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  1. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    Good luck convincing people to do that that know nothing other than their chosen career path for their entire lives, supporting their families, to walk into a medical office, admit they have a mental health issue, and lose their jobs and income with nothing else to fall back on. Not to mention the fact that, even if you do go get help and take medication to have it under control, you'll likely lose your medical, anyway. So just because some people do it everyday means it is good enough? In your opinion, everything is good the way it works now? Essentially saying "Well the help is there - they just have to go out and get it"? How do you provide logical reasoning to someone that may not be logical or realize they have a problem?
  2. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    So you're asking someone with a potentially severe mental health issue to 1) notice that they have a problem, 2) willing to tell someone about it, and 3) be willing to under-go treatment? Absolutely they will. They are going to stamp Denied on your application and tell the airline not to hire you because you admitted to having a mental health issue. Do you think a pilot is going to get a job anywhere if they admit to every potential employer they have mental issues? Do you think any employer wants that kind of liability?
  3. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    How? Because you happen to be in a field that asks about mental health? And it doesn't change the fact that mental health is largely shunned in this country. I've been a pilot for 16 years. Not once have I been asked about mental health. I also don't own a gun, though, so I guess you could add that to your "invalidated argument" list.
  4. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    For example, the FAA Medical Certificate evaluations are getting heavy on "sleep apnea". While not admitting you snore isn't grounds for immediate removal, you essentially get reviewed by the FAA Medical and have to then go pay, out of your own pocket, thousands of dollars for a sleep study review and diagnosis, submitting those results to the FAA Medical Office; and potentially having your medical certificate revoked. Do you think many pilots are going to admit they snore?
  5. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    Sure. But why would anyone admit to having a mental disorder if they aren't required to? You are more often punished for doing so in this country.
  6. E6BAV8R

    who stole the plane

    When is the last time you filled out any form of an application, registration, or anything of the sort that asked about mental illness? Have you ever had a mental health evaluation? Not only that, if someone is diagnosed as having some form of mental disability, it is often grounds for immediate denial of many things. Rather than offer some form of treatment program to keep their job, they are very often punished for self disclosing.
  7. E6BAV8R


    Cool shots. I get to see that plane come in quite frequently from my office. Should plan a time to see the A380 come in. It arrives in the late afternoon and leaves in the evening. It's ginormous!
  8. Annnnnd this is where the thread turns into shameless plugging by people pushing their own VAs....
  9. E6BAV8R

    Where is your 777 Now? (Part 3)

    Thanks Steve - I'll check them out. They look great! I like the more minimalistic, elegant paints myself. Atlas Air is still one of my favorite liveries, along with Polar and Titan. Any plans for a "dirty" version of one of your cargo paints?
  10. E6BAV8R

    Where is your 777 Now? (Part 3)

    Great shots, Chris! I'm about to start Miami to Provo, UT (KPVU) myself. Going to give that Polar livery you used a go!
  11. Been playing catch-up with the 777 updates and all the new integration and your thread was very helpful! Thanks!
  12. E6BAV8R

    Leaving Hawaii

    Great shot!
  13. E6BAV8R

    Things I've noticed with the NGX

    This. I have yet to be asked to increase my descent rate to something that I couldn't accomplish without extending the gear, but ATC would definitely get an "unable" if my only other option was to extend the gear at 20,000 feet to achieve my descent target. Then again, I'm practically always above Vlo while descending through 20,000 feet anyway. Jets typically don't 'go down and slow down' at the same time very well at all.
  14. E6BAV8R

    No air condition during tske-off

    The "Packs off T/O" is for when you need the additional performance from the engines on short runways and/or high elevation airports or high temperatures. The A/C Packs use engine bleed air which pulls air from the engine, which would otherwise be routed through the engine and translated into additional engine power due to additional airflow, and routes it into the A/C packs for air conditioning inside the airplane. On take-offs where you need all the power out of the engines you can possibly get, you can turn the packs off for additional performance. Some aircraft even close the bleed air valves automatically when take-off power is set and slowly start to open the bleed air valves after a specific amount of time has passed or a specific altitude above the ground is achieved.
  15. E6BAV8R

    T7 Normal Procedures Checklist

    The Avsim link isn't working for people anymore? It seems to be working for me when I try to download it from the library.