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  1. a quick update: I've been able to successfully implement all the button mappings on the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle (including the MCP Selector) for both PMDG 747 QOTS II and QW 787 using LINDA's "User Function" feature. @Phunyun your idea was the foundation for my approach, thank you. Everything works perfectly: if you are interested in my two LINDA user.lua files to get the Bravo MCP mode selector and increase/decrease rotary switch to work they are here: LINDA PMDG 747 QOTS II for Bravo Throttle LINDA QW 787 for Bravo There is one thing that I haven't been able to get working: LED lights on Bravo, so let's use the HDG button on Bravo as an example, if I press that button on Bravo (not to be confused with HDG position on the Selector on Bravo), I can easily use LINDA to select HDG HOLD in any aircraft by assigning that button as any other basic key assignment, however there is an LED light behind that switch that we need to turn on now, in PMDG 747 QOTS II the variable (MCP_annunHDG_HOLD is the variable we need to check, if the value is 1 the light should be turned on, if the value is 0 the light should be turned off), any suggestion on how we can do this in LINDA? All my flightsim builds are based on LINDA and I would like to avoid using Honeycomb Configurator at all costs (if possible) for many reasons including lack of proper documentation, lack of community support (compared to LINDA) and very intrusive integration to P3D among other reasons. Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.
  2. @Phunyun this is brilliant, as an ex-developer I can make sense of it, my only question is that if I want to reuse your code let's say for PMDG 747 or QW787, do I need to change any of the function names or variable names in your code or can I simply paste that under LINDA's PMDG 747 or QW787 User Functions as-is? your help is greatly appreciated. Regards,
  3. Thanks for your quick reply @ScotFlieger, since you mentioned the selector function on Bravo throttle is similar to Logitech/Saitek, is there support in LINDA for Logitech/Saitek selector function? if so, can you please point us to where we can find it in LINDA? I can try to learn from that implementation and re-implement it for Bravo. your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi @ScotFlieger, first of all thank you for the great app (LINDA) and your contribution to the community over the years. I just started using LINDA a couple of months ago when I purchased my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. I have the exact same issue as @DJ Rosko mentioned above. We basically need 4 to 5 total 'shifted' positions for the MCP selector switch (ALT, VS, HDG, CRS and IAS). Andrew, I guess my question is, do you have a suggested workaround or plans to accommodate this capability in the next update for LINDA? I'll be happy to make a small financial contribution as I can only imagine that you've already spent thousands of hours developing LINDA. Anyways, any suggestion or recommendation on how to deal with this issue is greatly appreciated. I also understand the good alternative approach that @Phunyun has suggested above, however if my understanding of his approach is correct that requires changes to user.lua file, which is not accessible through LINDA's GUI and could be difficult for many of LINDA users (who chose LINDA because of its ease of use) to customize. I'll be very grateful if @Phunyun can share his work on the file. Regards,Jim Morison
  5. My predication (considering the whole industry's shift toward subscription cloud-based services) is a subscription model potentially including the whole PMDG product line with continuous innovation and updates. Almost a Virtual Airline as a Service (VAaaS) model. Even if my prediction is not accurate, this will be a feasible business model to be considered, you are welcome PMDG 🙂
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