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  1. BobP

    1st PMDG 747-8 shots?

    Sorry, I will have to find another online storage site that is free.
  2. BobP

    Out of all the things

    I agree, that is the number 1 surprise for me. I have a background in full scale simulations and the optimizing by PMDG is quite amazing. Well done! The plane is smoother than the FSL A319/20 and much smoother than the Quality Wings 787-8/9, PMDG 737 and PMDG Q3 on my system. I completed a flights out of KLAX to KSEA at sunset and one out of FSDT KCLT to KSDT KJFK at dawn, I have observed little if any stutter on final which I do see with other high quality airliners. It looks gorgeous but the depth of the technical systems is as always phenomenal. My graphics settings for commercial jets are pretty unremarkable but scenery looks spectacular. Most graphics settings are normal with a couple on high. My resolution is 3840 X 2160x32 on a 4K monitor. I'm run several addon's from a networked client and P3Dv4.3 on a I7-6700 at 4.0 with 4.2 turbo mode and a Geforce 1070 (8G). Frame rates are pretty meaningless today as smoothness, stutter free and blurry textures matter. When I built this computer last year I decided not to overclock and make Zero tweaks outside P3dv4. I believe many crashes or glitches are do to overclocking and over-tweaking. At the very least they throw in an unknown when the screen goes black or to the desktop. For those that need it my FR hover around 30s and lower 20s at add-on airports. Bob
  3. BobP

    Altn List Uplink - What is it?

    Thank you very much, I assumed that but not seen it before on the queen II. Bob
  4. I have read the knowledge base and searched the Avsim forum, I do not see any reference to what is is and how to use it. Thank you in advance. Bob
  5. BobP

    Logging into ACARS

    Hi, Thank you, that is what I needed. I hope. 🙂 Bob
  6. BobP

    Logging into ACARS

    Yep, that's it. Thank you very much! Bob
  7. BobP

    Logging into ACARS

    Hi everyone, Which manual covers logging in to ACARS. I know I can bypass the login but I would like to use it, however, I'm unable to get past the 'Perf Init Data Not Entered' message on the ACARS menu. I have look at the docs included and apparently missed that section. Can someone kindly direct me to the manual which tells me specifically must be filled in to complete that requirement. Thank you! Bob
  8. Started a new thread here:
  9. It is a great little airplane and looks fantastic at 4K. Flight change and VS work as expected for climb, descent and approach. Fun to fly just like the first one. I pair it with EFB2 on my client giving me complete control of the flight plan.
  10. Running ASCA Full dynamic I'm seeing night sky banding that is very noticeable. Cirrus, Cloud Textures,Full Dynamic Overcast are all at 512 X 512 DXT. Overcast Models set to balanced. Running 4K monitor with 4K Ultra resolution. I read another post claiming the problem was corrected by using Rex Force sky textures. Is there a way to force another sky texture with Full Dynamic with ASCA? Thank you in advance. Bob
  11. BobP

    RAAS Not Loading in P3D v64 DLL.xml

    Edit: The Lear 35 is by Flysimware not Simflight. Bob
  12. BobP

    RAAS Not Loading in P3D v64 DLL.xml

    Problem resolved.... With the help and patience of Bryan we were able to narrow the problem to a corrupted xml.dll. The entry in my xml.dll causing the problem was 'xml tools 64' entry by Simflight for the Lear 35. I believe what was to allow use of the preflight page. I have not updated the Lear in a while and the xml code is apparently not compatible with P3dv4.3. I hope this helps others. Bob
  13. BobP

    RAAS Not Loading in P3D v64 DLL.xml

    I found and working on a trouble report. Bob