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  1. I once had that problem in fsx. a line was added to config file that said some like aoutotrime=1. to check that out do a take off and see if it the trim is moving.that problem had me going for about 2 weeks. i still do not know how the line got put in there to this day. Good luck. Regard Ted Kiser
  2. I has same problem in 4.5 that is were i found how to fix it. and this is why i do not post very much in these forms. If you would have read my hole post you mite have undersold. i get the same hang in 4.5,5 and dcs world. So I would say that the video card factory setting are over running the flight sim programs and just lowering the over clock by 22 mhz fixed the problem for me. Regards Ted Kiser
  3. Let me start out by saying i do not believe this is lm problem as i have the same error in dcs world. Now that being said i have and Aorus 1080 ti that is factory over clocked and i have solved my problem with the dx hang by detuning my video card from 1721 mhz down to 1698 mhz. If i forget to do this on a restart it will hang. Fond this out with using my vr as it is susceptible to locking up and the same thing happens in 2d also. I do not know if that will help as every body systems are different. Regards Ted Kiser
  4. For me I am at about 50 percent with the the Tom Cat. And the rest bolters. But I have to be in vr to do that. Can't wait to see flight deck ops in vr. Regards Ted Kiser
  5. Patrick, please quit teasing lol.😎 Regards Ted Kiser
  6. Nice. Already have mine bought just waiting. Regards Ted Kiser
  7. I like steam. But i chose the stand alone as they make all the money where as steam takes a cut. Would rather give the developers all the money as they do such a good job. Regards Ted Kiser
  8. Thanks for this link. I was 9 years old at the time. I now have a 10 year old grandson. This will be great to share this with him. Regards Ted Kiser
  9. Mark that link takes you to a subscription site you have to pay money to read it
  10. Why not try it if you don't like it get your money back problem solved.
  11. Thank you American 833 heavy for setting the reacord strat. I for one have enjoyed this airplane as I am now flying more like a pilot and calculating my descent and not relining on automation so much. Also I hand fly in vr from descent to landing. The only problem I have is in vr the landing lights are a big hit on the vr. Other than that it is fun to fly. Regards Ted
  12. Dcs world f-18 hornet and soon need for speed f-14 tomcat in vr.
  13. Patrick np I scanned the forums over as dcs world page and i got it working. Has made my vr experience so much better. i have also added coms to my Logitech game pad. So now i am getting a lot better with the f-18 and will soon feel the need for speed as that plane is the one i should have flow had my eyes not gone bad. i was legacy naval academy. but never went ☹️. thanks ted
  14. Just wondering how you tie the mouse pointer to your wort hog. I fly in vr to and can't get mouse to map to the mouse control. Thanks Ted kiser
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