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  1. FelipeAbdo

    Roland´s Radar X WX Advantage Radar

    Hi all and thanks for your attention. Roland i did not anything about the fonts , strange! :-) KenG , great test! Thanks... Bui I'm a little confused yet , I need my radar show me where the rain is, then if the Roland Radar takes this direct information from ASN , theoretically it is more accurate than the WXA. Compare my SS, I have a heavy rain at 12 o clock conferring with the ASN and Roland Radar but does not appear in WXA ( same range and same tilt in both radars ) We will keep testing and sharing here. Best regards
  2. Hi all , I would like to share a comparison I made with these two radars. Apparently the Roland Radar was more precise. ( Using Active Sky Next ) Follow screenshots: https://goo.gl/photos/wn3yY7wGda4ZoDnP9 What is your opnion? Best regards Filipe
  3. FelipeAbdo

    ReShade 1.0

    https://goo.gl/photos/eAMwoQMYkk37BdJD8 ps: Its not possible turn ON and OFF ? Just APPLY button? And to disable effects? Thanks
  4. FelipeAbdo

    ReShade 1.0

    I use Korn , how i can share my settings file ?
  5. FelipeAbdo

    ReShade 1.0

    On the website of SweetFX there are 2 profiles to SweetFX 2.0. Doesn´t work?
  6. FelipeAbdo

    ReShade 1.0

    I agree Richard , i am trying now , again ! No sucess...yet.
  7. FelipeAbdo

    ReShade 1.0

    Hi all , how i load a preset downloaded on site SweetFX? I tried tried and tried using mediator :( Best regards
  8. FelipeAbdo

    Landing Detection Tool in FSX.

    Search about LOLA ( Lord of landing ) . ps: Its free
  9. FelipeAbdo

    RXP GNS430 integration

    Hi Stans , the reality xp GNS have an option ( LINKGPS=ON ) wich send the flight plan from GNS to default GPS in panel.
  10. Just to confirm , there isn´t a GNS430 integration , only GNS530? Second , if there is no 430 integration , its possible to change the POP UP window with the RXP 430 instead the default 530? Thanks
  11. FelipeAbdo

    Takeoff brief transcript

    Just to add more knowledge ( from my manual flight safety CJ3 ) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNRHBvVL-gONHQycHh0QThTbGc/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi all , i have a question and need help if this is not normal. In this first shot , the bloom is OFF and apparently i get better visual instead bloom ON. Bloom off https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNRHBvVL-gOMWtzRXdQcXAyV28/view?usp=sharing Bloom on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNRHBvVL-gObmhDc1FHai1aUTQ/view?usp=sharing Now , the sun. Bloom off ,a normal sun in my opnion , bloom On a smaller sun stranger Bloom off https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNRHBvVL-gOZ1NmZGMtRW5NdTA/view?usp=sharing Bloom on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNRHBvVL-gOZXBJM0d3a0RaT0E/view?usp=sharing I use DX10 fixer , REX4 and sweetFX Thanks for attention Filipe
  13. FelipeAbdo

    SweetFX frame rate

    Dont worry Art and thanks for your attention!!!! I will check each item detailed and try try and try :rolleyes: . I use DX10 too! Best regards Filipe
  14. FelipeAbdo

    SweetFX frame rate

    Thanks for the tips Artur , i will check. Could you send me your preset of SFX to compare?
  15. FelipeAbdo

    SweetFX frame rate

    Apparently i gain more 3~5 frames turning off DPX. Still has a slight difference between SFX ON and OFF but has improved without HDR and DPX... Relative to other reason not SFX , i dont know because this diference occurs only when active SFX. Very thanks Artur