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  1. Good luck convincing people to do that that know nothing other than their chosen career path for their entire lives, supporting their families, to walk into a medical office, admit they have a mental health issue, and lose their jobs and income with nothing else to fall back on. Not to mention the fact that, even if you do go get help and take medication to have it under control, you'll likely lose your medical, anyway. So just because some people do it everyday means it is good enough? In your opinion, everything is good the way it works now? Essentially saying "Well the help is there - they just have to go out and get it"? How do you provide logical reasoning to someone that may not be logical or realize they have a problem?
  2. So you're asking someone with a potentially severe mental health issue to 1) notice that they have a problem, 2) willing to tell someone about it, and 3) be willing to under-go treatment? Absolutely they will. They are going to stamp Denied on your application and tell the airline not to hire you because you admitted to having a mental health issue. Do you think a pilot is going to get a job anywhere if they admit to every potential employer they have mental issues? Do you think any employer wants that kind of liability?
  3. How? Because you happen to be in a field that asks about mental health? And it doesn't change the fact that mental health is largely shunned in this country. I've been a pilot for 16 years. Not once have I been asked about mental health. I also don't own a gun, though, so I guess you could add that to your "invalidated argument" list.
  4. For example, the FAA Medical Certificate evaluations are getting heavy on "sleep apnea". While not admitting you snore isn't grounds for immediate removal, you essentially get reviewed by the FAA Medical and have to then go pay, out of your own pocket, thousands of dollars for a sleep study review and diagnosis, submitting those results to the FAA Medical Office; and potentially having your medical certificate revoked. Do you think many pilots are going to admit they snore?
  5. Sure. But why would anyone admit to having a mental disorder if they aren't required to? You are more often punished for doing so in this country.
  6. When is the last time you filled out any form of an application, registration, or anything of the sort that asked about mental illness? Have you ever had a mental health evaluation? Not only that, if someone is diagnosed as having some form of mental disability, it is often grounds for immediate denial of many things. Rather than offer some form of treatment program to keep their job, they are very often punished for self disclosing.
  7. I believe my first jet flight was about when I was 10 in the mid-90s and it was in a Southwest 737-200, The closest I have come so far to flying a jet is a Level-D simulator, and the closest real airplane is a King Air 200 thus far.
  8. Great paints, Christian! Thanks. Any chance you can keep a running list of what paints you're working on? I just think it'd be interesting. I can't think of any paints off the top of my head that haven't been done already (mostly by you).
  9. As an FYI, the FSUIPC "ding" will come on when you have 300MB or less of VAS remaining before OOM. And yes, the number that you are setting at that offset is displaying bytes left before OOM.
  10. Yeah, you don't see ATRs in the US anymore. The only time I've seen them is when they flew in to DFW but now AE has moved them to the Carribean. I'd say that is an accurate assessment, considering those are the only two commercial turbo-props even made today.
  11. Where did those "Black Smoked Tires" textures go anyway? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  12. I agree that the 737-800 and 900ER can cover the bulk of what the 752 can do, and it pretty much has on domestic routes. As airlines such as American begin to take delivery of their -800s they'll start replacing the 752s on the routes where they don't need the capacity, but then American will just move them to international, long-haul routes - which you'll mostly see on the US East Coast to inter-Europe or the West Coast to Hawaii. However, there is still a gap there for some of the US airlines - the Airbus NEO and the Boeing MAX will not have the range to reach Hawaii or Europe from the inter parts of the US (such as United in Denver, US Airways in PHX or Philadelphia, Delta in Cincinnati, etc). While a 757 replacement is being researched, I think you'll also see some airlines ordering the B787-800 in a few years to try and replace those 757 and 767s. I still think, for the most part, the 757 has a long life ahead; mostly as a function of delivery slots being years away (for current 737s), MAX and NEO slots are even further away, the much lower cost of the 757, and the cargo market. I think we're 10-15 years away from the point where 757s start to become more rare.
  13. American still actively flies over 100 757s and, in fact, is currently upgrading them and that isn't even scheduled to be completed until 2015. With several hundred 757s still in service all over the world today, combined with the wait time to get a new B737, I'm not holding my breath anytime soon. There still is no other airplane that can satisfy what the 757 does (and what it was purposely built for).
  14. Not necessarily true. PMDG stated they won't do a 757 whilst Level-D is still actively working on theirs; as apparently PMDG and LVLD are good pals and they don't want to step on their territory. However, if LVLD stops development on their 757 than you can rest assured that PMDG will step in.
  15. 1. I paste it into Notepad (not sure if that is required or if Word works too). 2. In Notepad, go to File > Save As > At the bottom of the Save As dialogue box, under the drop down 'Filetype' field, select "All Types". 3. Save the Notepad file as the "ORIGINDESTINATION.wx" just as the RTE files are saved as (ignore including numbers into the save name e.g. '01'). 4. Pull up your route in the FMC and then go to Legs page > RTE DATA > then push the LSK to select 'Request Weather'. It will then import the data automatically.
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