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  1. I have the Vive pro with modded lenses. The head set is the most comforabe headset I have used,I wear glasses and they fit fine. Now the vive pro 2 is the one I will get next. Regards Ted
  2. LOL I think i will start looking in my boxes for all my old flight manuals, oh the mess i am going to make. Thanks alot Patrick lol. Regards Ted PS my falcon 4 manual was the deluxe 3 ring binder.
  3. I think AIRPORT is one of my all-time favorite flight movies. That is when people dressed to the 9s to fly, and the pilots were gods. I remember having to get dressed up at a 12-year-old and getting on the plane and having the captain have me in the flight deck to show me around. That was the golden age of flight. Regards Ted
  4. I still have my Falcon 4.0 manual. lol Great pixs thanks. Regards ted
  5. I just got in and i said unavailable lol Frieone
  6. Thanks Patrick😎 Looks like more money to spend. My Uncle flew this one off carriers in Vietnam so this one is dear to me. When I was a teen I dreamed of flying this plane. Regards Frieone P.S nice Rendition of the star-spangled banner in the video. I will let other ppl name the guitar player😀.
  7. You maybe talking to you self but keep it up loving it. Regards ted
  8. I bet it will be awesome in vr. Will pre order this weekend. Regards Ted
  9. Had a little glitch but as usual Bryan fix the issue in very timely manner. His support over the years has always been some of the best in this industry going back to my first product i bought, think was the pmdg md-11. Thank you Byran and keep up the good work. Regards Ted Kiser
  10. Bryan i have bought fs2crew all in one an i am trying to validate and it said i need web connection to fs2crew web site and is the order number the serial key
  11. Bryan great new web site. Was going to get the dash-8 fs2crew but i will just buy the new all in one version that way I will have all my down loads on new web sight. Thanks and good work. Regards a long time byer Ted Kiser
  12. I run the vive Pro and love it. the new vive Pro 2 looks amazing. Just my opinion. Regards Ted
  13. Had this problem and it turned out to be power supply.
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