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  1. When is 7900x release date? I tried to google, but i didnt find any clear date.. Im thinking to buy this also.
  2. I`ve been fighting with this also. I get extremely slow autogen loading with 4790k@4.7/1080gtx/16GBram Terrain is nice and sharp, but autogen is missing, or the draw distance is very near and popping. Strange to see other having good performance while i struggle.
  3. Hmm, ok. Thank you for information.
  4. My problem is planes disappearing in takeoff.. Is there any solution for that?
  5. zemez

    FSFX "New View" Announcment

    Okey, im sold already!
  6. zemez

    Aerosoft EFHK at P3D 2.5

    Yes, it works well with p3d 2.5.
  7. I recently went from 2500k@4.5Ghz/8gb1600 ram/r9 290 to 4790k@4.7ghz/16gb2400 ram/gtx980 and i am extremely pleased. Finally i am able to get a quite smooth experience.
  8. How is your ground texture loading with your 5820k? Im considering that CPU too..
  9. zemez


    Is it just me, or is this tweak making FFTF=0.01 work really good. No more blurries, and A321 is working very nice with my 2500k CPU.
  10. Rob, are you going to make a video with orbx&B777? It would be nice to see how it runs with with the most important addons
  11. Does 6 core CPU bring more fps or smoothness in p3d than 4 core CPU, If both are for example 4,4GHz? Does it help for texture loading? I am thinking 4790k vs 5820k, money Isnt a factor with decision between these two. I have read all the reviews, but P3D performance is the most important thing for me. Rob's test is fantastic to read. Thank you for that and all other advices also
  12. This definitely doesnt help my upgrade ich at all.. Really close to ordering 5820K and some watercooling stuff.. :rolleyes: Im trying to convince that it is good time to upgrade, since you can get about 150€ from 2500k+mobo when sold. 5820K isnt as good as Rob's CPU, but, new hardware is always nice -_-
  13. Are you still happy with 5xxxk cpus? I have 2500k@4.4 and im thinking about upgrading to 5820k.
  14. zemez

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Near LOWI. ASN+Soft clouds. Very very happy with soft clouds.
  15. zemez

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Interesting.. Screenshots would be nice and needed before buying.