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  1. Hi, UK here too, mine arrived yesterday, for info I got the order competed email with the ups tracking number on the 26th March and as i said it arrived on the 31st cheers Steve
  2. Just to finish this thread off on my side, my yoke was delivered yesterday, now all set up and working fine. Only done a short test flight in the TBM, cant wait till i get a proper chance to put it through its paces. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi, I’m the OP, sent my pre order request after getting a reply from Chris. just got the order email yesterday, and order placed this morning. Hope this helps others waiting and I’ll update this thread once it’s delivered cheers Steve
  4. Hi, when you’re starting cold and dark are you switching the autopilot / trim switch on the right side of the overhead panel on? If you don’t switch it on the autopilot won’t work, hope this helps Steve
  5. Thanks for the quick reply,I appreciate it, you probably have another sale, cheers Steve
  6. Hi, very interested in this yoke, if I were to pre order, what sort of lead time are we talking for delivery (I’m in the UK if that makes a difference) and what payment options are available, could I pay by PayPal or just credit/debit cards? thanks in advance Steve
  7. If your wanting to do this now, Lorby Si’s program Axis and Ohs does the very thing your looking for and he has a time limited demo you can play with. I’m using it with great results and his support forum is hosted here on Avsim and the developer is vey active if you have any queries. Hope this helps, Steve
  8. Hi, you will only have access to the charts, maps and apps for the length of your subscription, so if you take a monthly subscription and cancel after the month then you will no longer be able to use them.
  9. Hi Al, i did a flight today from Innsbruck to Geneva with the TBM and the G3000 mod. Did an ILS approach and the aircraft was rock solid, captured loc and gs where it should have and I let it fly it to minimums before disconnecting the autopilot and hand flying it to a landing. I had the transition and approach already planned in the flight planner and changed over from FMC to NAV 1 and armed the approach when ATC transferred me to the tower and it all worked out fine but I haven’t yet tried manually setting up the approach using the touchscreens so don’t know if it exhibits the behaviour you experienced but I’ll try it when I next fly and see if I get similar results, but it was definitely rock solid performing the ILS. hope this is of some use Cheers Steve
  10. Hi been using it for a few weeks with no issues. Followed the set up on the smoothtrack web site and it worked straight off the bat. (There’s a YouTube video on setting it up by the author also ) Spent a bit of time setting up the curves and now use it on every flight. Its running on a old iPhone SE that was on iOS 13 now on iOS 14. Hopefully you can sort out your issues because I’m v impressed by it. cheers Steve
  11. Hi Oliver, just an update to say I bought the X touch and your software and it’s working fantastically well as an autopilot controller, so much better being able to physically turn knobs to set altitude and speeds etc. I’m also in the process of moving my assignments over from the sim to axis and ohs so thanks once again for this great program. cheers Steve
  12. Hi Robert, just another quick post to say thanks for this, did a quick flight between Denver and Aspen, aircraft behaved flawlessly, great work. cheers Steve
  13. Hi, I’ve got the iOS version, worked great straight out of the box, found it v immersive. Cheers Steve
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