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  1. Bending the truth? they are as clear as it gets! I welcome this update, main focus is still in your origin and destination airports, they have live traffic, cruise traffic is for eye candy only, I will rather ask the developer what date and quantity does it cover than making assumptions. BTW what do you expect for a 3.5 usd suscription? If not happy you can go and spend 10 bucks a month in the realTraffic thing, way overpriced, this new app is a cheap solution for live traffic and I am happy with it.
  2. This kind of spotting looks interesting, I will try to do it my self (just find the right time in real life).
  3. FSX AI traffic need a flight plan to fly, from, to, speed, flight level, etd, eta, etc. I think this is what the developer means when talks about flight plan generation. Good idea, turn it on while in cruise so you won't be alone, but in depart and landing switch it off, your airports could be too crowded and unrealistic.
  4. It means the aircraft model + airline was not found in your local livery library (The one generated by the Aircraft Analyzer). You can download the single livery via Avsim or flightsim and run the analyzer again.
  5. I downloaded FLAI, one click installer, downloaded the free demo, run the aircraft analyzer, one click and all the liveries where added to the library. Set departure and arrival times and airports, LAX looks great and with no free gates at 100%, SAN even with an Horizon Dash8 which is not so easy to spot with Realtraffic. Could not spot any plane at cruise level, but the AI aircraft list had many airliners flying, I think they were not close to my position. Airports looks very crowded and flight numbers match when comparing to flightaware, not in real actual position but close enough to do some spotting.
  6. Yep, that sounds right, using the app my airports look great and crowded but cruise is quite lonely. Flight plans must be generated every time you are going to start a flight.
  7. there is no historic data in AILT at this version, you are allowed to generate flight plans from your current time and must flight within the time you generated the bgl's, I think that is the idea. It only allows for flights less than 6 hours long, so no long haul by now 😞 may be in a future update. I might end using both Lorby's and Ai LIve Traffic as both use the same AI aircraft models and somehow they compliment each other... at a cost.
  8. AI Live Traffic is great where LorbyLiveTraffic fails. As Realtraffic uses ADSB data, many regional aircraft (crj, atr, etc) and older planes such as 767, md, etc are not shown in the skies. Besides, as soon as pilot turn off their transponders the aircraft disappear from the scenery. AI Live Traffic make airports more crowded than Lorby's with real flights. Downside is that not real gates and taxi routes are used, it will depend on your airport afcad. AI Live Traffic reads real flight schedules so it shows more aircraft than Lorby's. However, being BGL compiled traffic, real routes are not populated. I found AILT very useful in medium and small regional airports where Lorby's show no aircraft at all.
  9. That's right, I have just tried and works great! Planes are even arriving and departing gates. Parking percentage 0 is the key, and wait some minutes
  10. Hi, my idea is very simple and does not require that much of new processes, maybe I did over explained it :) No need for animations or taxiing, just plain replacement, removing the live traffic and injecting a parked aircraft in the parking position as depicted in the airport parking file. No need for a new database as the airport parking positions already exists and is stored in the app's memory. Just set a listener to detect when an airplane signal is off and get its last position and compare it with the parking spots file. I use Nico's app alone, no other AI running, this modification could bring life to the airport with an increase in realism.
  11. Hi, First of all cheers for this amazing app! It has change my sim experience since ever! I would like to give a suggestion to improve its realism. Right now, when a traffic turns off its xpdr it dissapear from our screens, as has to be as there is no more information available. However you have two variables already known: Aircraft position and Airport parking spot coordinates. My suggestion is: You could detect when an aircraft turns off its xpdr, then check if it is within a small radious from a parking position (Say 15 mts), if these conditions are true then it means the plane has just arrived to gate and shutdown, thus you could replace the live traffic for a static aircaft (Just as you do with parked aircrafts) and give them a live time of about 25 minutes, this way we could be able to see all aircraft parked in their exact gate during its turn around!!! bringing life to airports with parked aircrafts that are real traffic indeed! We could personalize this procedure with some variables: 1. Turn around time. We could set the time the aircraft should remain parked until it dissapear, this way we can control the ammount of aircraft displayed in the airport for FPS reasons (Shorter the time the less aircraft displayed at the same time) 2. Longer times for heavy aircraft, as they spend more time at gate. If times are set correctly we could be able to see an aircraft arrive and depart from the gate as in real time! One condition for this to work is to have an airport scenery that has an exact match with real gate locations so aircraft positions matches with gates in the scenery. As far as I have used PSXSeecontraffic in many payware airports, they match almost exactly in most! If they do not match the traffic will just dissapear as it is right now. Thank you for such a great app and hope this suggestion could be applied in future updates. Regards, Luis
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