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  1. My predication (considering the whole industry's shift toward subscription cloud-based services) is a subscription model potentially including the whole PMDG product line with continuous innovation and updates. Almost a Virtual Airline as a Service (VAaaS) model. Even if my prediction is not accurate, this will be a feasible business model to be considered, you are welcome PMDG 🙂
  2. great video, thanks for taking the time to make this. PJ
  3. My brief tutorial in the following thread may help with this topic: Brief workflow tutorial: PMDG 777 SP1 Company Datalink function with PFPX + Active Sky Next (ASN) JohnJ
  4. I have the latest version of PFPX installed (1.15) and as you can see in the screenshot there is no aircraft templte for PMDG 777-300ER. I've looked in thier thier download sections and forums and haven't been able to find an add-on downloadable templae. Could you please point me to where you have seen/downloaded the PMDG 777-300ER templte for PFPX? Regards, JohnJ
  5. Hi, Has there been any collaboration between PMDG and PFPX during development to release an aircraft temple for PMDG 777-300ER in PFPX similar to what already exist for PMDG 777-200LR soon? That template obviously is key to proper route and fuel planning for PMDG 777-300ER in PFPX. Thanks in advance for any info, I have search both this forum and PFPX forum and couldn't find any answers. Regards, John Johnson
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