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  1. Hi I disabled PTA and restored default shaders, also replaced Prepar3d.cfg with old backup but nothing happens - I've completely lost Contrails. Also i have Lear35 Immersion, Q400 Immersion, 777 Immersion and they are also freshly installed but contrails there is nowhere. When i look in P3D4.2 Effects and Simobjects Airplanes folder, I see that the files are overwritten with FSFX_PFX_Effect but in simulator i can`t see. Somewhere there is a general bug, but where?? I've searched and changed so much here that I do not know how are my other Effects files working (or not working anymore), because I'm focusing now for contrails. Please help! regards Felix
  2. Hi I do not remember exactly, when i was gone all contrails effect (which was associated with this disappearance) but for two months they will definitely disappear (FL 300-Fl400 and dfferents weather and seasons settings). Contrails are gone on the user's plane as well as Ai traffic planes. I have several times with FSXCentral installed/reinstalled PrecipitFX and of course in options contrails is marked, also I have tried different settings (for example shorter contrails and then again normal contrails) but I never see again contrails - they are completely lost. P3D4 special effects detail and distance is set to High (maximum). I also use PTA 2.61 and Active Sky. How can I get back to this effect? Regards Felix
  3. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi my experiences with FFTF...a few times tested and after 1-2 hours flying and then descend, always simulator crash to desktop. It happens somewhere Fl25-50 and from the destination airport some 30 NM, when CTD. And it's not mega-large centers, only a medium-sized aerodrome (shareware scenery LEBB, ESSA and so on). This CTD,did not happen before FFTF only before some blurries with same simulator settings. I use in FFTF AGL Heigh settings - range 0-12 000 ft and FFTF range 0.02-0.40. In P3D4.2 settings Target Frame Rate = Unlimited, (VSync and TB = ON), also i use ActiveSky Live Weather, Chaseplane and ORBX Global, Vector, Europe LC and local ORBX scenery. I have to test even more but what should I change in FFTF? regards Eke
  4. ATC Panels problem in p3d v4.2

    Hi I also have greyed ATC and have done all suggestions and I cannot get ATC to work. I also deleted all files from Programdata and AppData and Shaders and after installing 4.2 Client/Content, restarting PC , then started P3D and let them all rebuild. When i put my (backup 4.1) scenery.cfg to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 then ATC again greyed and not active. No one here says if others have also additional sceneryes in Scenery Library or only default scenerys?
  5. Chaseplane crashing

    Hi Sorry again but also 0.4.135 CP closing after few seconds, the only difference with the previous versions, that after first message (something unexpected occured....) another message will appear - Do you want restart Chaseplane? When you click "yes" Chaseplane restarted and again, after few seconds CP closes and everything repeats again.
  6. Chaseplane crashing

    also, not version 0.4.132
  7. Chaseplane crashing

    Hi Not yet, this version (0.4.131 ) too not working. I send report to support mail.
  8. Chaseplane crashing

    Hi also 0.4.130 not fixed this issue.
  9. Chaseplane crashing

    Hi Sorry, but also 0.4.128 did not fixing that, the same problem. Also does not help when reinstalling Chaseplane.
  10. Chaseplane crashing

    Hi unfortunately it did not help (v.0.4.127), same problem. After few seconds CP closes herself and same messages - Something unexpected happening..,
  11. Chaseplane crashing

    no, i have windows 7 and it's not windows update here. And Chaseplane worked well earlier, but yesterday Chaseplane updated himself (v. beta) and after that not working anymore - allways same - Something unexpected happening..,,, A log file will be sent to FSFX Packages automatically. I hope now that FSFX team notice it and fixes the error! regards! eke
  12. Hi, Today, after Chaseplane last update, Chaseplane crashing every time! I use P3D4.1.
  13. WX Advantage Radar for P3Dv4.1 available

    I'm exactly the same, fresh installer from Simmarket and only for P3Dv3? When click to WX Advantage Radar - Updater, then result - no updates available!
  14. Same here. I also can`t see effects in P3D4.1 (Q400 64bit, FSFX for Q400 installed successfully). Rain or snow or clear weather - does not matter, no one effect (also the default effect is gone ) ? i see that FSFX has changed aircraft.cfg and added Effects folder 56 fx files (fsfx_Q400_........) and aircraft.cfg here [LIGHTS] //Types: 1 Beacon, 2 Strobe, 3 Navigation or Position, 4 Cockpit, 5 Landing, 6 Taxi, 7 Recognition, 8 Wing, 9 Logo,10 Cabin //1 Longitudinal Position (feet) //2 Lateral Position (feet) //3 Vertical Position (feet) // MJC light assignment: // 1 Red ACOL, 2 Flare light, 3 POS, 4 VC Dome, 5 Approach, 6 Taxi, 7 Flare, 8 Wing, 9 Logo, 10 Cabin light.0 = 10, -11.0, 0.0, 3.0, mjc84_dome, // dome light. 3.5P3D, 3.0FSX light.1 = 2, -12.75, -2.9, 1.0, mjc84_CPT_CB, // Captain CB panel light light.2 = 8, -12.75, 2.9, 1.0, mjc84_CPT_CB, // Fo CB panel light light.3= 1, -10.00, -1.5, 0.5, mjc84_READING_LT, // Left side light from reading and map light.4 = 7, -10.00, 1.5, 0.5, mjc84_READING_LT, // Right side light from reading and map [EFFECTS] wake=fx_dummy water=fx_dummy dirt=fx_dummy concrete=fx_dummy //(Disabled by FSFX_PFX_Effect)//touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 //(Disabled by FSFX_Q400_Effect)touchdown=fx_dummy touchdown=fx_dummy //FSFX_Q400_Effect WheelSnowSpray=fx_dummy WheelWetSpray=fx_dummy contrail=fx_dummy windshield_rain_effect_available=1 vaportrail_l=fx_dummy vaportrail_r=fx_dummy l_wingtipvortice=fx_dummy r_wingtipvortice=fx_dummy EngineFire=fx_dummy WetEngineWash=fx_dummy //(Disabled by FSFX_Q400_Effect)startup=fx_dummy startup=fx_dummy //FSFX_Q400_Effect SnowEngineWash = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726D3730684D4C74476972497363777170555745577935 //FSFX_PFX_Effect SkidPavement = fsfx_PFX_77755038474E6775336E5A6C3231714C4F656D4E4E467A496B396568304E694C //FSFX_PFX_Effect [smokesystem] //FSFX_Q400_Effect smoke.0 = -50.50, 0.00, 2.05, fsfx_Q400_............. smoke.1 = -108.90, 0.00, 17.95, fsfx_Q400_-------------- and so on .smoke.60 =.................. When in simulator pressing smokesystem "I", then for a moment you will see powerfully effects . Whether the effects should be at all times, not to be involved with a smokesystem? What should be like that, that you need to press "I" and only then you see Q400 fsfx immersions ? PS! In my P3D4.1 Effects options (special effects detail and distance) is set to MAX.