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  1. milton.m

    Cabin pressurization warning.

    Thanks guys. It turns out that my MOBO battery was weak which turn through my date and time off which in turn caused my PMDG planes to go all haywire.
  2. milton.m

    Cabin pressurization warning.

    Yes I have Z87
  3. milton.m

    Cabin pressurization warning.

    Hi everyone Not sure if anybody has experienced this before but after starting my descent into my destination airport, I get a cabin pressurization warning, after which my plane veers off course even with AP, VNAV, & LNAV activated. Please help as I am not sure what is going on. This also seems to only affect my PMDG fleet and not my other planes.
  4. milton.m

    Cabin Altitude problem

    Hi I am going through the se issue with at least my 777 and my 737. I have also noticed that my clock keeps giving me wonky timings. How did you manage to overcome these challenges? Thank you.
  5. Had similar problems until i ran as an administrator.