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  1. I agree that's a large part of the reason. It's probably why the P3D add-ons have only been trickling out and still are. I still think developer licensing plays a roll in that. Also cost of initial purchase. P3D charges developers monthly. That's what happens when there is no competition. MSFS doesn't charge at all. Lets see how that all plays out. Maybe P3D add-on prices will come down. I may abandon P3D all together and make the switch to MSFS. I'll wait to see if MSFS developers keep making the claim of so called limitations of the sim like they do in P3D. I really like running instant playbacks and recording flights for critiquing. It's really sad that none of the animations and instrumentation work during instant playbacks and records. To me, there is no point in having such an add-on installed. I had three of them installed for two years and only to find this out after I made the purchase. I've only flown them a few times and now I don't bother. I could have bought a lot of toilet paper and face masks with that money. The thing that really disappoints me is the add-ons that require Active Sky for weather radar to work. Some of them are very expensive. If a developer is going to charge $130 for a single add-on aircraft, the weather radar should work for everyone.
  2. That's odd. Yes the locations are correct. I removed the MV_WXM.dll file from the modules folder as an experiment. The extra radar entry in the add-ons menu item is now gone and the radar works just the same without it. In fact, it works better. When the module is active, the whole sim gradually slows down over time. The longer the flight, the more stutter I get. When I removed MV_WXM.Dll, that went away yet the radar still works as it did with it. Sounds like REX isn't being entirely honest.
  3. I wonder if this all has to do with LM developer licensing. Does MSFS charge money to develop add-ons? It just seems like LM is pricing itself out of the market. I see some MSFS add-ons cost less to buy than the same add-on by the same developer for P3D. Maybe MSFS is less costly to develop add-ons all the way around. It doesn't make sense to require a developer license for a niche market. I can hear it now as I have heard so many times before. "We'll just charge it back to the customer."
  4. That's really cool. I have it working on a the QW 757 nav display but it overlays. The problem is I can't seem to get the background to be transparent so the ND can show through the radar.
  5. You can say that again. I downloaded a United that is absolutely beautiful. Manfred Jahn makes the AH C-47 obsolete. When I first installed it, I flew it more in one month than I did the MAAM C-47 the whole time I had it in FS 2004 and later in FSX. I wasn't aware until this thread that the JF DC-8 was actually an AH model. Now I get it. I also noticed in the Aerosoft DC-8 change log that they added a popup autopilot. I didn't know prior versions didn't have it because I never had the plane. I think I might just buy it when I'm done converting the Jens B. Kristensen B307 from Cal Classics to P3D sale or not.
  6. Yes I've been very disappointed in AH/JF for those reasons and a few others too. That's setting aside the fact that AH/JF didn't have one single sale on any of their WWII aircraft on memorial day or D-Day or any other important day in history. I ended up buying the A2A B-17 and while I was there, they had the P-40 for free so I added that to the cart too. That was a happy day. Besides, I don't think there is a better B-17 than A2A out there. I would like the DC-3/C-47 but from the pics, it doesn't really look that great. I ended up downloading the Manfred Jahn DC-3/C-47 freeware and I couldn't be happier. Not too happy about the inop on the gyro but everything else is really nice. Cockpit jiggle and everything. Anyway, I wouldn't go spending money like that just to see. I rather sit for two hours watching videos to compare and getting feedback from forums like this. Besides, it would cost around 80 bucks to get the whole pack and the liveries to install into a $60.00 sim and they rarely, if ever, have sales on current stuff or anything popular just to say here ya go customers. I think it will be the Aerosoft DC-8 for me. I'll wait and see if they have a sale on it. They do have sales on occasion but they are buddied up with JF so you know how those politics go. Developers who get in bed with them wake up with the ol ball and chain.
  7. Yes I just checked their change log on their site. You are correct. It's not clear as to what is automated but it certainly must be better than trying to be a Capt, FO, and FE. All alone in the cockpit and no time to look at naughty Marilyn Monroe pics.
