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  1. I seemed to have fixed that, but now the cockpit view shakes. Never simple. LOL Bob
  2. TThank you for the help. One problem remains, the dreaded "waiting for simconnect". I installed the V5 version of EZDOK along side V4 version which works perfectly. EZCA 3.0 and EZCA3.1 are both installed. When launching P3d V5, EZCA starts and goes to the minimuze tray, however does not run in the sim. A manual start shows a faded main page image with 'Connecting to Simmconnect"which it never does. I have run the Config app and installed all the simconnects available in the Redist folder. Everything has 'Run as Admin' checked. I have excluded EZCA3.0 from webroot. Thanks in advance. Bob
  3. Thank you very much Steve! Bob
  4. Hi everyone, I have been tinkering with V5 (still fly V4) to install EZdok for V5 but I corrupted my exe.xml file. Can someone kindly paste a copy of a default P3Dv5 exe.xml. I have no other addons currently that should launch at startup. Thank you in advance. Bob
  5. As always thanks Bert. I meant HF1. Spell check changed HF1 to V5.1. LOL Bob
  6. Hi everyone, Is the latest version of P3dv5 5.024.38474? Is that 5.1? Thank you. Bob
  7. I have 500 GB free on a 1TB SSD and would like to give V5 a test drive without removing V4.5. I'm not planning to install avogadro's number of addons in V5.1 just keep it vanella. What can you share between the two sims? Thank you in advance. Bob PS The other option is run a full acronis image backup, remove 4.5 then install 5.1. If it goes poorly fully recover from the image backup.
  8. Hi, I'm very sorry but I co not have the modification anymore. It disappeared with a newer computer. Bob
  9. Thank you. I had a conflict with the input thingy and FSUIPC which the manual cautioned. I uninstalled the Honeycomb Yoke Input then used FSUIPC as normal. I too have several USB gizmos including 6 Goflight panels , CH Throttle quadrant and CH Pro pedals all using FSUIPC. AOnce I cleaned up the mess I made the yoke is performing flawlessly and quite a step up from the Saitek yoke. I recommend. Bob
  10. Hi everyone, I just received the Yoke and I believe something is wrong with it. Several planes plane bank so heavily to the right that I can't trim it out with rudder or aileron trim. It appears to be messing with ailerons trim on the Lear 35 and creates a phantom zoom with one of the buttons. Clearing all settings on the yoke does not work. Are there guides or any tech support for this yoke? I can't even get in their support section as their server reports I'm blocking cookies which is not true. I have a few days to figure it out or I'm packing it up and shipping back to Amazon. I do not like the button arrangements particularly and the extreme amount of pressure needed to move the elevator. Very frustrating. Bob
  11. Hi Dan, Thank you for the reply. I've posted in the Sode Forum as my problem affects all airports. Something is killing Sode after I start P3dv4.5. Bob
  12. Hi, Thank you for the reply. This issue started after installing the latest (1/14/) Windows 10 Pro update. Sode will register but default jetways are displayed as Sode is not present in the Add Ons Menu. Simobjects are in the SODE folder but no xml. Bob
  13. Hi everyone, I just purchased and installed KSEA by Taxitogate. Sode Jetways work fine at most airports, but I cannot get them to show up at Taxitogate KSEA. The configurator is set for Sode Jetways and I did install a patch for P3dv4 but it did not help. Has anyone seen this problem and can recommend a fix? Thank you in advance. Bob I
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