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  1. Why are airport and all non-sky selected textures set to off?
  2. Hey Scott, I think the stock P3D install only had a single install; I went into the main folder and found the other three and installed... they show up in my program list. I am running as admin. My PC is connected to the router via ethernet, and I am on the router's wi-fi network. Yes, I select 'no' when prompted as to whether or not I want to run FltPlan Go on my PC (v iPad). My iPad briefly displays a message that it is connecting to FSX and that is it...
  3. That's good to hear... I'll have to keep working on an iPad solution...
  4. I can tell you that I contacted as I am also unable to connect. Although I am a regular customer, they told me to contact Lockheed Martin if the provided instructions did not work :(
  5. Thanks for the input. I'm on a Ryzen 1600X; the monitor is the Acer Predator.
  6. I have read numerous comments about locking frame rates to 1/2 of your monitor refresh rate - this won't work for 144hz @ 2k obviously, and I was curious what others with this setup might be finding for optimal graphics card settings? For me, using Nvidia Inspector to turn on Triple Buffering and V-Sync seems to yield 30-40 frames unless/until I hit a metro area or a lot of bad weather. This is with my Ryzen 1600x CPU and an EVGA 1080 card. I have frames locked at 40 (sort of a random selection, admittedly), and the rest of my settings are in the attached screenshots. I will say this - everything is pretty smooth. While I'd like a bit of improvement in the metro areas or under heavy weather... I can't complain. I'm really curious if I am missing anything obvious, since my rig has only been up and running for a month now. I use Toposim, ORBX, ENVDIR, Active Sky/ASCA. Thoughts?
  7. Here I am teaching myself again ;) I needed to select All options under "Panel Instruments" (SHIFT RIGHT CLICK the GTN 750) to track the glideslope...
  8. Thanks. I should have mentioned my settings. Attached are several screenshots. This is for the LPV RWY 21 @ KCHO. Approaching APUSE at 2,600 feet, Autopilot ON w/APPR armed. After APUSE the descent is down to 826' MSL. No Glideslope depection whatsoever. The aircraft remains on altitude hold and tracks laterally to the Missed Approach Waypoint. Just Outside the FAF, no glideslope indication: Tracking from the FAF to RWY21: Switching to A2A's C-182... the OBS shows the glideslope but the autopilot fails to capture in this instance as well.
  9. With the 750 in LPV, APPROACH mode armed I am thus far unable to capture the glideslope. In fact, my Milviz aircraft do not even depict a glideslope on the HSI when not using the ILS... but I also have the A2A C182 and the glideslope works fine. Ideas? I've read on old (2009) posts elsewhere that at least early on the vertical mode was not supported due to sim limitations ?
  10. I have been able to install the product in the C310R at this point. First I had to use Milviz's Add On Manager to select the F1 GTN 750 GPS option. This populated the virtual cockpit with that gauge. Then I had to add the RXP gauge in four different instances using RealityXP's add on manger tool within P3D (see screenshot). It must be my programming ignorance. Still no luck with the DHC-2. Everything I try results in the loss of not only the F1 GTN 750 gauge within the virtual cockpit, but also my radio, transponder, and autopilot gauges... *****Update**** I have it working, now. I had to replace the gauge for VC13, and not touch anything else. It was more clear to me after I printed out the panel.cfg file and read through the sections. Learning things the hard way...
  11. Picked up this fine product earlier today; followed the installation instructions but I cannot get my panels to populate. The two aircraft I am using are the C310R and the DHC-2 Beaver. The pop-up GTN 750 works fine. However, I am getting no or poor results when I move on to actually replacing the gauge. In some instances nothing happens and the latest try has resulted in both the 530 and 430 being rendered inop. Removing the gauges using the add on manger does not rectify.
  12. That edit to the aircraft panel.cfg file is to enable the use of SID/STAR procedures; I doesn't appear to have anything to do with GPS approaches.
  13. Thanks Frank. I guess I need to determine why I am not seeing those, with the latest available databases installed. I just loaded up Caranedo's A-36 which is a default aircraft with a GNS 430 and same result... only two approaches. I flew a Citation Encore out of KESN back in 2012-2013. Love that part of the country...
  14. This does not make sense to me... I have AIRAC 1713 installed (via the FSAerodata tool) for P3D as well as my add on aircraft that require it. The approaches available at KESN in the simulator (haven't checked elsewhere yet) do not reflect that which is currently available. FSAerodata uses Navigraph provided data...
  15. My understanding was that if I used Navigraph and installed current AIRAC cycles I would have available (all) current approaches; I was wandering around Maryland earlier and noticed that at KESN There is only the ILS and the NDB (w/GPS overlay). There should be several RNAV approaches, as well? I installed AIRAC cycle 1713 to my my Milviz C-310R and DHC-2 GNS530/430 units prior. P3D v 4.1 has 1713 installed as well.