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  1. Mark, All is good now, most of the issues were self induced including sending the license request from my client and not re-checking that SimServer had admin rights. The final piece was the IPad auto correct kept changing the port number to the B737 since my IP address is the same for both airplanes. Works perfectly now and thank you for the quick response. Are there any plans for the Majestic Dash in the future? Bob
  2. Ok, I just sent the license request from my P3d server. Once I have the new ones, I will try again and if the same message I will send you the log. I have been using the B737 remote CDU without any problems. (b4 the MS April update). Yes, I am in the TDFI B717 beta program. Thank you! Bob
  3. Mark, I sent the license request from my client, not my P3Dv4 server as it as Outlook. I'm going to resend from my P3dv4 server if that could be the problem. My 737 license works fine as the request was sent from my server. Bob
  4. Mark, I am running the new sim server version. I purchase both the B717 and CRJ licenses, however they are not recognized by simserver. I believe I have the latest version of the 717. The B717 CDU shows on my IPad but message Timed Out. Thank you in advance. Bob
  5. I have a interesting problem with both the 600 and 700 series. Shift 3 does not open window 2 (CDU) using keyboard. All other 'shift - numbers' work as expected. It works fine with the 800 which is more confusing since the 700 Panel Config is aliased to the 800. Uninstalled and re-installed the 600/700 series I have reinstalled latest FSUIPC, deleted 600 and 700 key assignments in the FSUIPC init file. The only other program that has caused 'weird' stuff in the past is EZCA2 but I'm reluctant to reinstall. . Has anyone seen this before or can suggest a solution? Thank you in advance. Bob
  6. BobP

    2 computers?

    Hi, Many of us network add ons. I run Active Sky, ATCPro, Radar Contact, PFPX,Topcat, Aivlasoft EFB, Plan G and FSUIPC Wide. Not all at the same time but the advantages are more than saving P3d cycles. The ability to see maps, flight plans and access the various program dats is great. Bob
  7. Bill, Thank you very much for putting this modification together. So far it works perfectly with Flight1 GTN750 and new GNS600. The AP modification and sound is great and makes it a pleasure to fly! It is simmers like you that make this hobby very special, thank you! Bob
  8. BobP

    Gear Pins (Q400)!!

    Yes. Under Services ground operation only. Bob
  9. I believe the development team posted in their forum part of the team will be at the Flight Sim Show (Cosford) Oct. 4th to Oct. 10th. Support requests etc may be delayed. Bob
  10. Never mind, I gave up and reset Win 10. It's faster than spending days trouble shooting. Bob
  11. I'm stumped. I have new client (Win 10 Home) that I successfully installed ASP3dV4. I have mapped drives to the files on the P3dV4 server (Win 10 Pro) which are accessible and listed when viewing 'This PC' from the desktop. The first run of AS ask for the location of the sim and data files, however, the list of files AS shows does not include the mapped drives. Same thing with Proatc folder paths. I can access P3dv4 via a drill down on 'Network' but when I attempt to add it to the P3dv4 path only the folders are listed and not individual files. I can access the mapped drives and sitll have Active Sky P3dv4 running from my old Win 7 client. Since I see the mapped drives and files of P3dv4 I assume my permissions are correct on the server? I was able to set P3dV4 path via 'Network', the road block is User Data which is in a protected area. I lost my local login password so that may be causing the issue. Any help, guesses would be greatly appreciated. Thank! Bob
  12. BobP

    New V4 version of Lear 35

    Let me check, as I could not find the manual after a hasty search. Thank you. Bob Those work as before, the removal and install of the new version wiped the key command setting for me. Thanks. Bob
  13. Hi everyone, The key commands for VS hold and Steering lock appear to have changed. Does anyone know what they are now? Thanks. Bob
  14. Hi, Dumb question, how do you engage the FD and AP? I'm in a stable cruise with a heading and attitude set, the FD/AP will not turn on. Thank you in advance. Bob Fixed. I was loading the plane from a non default one, works now as poor as usual for Carenado.
  15. BobP

    Why make this move?

    Hi, I can come up with 64 reasons :) to go to P3dV4 if you have a stable I7 system. From my experience a great many CTD are do to an unstable overclock when the sim server is pushed close to limits. In any case I not aware of a large number of CTD as I've never seen one do to P3d. That is after over 200 hours of flying as all I do is fly; it is the most stable flight simulator I have seen, period. Many of your add-ons are compatible with P3d as I completely removed FSX from my server after 1 week using P3dV4. Have fun! Bob