  8. I know this an older post but I just came across it because I'm in the market for a DC-8 since it doesn't seem as though CS is going to come out with a 707 for P3D v4. I see a lot of people like to have all the systems modeled and they even complain when they don't. This does beg the question for the folks who prefer to have all the systems modeled. Are you flying with a full cockpit crew or by yourself? I do understand the desire to have all the buttons and switches working but a real DC-8 was by no means meant to be flown and operated by one person. I have a strong appreciation for A2A aircraft because all the systems are modeled but you can choose to have parts of the systems handled automatically by the virtual cockpit crew using Accu-Sim. I've never flown the Aerosoft or the JF DC-8 so I can't comment on either but I do want to choose one. I can't get a feel for the flight dynamics from the videos people post because most of them hit the ground at between 250 and 500 ft per min. Just an FYI, in the real word, that's aircraft damage and in some cases, personal injury. best case is a plane full of really ticked off passengers. These comments come from real world pilots.
  9. 1) A google search brought me here. Too funny. Right?? 2) I checked the link you posted. They were unsuccessful. All they did was get a 2D panel working. Not the VC. Words can't describe how frustrating it is to do a google search that links me to a thread like this where someone says "Do a google search." How do you think I got here? 3) Why don't you do a google search on jumping to conclusions. Not that you need practice.
  10. I know this is an old post but I figured I would chime in as I just had the same thing happen. If you have multiple displays,check to see if it loaded the scenario onto a display other than the one you expected. Sometimes I only turn one display on depending on the plane I'm flying. I turned on the other one just for the heck of it an lo 'N Behold. There she was.
  11. I know this is an old post but I figured I would chime in as I just had the same thing happen. If you have multiple displays,check to see if it loaded the scenario onto a display other than the one you expected. Sometimes I only turn one display on depending on the plane I'm flying. I turned on the other one just for the heck of it an lo 'N Behold. There she was.
  12. So let me understand correctly. Every other add-on is able to show animations during playback except PMDG so that makes it a limitation of the sim since PMDG is the only one it can play back correctly? Are you saying that because PMDG said it? Can you site a source other than PMDGs over explanation? Can you actually prove it? Are you a programmer?
  13. Well you know, you throw around words like word not allowed to describe someone who has a difference of opinion than you, no one will care what you say. I don't agree with your opinion. It doesn't make me word not allowed. It simply makes my opinion different. I too read PMDGs long winded explanation of why the animations don't work during play back in a $200 + add-on which is four times the cost of the entire sim. Can you prove that it is a limitation of the sim? Can you site a source other than PMDGs long explanation which to me sounded like a typical ...
  14. Yeah I bought the FeelThere airbus series. Even after years of their releases, I could only find just a few liveries for them. The systems were pretty good for the time. Fly-By-Wire in FS2004. The models and flight dynamics were awful though. I did however like their ATR72. I heard their 727 was nice too but I already had the Captain Sim 727 and really liked that. Nothing was as bad as Abacus/AFS yet these marketing sites keep putting up their garbage. They really should have a level of quality standard. Back then many of the marketing sites were conning people in the same fashion you were conned. Many developers are doing it too. They recompile a 32Bit add-on for 64Bit and release it as a new product. Me being a programmer knows better but many end users don't. I just bought the CR1-Ford Trimotor on sale for two bucks. Yes that's right. On sale for $2.00. Words can't describe how happy I am with that plane. Not because I got it for more than 90% off the regular price. The thing looks amazing and is a dream to fly. In their ad they say we should have a high end system. I'm only running P3D 4.5 on a i5-6500 and a GTX 970. I did a flight from KLGA to KALB and it is smooth as silk with FSRealWX. Very rainy all day yet still very frame rate friendly. Developers like that don't come along very often. They are the Quality Wings of vintage. The Champ is on sale too and if you go to their site, their Beech 18 is free. I might do the same thing. Build some really high quality add-ons and sell them cheap. We shouldn't have to be independently wealthy to buy an add on. I'm working on a really nice version of KALB and surrounding area. I might do just that when it's done.
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