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  1. Thanks for the reply, Bryan. I didn't receive a notification to say you had responded, and I've also been away so sorry for the delay. By Landing data, I mean that during the descent checklist, the First Officer calls for Landing Data, and my response has always been "VRef nnn ... Minimums nnn feet". Whilst the green text will reflect correctly what I say, the first officer will not read it back any more, nor will he respond to any other subsequent command. (Although if I call flaps 1, the flaps will change etc but no confirmation from FO.) I am using SOP Set 1. Thanks Rob Padgham
  2. Hello Bryan, This problem has now happened twice in a row, where NGXReboot works perfectly until the descent checklist, and FO doesn't respond to the landing data. All was working fine previous to P3DV4.3 upgrade, but now I get this problem which results in a CTD. I have tried resetting audio, cancelling the checklist using "Let's start again" or "Cancel the checklist", and as a test I called for Flaps 5 and the FO responded by actioning Flaps 5, but with no vocal response. Both crashes have occured whilst clicking on the FS2Crew panel trying to resolve the problem. I've read numerous other posts on this, but none of the fixes seem to apply to me - my headset is working fine and fs2crew green text is appearing. I have no sound bloatware and as stated it was working fine previously. I am using Reboot version 3.1. Any ideas? Many thanks. Rob Padgham
  3. Thank you, yes I was using Active Sky Next + Soft Clouds with Rex 4 Texture Direct providing the upper cloud layers. I'd be grateful if you could move the post for me. Many thanks Rob I should have added that this is the Steam version of ASN. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I've searched using various terms but can't find anything on this. I'm having trouble with the drawing of clouds. Here is a pic ... Does anyone know what causes this is, or should I post somewhere else? I am steering toward ORBX, because I have only seen this problem whilst appraoching England, and whilst approaching Norway and I have both in FTX, although this pic was captured whilst approaching Norway without FTX Norway activated in scenery library. I am using: Windows 7, i7 2600 OC to 4.4Ghz, 16Gb 2133RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 FSX with DX10 Fixer ORBX Global ORBX Vector ORBX Open LC Europe FTX England FTX Norway Active Sky Next + Soft Clouds REX 4 Texture Direct For Higher clouds Any help or suggestions for other forums gratefully received! Rob Padgham
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