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  1. frieone

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    I doin't know about problems activating the MD-11.i just installed it yesterday and it activated fine , you mite want to try it again. Regards Ted Kiser P.S. i am flying in vr right now and what a bird in vr
  2. frieone

    Rolling back to 4.3

    You have to reinstall all of 4.3 . regards ted kiser
  3. frieone

    Needing a jet recommendation!

    I like the extreme prototype lear 25. It is old school type flying. It also has jet fighter performance, made me a better pilot. Regards Ted
  4. frieone

    virtual reality

    I have the vive pro and love it.
  5. frieone

    Prepar3d 4.4

    Are you using simstarter ng or the older free version.
  6. frieone

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    Rob I read some were the flashing is related to power management and the new nvidia drivers. Had the flashing with my htc vive and put computer in full power mode and turned off usb power management and that fixed the flashing. Regards Tjkiser
  7. frieone

    Flickering in Win10 - 1809

    I had some problem with vr. There is some thing wrong in the nvidia driver. Had to turn off power management and USB power management. That fixed it. That seemed to fix the flickering. That may help. I read it some were about driver issues. Or you could roll back the driver about 3 versions. Good luck Regards Ted Kiser
  8. frieone

    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    Had not been that brave yet lol Regards ted kiser
  9. frieone

    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    I use vr in x plane, pr3d and airofly 2. But my most favorite is dcs world flying the f 18 doing carrier take offs and landings. Very intense. Regards Ted Kiser
  10. You mite want to check out the vive pro, it is on the expensive side but well worth the money in my opinion. And if you have the extra cash look at the thrustmaster warthog for joy stick best one i have ever owned in 30 + yeas of simming. Regards Ted Kiser
  11. frieone

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    That is not true with the new beta drivers for steam vr and newest video drivers. With my vive pro i am seeing fps at as low as 60 translate to 45 do not know how they are doing that. Still working on understanding how it is working. It has some thing to do with not using asw as that is not an option any more. They have gone to an automated mode. I am not on that computer at the moment so i cant look at the graph As for the Cessna the biggest problem I have with it is the missing frames as that will make you sick. Regards Ted Kiser
  12. frieone

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    If you would have read my post here and on flight1 locking frame rates is not an option. As my computer is built around using virtual realty. If i can not get 70 fps or more then the plane will not work for me as you have to have 40 to 45 fps on single pass vr. I use high settings. pdgm 737 75 fps 777 80 fps extreme prototype lear 25 80 fps phenom 100 90 fps The biggest problem with flight1 Cessna is that when it is lag spiking fps drops frome 45 down to 20, when that happens you get missing frames and enough of those will make you very sick in a short amount of time. So i could lock fps and fly on screen but that is not what i wont to do. Regards Ted Kiser
  13. frieone

    Is VR blurry?

    Yes Ron crashing in to the back of carrier in the f-18 is not fun in dcs world. Ron if you are using glasses with your vr please get some lens protectors as i scratched my htc vive. My solution for glasses is the htv vive pro as they have made cutouts for glasses users.but that is an expensive option. If the glasses help you i would consider getting the lens inserts as it will make getting the head set on and off easier. My you call the ball and hit the 3 third wire, fly on and have fun in vr. Regards Ted Kiser
  14. frieone

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Thanks Twenty6 What you said made a lot of seance. iI tried what you were telling me to do and the lag spikes got a lot better. Still not enough to fly in virtual reality as that is the way i do most of my flying. The bigets problem with lag spikes is that you will get misted frames and when that happens in vr you get a stutter with enough stutters you will get very sick as in motion sickness. I can fly in fsx-se with flyinside so i ma have to fly it like that when i feel like flying this plane. Thanks Ted Kiser pc specs 8700k oc 5000 1080 ti oc 2012 Htc vive pro
  15. frieone

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    I just installed and am not happy at the moment. frame rates are all over the place going from 110 down to 30 when in vc. So when i try to run in vr it goes from 45 down to 20 frame rate so it is not usable with my vive pro. when flying on screen it seems to be a stuttering mess will work on it some more but think the the panels are not optimized. As for a reference in vr i can run all pmdg planes at single pass at 45 frame rates so it is not my computer. 8700k at 5000 mhz and a.1080 ti over clock. Regards Ted Kiser P.S. this has been one of my all time favorite planes so i hope it can be fixed