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  1. Thanks everyone! The legacy mode worked. I just completed my first flight since the update!!!!! Bob
  2. The sim loads and places the airplane at the chosen airport. The switches and knobs turn blue when the cursor is placed near them. They do not move. This is a complete reinstall (twice) from the MS store. Emptied the community folder before the upgrade. Is there a detailed guide to completely remove all pieces prior to update? Thank you for any suggestions. Bob
  3. Thank you! Just did. I hope I can now verify my Navigraph Charts account. 🙂 Bob
  4. I saw the same thing after the Navigraph update. I went to the FMS Data manager and updated everything to the current version. All is well now with Navigraph data live in the sim.
  5. Hi, Sorry, but how do you install the update? Down load from our orders account? Then install? Bob Edit: The current version in my downloads is 0.1.1 the update. Bob
  6. I will appreciate a link or the path to the CRJ folder in the fs2020 MSstore download version. I need it to save a PFPX flight plan to the FMS. Thank you!! Bob
  7. Hi, Received both the Logitech switch and multipanel modules. Is there a way to control the display brightness of the panels? The 'gear down' leds are blinding and the multi-panel display is too bright. I know I could change the display brightness with the old Goflight modules for P3D but gave up on Goflight and bought the Logictech panels. The Goflight interfface app by PollyPot is more work than I want, rather fly. 🙂 Any help will be appreciated. Bob
  8. Hi everyone and happy Holidays! Re: Preorder of Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant I placed my order (I thought from Honeycomb ) as soon as the order link was active and received an email I was in week 2. I miss read the email thinking it was Honey Comb and I did not realize until last month my order was from Flight Velocity. Are they a reliable company? I have no idea who they are and never done business with them. I have to believe they are doing their best dealing with Honeycomb but the last email (12/8) indicated they should start shipping tomorrow 12/21 for which I have little confidence. I'm a US Military Veteran and operations such as the sale and distribution by Honey Comb of the throttle quadrant deserve a name. How about: "Operation Enduring Cluster Fudge" Bob
  9. I purchased FSUIPC 7 as soon as it was payware with a nice discount. However, I would have bought it without a discount. Would not take off without it. It is great to assign the throttle quadrant switches to stuff again! 🙂
  10. I wish members would include their internet supplier and expected down load speed when discussing this or any other subject related to freeze or stutter. Thanks. Bob Fios 1gB - 960gB fios speed test via ethernet
  11. i'm running at 4K with smooth motion, there are infrequent small stutters but I don't care. 🙂 My graphic setting is Ultra and I'm amazed how much CPU load now as has been shifted to the GPU. Over NYC late afternoon and night.
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