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  1. So? You can play xplane with Android device. You can drive rfactor with keyboard. And you can definitely fly realistic Flight sim with xbox controller. It is just a matter of how you set ip up. It just takes time, it will get there.
  2. Is there anything good in msfs? I know there are a lot to fix in this sim, but I still enjoy it every day. This kind of threads are becoming like old and broken records. Please, go back to FSX if it makes you happy. No one forces you to play MSFS. Go and ask a refund and get over with.
  3. I get about the same 5 - 6 fps less. I really like your work. This looks much more real than default g3000. Keep up good work.
  4. Yes, but with 3090 Vram usage isnt a problem. I hope it will use more vram, if it helps to increase performance.
  5. VRAM usage is low too. Rarely above 10. DX12 will help with this, I think.
  6. At high altitudes gpu usage is good, but close to ground it decreases quite a lot. Little optimization needed I quess. I think there is nothing that 3080 wouldnt do.
  7. I have same specs than you, and no way im getting 60 FPS everywhere. With Airbus or TBM, I get less than 40 fps when approaching. Ultra settings and same resolution as you. CPU is bottlenecking and sometimes GPU usage is about 60% when approaching airport. I wouldnt recommend buying 3090 for this game alone.
  8. Asobo said in the latest QA-session, that they are making changes the LOD for higher altitudes, because it is easier for hardware. I sent suggestion about "dynamic LOD" to zendesk about month ago. I too hope, that LOD would be different at higher altitudes.
  9. If you look at HiFlyers video, you see that Core10 is bottlenecking the system. That core assings jobs to other cores. Asobo said that they are moving jobs to other cores, but it must be done carefully.
  10. Main thread assings jobs to other threads. So, it is bottlenecking the whole system if that one cant keep up. CPU frametime is always bigger than gpu.
  11. Same here. Charts are nice too. But, isnt it supposed to be updated monthly from navblue?
  12. Actually, my TUF OC-version is very quiet, and it is always below 70 degrees. Mostly about 66-68. Not bad at all.
  13. Sure, attack me if you want, but I answered to op. Original question were is it worth it, and I golf him that no, it isnt worth it but still the best card. What should I do for you? Do I have to run benchmarks or what? Everybody knows, that msfs is heavily main thread limited. That means, before dx12, this kind of GPU isnt worth anything over 2080, but still I love my 3090. English isnt my native language, so it is not easy for me to write detailed info. I still think that you see better info about performance from reviews. I am speechless from your words. And Im really going to think before writing anything here again.
  14. Well, internet are full of reviews and stuff. I think reviewers tells it better than me.
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