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  1. I'd probably delete 4.5 from my computer if it weren't for their Cessna 310 and Beaver. Just fantastic aircraft.
  2. I was checking out the visuals around Aspen and Eagle, CO earlier today and on takeoff I saw my altitude shoot up to 32,000 feet followed by a cabin altitude warning. Now, whenever I reload the sim or any aircraft, at any location - the field elevation is 18,000 or higher. I am stumped.
  3. So I saw a post about editing the joystick preferences file but nowhere else do I see options for changing the null zone settings.
  4. Great tip. Marginally improved by using compressed air in the channels, then taking the back cover off and spraying contact cleaner down where the pots are located. Am I going to have to disassemble the entire thing to get it back to 100% or should I just keep soaking the pot areas? https://imgur.com/a/aOFif2S
  5. Very slight but constant; it's significant enough that I cannot use autothrottles. I've re-calibrated several times; new Xplane user so not the most familiar with the interface. I do not have this issue in P3D.
  6. I’ve been running a 1600x for 3 years, and am looking for a drop in replacement. MOBO is the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon which as I understand it only supports up to Gen 2. Suggestions are appreciated.
  7. I am noticing that in some cases an assignment will work initially but after rebooting the sim and LINDA they no longer function. Looking at the config file for the particular aircraft, the assignments are still there. What can be done to troubleshoot, besides the steps you recommend in your sticky post?
  8. "extra utility Buttons.Fly" I am not sure what you are referring to? I did edit the .lua file as a text file and save back to .lua. Things are working better now; thank you.
  9. Makes more sense now. But it is not working? Only the shifted function (fast heading) works, despite pressing the button. https://imgur.com/IFoYcaj https://imgur.com/G41RUgs
  10. I've read several posts but I'm just not getting the idea. I'm flying the Maddog with the Honeycomb yoke; I have one of the left yoke switches set up for 'AP hdg decfast' and 'AP HDG incr fast'. What I would like to do is use another yoke button as a shift, so that the same left yoke switch will then perform 'AP hdg dec' and 'AP hdg incr'. I can't make it work... screenshots attached and help is appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/xqZKQKt https://imgur.com/vYVfMzGhttps://imgur.com/vYVfMzG
  11. I hope there is something in a setting that will fix this, so far not an issue with the JustFlight Arrow. Please see video via the link. https://imgur.com/a/7paTSrH
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