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  1. The sim recognizes my Speedlink Airprow flight stick but I can no longer assign axes to it (at least I can appear to but it's completely messed up). Have cleared all controller settings, rebooted, etc. but nope, the sim is dead in the water for me. Any wonder I haven't touched the sim for over a year?! Still remains a complete waste of money.
  2. Another iceberg just melted due to Azure power usage.
  3. Hmmm, it's decided to install all 22.9 Gb for me. Good to see they've fixed the abysmal installer system (not!).
  4. Do all the APs have a Bank button? If memory serves me correctly it decreases the bank angle so you don't upset passengers, spill drinks, etc. I wonder if they've accidentally coded the Bank button to be turned on by default.
  5. They're having a great time trolling Jorg. Martial couldn't help laughing and it's brought tears to my eyes. Love it!
  6. Interesting. Or should I say, "super interesting"? I still regret that a tiny minority of people with loud voices directed resources off to VR.
  7. MFS is coming to Xbox and if I'm not mistaken the Xbox hardware is AMD-based. So it might be reasonable to expect that the game will become increasingly tuned to AMD making it a good bet to base a new system on it. Synergies between the MFS code and AMD drivers could be very good. The video looks like great performance and the slight stutter is quite possibly a result of recording on the same PC. The big risk I see is if MFS goes to true ray tracing in the future but I don't recall any rumours to that effect.
  8. Yeah, I didn't think it used PhysX. Then my next best guess is changing Texture filtering quality from Quality to Performance.
  9. I have no evidence for it, but I get the feeling that setting the PhysX processor to the GPU instead of the CPU, as it was for me, might have had a good effect (though does MFS use PhysX?) Also setting the "Perform scaling" set to the GPU and ticking the "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs" since I use 90% Render scale in game to help out running at 1440p. Probably easy enough to test. I've turned sharpening off and it does look better. But overall, the game looks much better to me (possibly subjective) compared to what it's been from the start.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I'll investigate the link and advice given. Maybe there's more I can squeeze out. True, I didn't play with the digital vibrancy either and I also have 10 bit colour set because my monitor can handle it. Maybe I had a really bad setting and all this did was clear it, but I definitely got a stable 10 fps increase on average. Something in there seemed to have done some magic for me.
  11. I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but it has for me and blew my mind. I tend to use KORS (with Orbx scenery) as my base and run the NVidia FPS monitor so have got a good feel for how the sim runs. As everyone, I've been tweaking the in-game settings and arrived at High plus a few settings at Ultra as a compromise. I should say I'm using a 1070 overclocked card, 32 Gb of system RAM and a stock-speed i7-6700 CPU. The latest updated really messed up the clouds for me for some reason (looked more like Minecraft than clouds). So I messed with more settings, rebooted, etc. but nothing worked. I then decided to go through the NVidia control panel settings one by one and landed on the YouTube video for guidance (see below). I followed everything he recommends except the 2080-specific settings that my card doesn't show and since I have everything on NVMe SSDs, I disabled the shader cache. There are settings in this video I wouldn't have normally bothered with, but I set them in any case. Start up the sim in the same familiar place and plane (TBM) and OMG, the image quality is better, the clouds are fixed (though still a little pixilated for my liking), but most of all, where I would normally be on 30 fps on the runway, I'm now solidly on 40 fps! I don't have the time or inclination to test which setting(s) made the difference, but I suspect setting the PhysX to the GPU instead of the CPU and some other explicit setting to the GPU may have done it. As they say, it's worth a try!
  12. For me the patch is fine except for very pixilated cloud edges. It's never been this bad but might be due to the Nvidia driver update at the same time. Will investigate...
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