf3

    Pilots career addon

    hello FS captain is a great program.You can select the difficulty level to your liking. A free trial is available. There is zero risk of messing up your simulator.
  6. yankeegolf3

    control assignments lost in P3DV4.3

    Hello, I've had no replies so far. Since I was still experiencing the problem, I bought FSUIPC with the hope that it would solve it. I deleted all the control assignments in P3D and relied on FSUIPC only. It worked for some time but tonight, the mess was back. I have noticed that the control assignments had come back even though they had been all deleted . So there was a mix up between P3D and FSUIPC. I deleted everything in P3D again and was able to use my joystick and quadrants. It is clear that the issue will come back. What can I do to prevent P3D from reassigning the controls? Where is the control data file located? It is very annoying and makes V4 unusable as far as I am concerned (no problem with FSX, V2 and V3). Thank you for your help.
  7. Hello, I use P3Dv4.3. I have a CH Yoke, CH rudder pedals,3 Saitek quadrants. I don't use FSUIPC. Yesterday I lost all my control assignments. At first I thought that it was a USB mix up caused by Windows seven, which I've already experienced. But it was not the case because the assignments were the same with the 3 quadrants and those in the Yoke did not make sense. My conclusion is that it could be a P3D issue. Has anybody encountered this problem? Is there a fix? I don't think that the Joystick ID tool would be useful because it was not related to a mix up between my pieces of hardware. Thank you
  8. yankeegolf3

    pci express 4

    Hello, It is PCI express 3 as printed on the box.
  9. yankeegolf3

    pci express 4

    Yes it is true but in this case,based on the principle of this evolution, it shoud improve FPS and reduce blurries. I may be wrong but it seems logical. Does anybody know if PCI express 3 had a significant graphic performance boost over PCI express 2 (which I have..)? If it is the case, then PCI expresss 4 should be worth waiting.
  10. Hello, I've read that PCI express 4 will be released in 2019. My understanding is that it will dramatically encrease the data flow between the CPU and the GPU. Don't you think that it is wise to wait for this new feature before upgrading my PC? THX
  11. yankeegolf3

    hardware identification mix up

    Hello, I will check the JoyID utility. My devices are connected to the PC through a USB concentrator. Do you think JoyiD will work? The problem is only with V4. I have FSX and V3 (with FSUIPC) and I've never had this issue. No changes with my computer since the V4 installation. Thank you.
  12. Hello, Here is my problem I am using the latest version of P3d V4.3 (fresh install). I don't use FSUIPC. I have a yoke and 3 saitek Pro flight quadrants. I did all the hardware assignements (yoke, quadrant 1,2 and 3). The problem is that sometimes P3D identifies quadrant 1 as quadrant 2 (or 3) and so forth. So basically the hardware settings are mixep up. It is annoying. Is there a fix? Thank you for your help.
  13. yankeegolf3

    beautiful Utah

    Hello guys thank you for nice comments. The DC 3 is great vor VFR flights because it gives an unobstructed view from the cockpit, no wings, no engines. The 140 kt cruise speed is both not too slow and not too fast. In addition, it is reminiscent of the golden age of aviation.
  14. yankeegolf3

    beautiful Utah

    Hello, Around MOAB
  15. Hello, I don't remember how to navigate through the traffic options pages. I am stuck at the first page and I would like to go to the general aviation menu . THX