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  1. As you have noticed, the design is such that the person being Master is the person controlling the flight controls and throttle levers, and slave all others except flight controls and thrust levers. You can switch this role as you wish by toggling the master/slave switch after connecting. For further support, please go to the Aerosoft Forums:
  2. I remembered liking Air Hauler a lot, but I think (been a while now) I uninstalled it due to the Real Time nature of the "game days". I would have to give that a go again while waiting for AH2.
  3. JoshuaC

    Star Citizen's $900 Ship

    I do find it amazing that people are still willing to sink money into this. It is as clear as daylight as it is (to me at least), that after getting more than 100x (!) their original budget of 500K, and still unable to complete what they set out to do; that they are a black hole, vacuuming any cash thrown to it. There is a limit to ambition, as ambition without reality check is delusion. Such as shame really, that amount of money could have gone to way better uses.
  4. From what I know Pete, the liveries are not able to be included in the original download due to legalities with including nations liveries on Steam, not because it was to be "watered down".
  5. Most people have their issues solved with hotfix f. Chances are you didn't install the hotfix properly. Contact Aerosoft Support via Ticket or email, if you wish to resolve this.
  6. Another airport in the bag of asian airports. Will be getting this, one of my top destinations in asia.
  7. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus vs. Rookie

    Screenshots again, will greatly help here. I can only guess from the description you are giving me on whats happening. Very quick tutorial from takeoff (assuming FMGS is properly programmed). 0. FMA Columns are in this order. THRUST | VERTICAL | LATERAL | CAT STATUS/MDA/DH | AP/ATHR/FD 1. Set everything on the FCU to managed (dashes should appear). 2. Apply MAN FLX/TOGA. SRS should appear. FCU ALT should be set above THR RED/ACC (THRUST REDUCTION/ACCELERATION - after takeoff) altitudes. 3. LVR CLB flashing. Transition from FLX/TOGA to CLB detend. THR CLB should be annuciated. 4. After THR ACC (which is the same as THR RED if you didn't change the default value), SRS will transition to CLB. Speed target jumps to SPD LIM (which is 250/10000) 5. Retract flaps as necessary (-F or -S Speeds indicated on speedtape) 6. After SPD LIM alt (10000), speed target jumps to ECON IAS. Aircraft pitches down to accelerate. This is what should happen. Be careful with selecting speeds on the FCU then transitioning to managed (eg selecting 300 knots then pushing for managed), as that can result in unwanted vertical speeds to regain target speed. Also, note the difference in the lingo so there is no confusion. acceleration altitude is usually referred to THR ACC. SPD LIM acceleration is after the standard 250/10000 feet restriction. For the ILS approach, if you have already selected a approach in the FMGS, the ILS is auto-tuned for you. (For example, you should see ILS34 on the ND top which appears when you are close to you TOD). Otherwise, you can refer to your charts to get the navaid identfier. For example, LSZH ILS 34 identifier is IZS. Hence, if you enter it into LSK3L, the course and frequency will autofill. You can also do it old school and enter 110.75 on LSK3L and then 334 on LSK4L. A STAR is not needed to select an approach. When you enter the ARRIVAL page from the FPLN page, you are directed to a list of approaches. So if you select ->ILS34, it should already generate a TMPY FPLN (yellow color) with a TMPY INSERT. Just insert it in, and check the results. Do apply caution if you are selecting just the approach without a approach transition or a STAR, as waypoint angles that are too sharp can result in anomaly. If you still do not understand what a STAR etc is, this picture should help. For FSUIPC issues, I am not that familiar with that. Someone else should help here or you can contact Aerosoft Support.
  8. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus vs. Rookie

    Take a break, go to another aircraft. Once you are refreshed and ready, drop me a PM, and lets arrange a short tutorial session.
  9. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus vs. Rookie

    Peter, Maybe you can try to find someone to coach you over Skype (I can on the weekend) or even better fly shared cockpit so you don't have to panic with a experienced pilot by your side. Maybe I am biased, but i have always found the airbus easy to set up under 5 mins for a quick flight. Persevere on, and don't forget to post screenshots of what you are seeing.
  10. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus vs. Rookie

    Short answer, no (at least not in the sim as its non-SOP). Long answer, Depends on what you do: if you are doing touch and gos, and firewall the throttle, then yes your ATHR will arm no matter what. If you are doing approach and go around, as long as your FMGS is not programmed, ATHR wont arm. Shift + R is still the easiest way to get used to the Airbus Philosophy. You should practice using the ATHR, then disengaging on final by lowering the throttles to the current thrust target of ATHR (donuts on ECAM) then instinctive disconnect. Remember that turning the FD off, forces the A/THR when active into SPEED mode.
  11. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus vs. Rookie

    Easiest way to disengage the ATHR is by Shift + R (known as the instinctive disconnect which is the red button on the throttles). or by idling the throttles then throttling back up again. A/THR only arms when: - On ground • By pushing the A/THR pb on the FCU when the engines are not running, or • By setting the thrust levers at the FLX or TOGA detent when the engines are running. - In flight • By pushing the A/THR pb on the FCU while the thrust levers are out of the active range, or • While A/THR is active (“A/THR” white on the FMA), by setting all thrust levers beyond the CL detent or at least one lever above the MCT detent, or • By engaging the go around mode.
  12. JoshuaC

    Aerosoft Airbus, not happy....

    OP: Do you use Navigraph? The default nav database is NavDataPro which can be changed in the configurator. Follow the Step by step tutorial if you have trouble learning the aircraft. If you don't like to read, it's available im video format in our forums. Larry: If you had the Airbus for a couple of years, you may be on the legacy version. If you remain interested in solving the throttle issues, use the ticket support system for personalised support.
  13. JoshuaC

    Weird Lighting

    HDR on, Not sure about tweaks to HDR, but I am 95% sure that is default 2.4 shader files. The issue itself is actually a bit random, seems to be a combination of a few things to get that. My current thinking is that if its a bug, then it might be a bug in the math of the light projection in combination of cloud shadows, viewpoints and etc As I already closed the sim, I will retry again to get the same issue, and try with HDR on and off.
  14. JoshuaC

    Weird Lighting

    Have anyone seen this issue before? The lighting suddenly suddenly switches "on and off" when moving through different view angles. The sim I use is P3D V2.4, no time to move to 2.5 yet though I am pretty sure its the same on 2.5.
  15. That's correct, its highlighted that its experimental and no fee for the SP. I have clarified with Dave that shared cockpit module itself is NOT a security risk. However, what you use to connect the two shared cockpit together can be a security risk. Example is using Hamachi as Dave highlighted.