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  1. This happend at park I was at. Had just left. https://www.myplainview.com/news/article/Man-killed-in-radio-controlled-helicopter-accident-9076441.php
  2. For me with it on I get terrible stutters in vr so I have it off.
  3. FSX = pmdg md-11 and pmdg BAe JetStream 4100. That is all lol
  4. Awesome. One of my favorite old school was the micro pros ah 64. Regards Trd
  5. When I use to fly from Houston to Dallas on the regional planes we affectionately called them the tubes of death. That was in the 90es. Lol Regards
  6. Had same problem. Turnd out it was power supply. Gota new one it fixed it. Regards Ted Kiser
  7. Love the screenys. Have had that one since the beginning and i love the engine room. Regards Ted Kiser P.S keep up the work Patrick. And i almost have my f-14 carrier qualifications done.
  8. Thanks Rob, no one would answer that In the 2020 fourms. Some thing else is 2020 in the Houston TX area the photo scenery is about 4 years old I found my car that I don't have any more at 2 different locations. Thought the images were supposed to be up to date. Regards Ted P.s They roasted me in the other fourm. Lol
  9. This mite be off topic but cant get an answer in 2020 forums. I have been doing i little bit of flying and when i land at airports that should have VASI lights at end of runway they are not there. Did test in to ksfo and no lights. It is a little hard to know when red over red your dead is going to happen. Please confirm if this is the case that they do not work in that game as that to me is a big deal. Thanks ted
  10. The title says it. Am I missing some thing or is this not some thing they put in this game. I have try several airports including ksfo and it is not there. No red over red your dead. Thanks for the help Ted
  11. You still don't get my point 4th largest city in the USA and that is the best they can do. Regards Ted
  12. The point I was trying to make is that they are using at lest 5 year old imagines in the 4th largest city in the u.s.a. That to me is not what they are advertising. All I hear is you can fly over you house. Well my house is not there lol. Regards Ted
  13. Yes I have the same scenery I made with fs tiles. the exact same view in fsx and pr3d lol. And that was 4 years a go when I was making my own scenery Regards Ted
  14. The only problem with seeing you own house is it is not there lol. I did a flight after i installed it and come to find out the scenery data is at lest 4 years old for the for the city of Houston Tx. I took of from kwdh turned to fly over my little league park and I fond scenery with a building that is not there and a car I owned, I have not owned since 2018 in the scenery. Mite want to cross check some of the views that you see with google. Other than that it is not a bad sim just needs a lot of work and time will tell if they are up to it. Regards Ted
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