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  1. Hi, For #2, the way to "cancel" TO/GA is to reduce the thrust levers manually to idle. There is an option in the FMC that allows you to override the autothrottle in all situations (the setting in the real world), but it is disabled by default. You will have to change that option in order to override the A/T when you are not in HOLD mode.
  2. Hi Chris, You would have to press the Altitude Selector Knob. This is known as altitude intervene, and you need to do this once VNAV ALT kicks in and you remain at an altitude.
  3. Very cool. Thanks a lot! I also prefer the VC, so disabling the external model is probably going to help me a whole lot. I read about it some time ago but forgot about it :O. Thanks to this I will remember to do this great fix. I will do it right now!! Thanks.
  4. Probably just a sleepy flight crew... I had one of those too, it was very sunny outside but just a super hard touch down.
  5. Hi, This is directly quoted from this thread which talks about setting FSINN up with the PMDG 777: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/419862-fsinn-settings-so-we-can-all-see-your-new-shiny-plane/ Please check other topics first before posting a new one You're ICAO.cfg should look as follows:
  6. You didn't know??!! They're installing floating jetways in a lot of airports. B)
  7. No, the COMM page of the MFD is not functional.
  8. It is worth it as the videos are presented in an easy to learn way.
  9. On release, the weather radar will only work if you have ASN.
  10. The 777 uses FBW to control the control surfaces, so I'm not sure what you mean by disabling the FBW system because that will mean you have no control over the aircraft. You could try reverting to Secondary Mode as some say it helps in correcting the issues present in the current FBW system in the PMDG 777, but SP1 is coming soon and that should fix your problems.
  11. Hello Kitty version of EVA Air would be awesome since it's so cute!! :)
  12. Make sure you have your L PACK and R PACK at AUTO. If the warning persists you could try manually closing the outflow valves. If you set failures make sure your failures are off.
  13. Ok I thought you could use the license on two computers.
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