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  1. Go to bed, nothing to see in your mailbox.
  2. Well, the nightmare starts all over again on monday. Whole week to constantly firing F5. I told my boss that i might be a little less productive next week, again..
  3. Congratulations! Im thinking that if i dont get invite next week, Im going to have a msfs blackout to the release date. Too painful to know that so many people are actually flying. Not good for my mental health to refresh pages all the time 😄 More time to fly with old sims.
  4. My specs: 9900k, 32GB,2080ti and 100/100 fibre.
  5. How is your F5 doing? Replaced that allready? My disappointment-levels are rising, because no invitation for me. You can actually download layers from Active sky. 0-1000 feet terror, 1000-5000 feet anger, 5000-10000 feet pure disappointment, 10000-37000 feet heavy rain, all from crying. I hope next week brings sunshine. And a few new F5-buttons.
  6. Everyone else are flying alpha, so it might be quiet here, even after new update.
  7. This is going to be very silent forum, since all of you lucky ones are going to alpha forum. Not cool..
  8. I upgraded to 32GB and updated my DXdiag on time, but still no luck. Similar specs with your PC.
  9. Still rainy and foggy here in Finland. I would love to have that kind of sign in problem 🙂
  10. I really want to see some screenshots from Finland. Helsinki and Tampere.
  11. When is 7900x release date? I tried to google, but i didnt find any clear date.. Im thinking to buy this also.
  12. I`ve been fighting with this also. I get extremely slow autogen loading with 4790k@4.7/1080gtx/16GBram Terrain is nice and sharp, but autogen is missing, or the draw distance is very near and popping. Strange to see other having good performance while i struggle.
  13. My problem is planes disappearing in takeoff.. Is there any solution for that?
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