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  1. As you have noticed, the design is such that the person being Master is the person controlling the flight controls and throttle levers, and slave all others except flight controls and thrust levers. You can switch this role as you wish by toggling the master/slave switch after connecting. For further support, please go to the Aerosoft Forums: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/705-connected-flight-deck/
  2. I remembered liking Air Hauler a lot, but I think (been a while now) I uninstalled it due to the Real Time nature of the "game days". I would have to give that a go again while waiting for AH2.
  3. I do find it amazing that people are still willing to sink money into this. It is as clear as daylight as it is (to me at least), that after getting more than 100x (!) their original budget of 500K, and still unable to complete what they set out to do; that they are a black hole, vacuuming any cash thrown to it. There is a limit to ambition, as ambition without reality check is delusion. Such as shame really, that amount of money could have gone to way better uses.
  4. From what I know Pete, the liveries are not able to be included in the original download due to legalities with including nations liveries on Steam, not because it was to be "watered down".
  5. Most people have their issues solved with hotfix f. Chances are you didn't install the hotfix properly. Contact Aerosoft Support via Ticket or email, if you wish to resolve this.
  6. Another airport in the bag of asian airports. Will be getting this, one of my top destinations in asia.
  7. Physics and Wing Flex.... They don't match. Animations are one of those things that lag behind in sim. You see the lift, than the flex. Not quite physics right there. Lets just say I have a second opinion on that bold phrase. Airbus and 35 degrees of climb.... mmmm. and at the end of it all, makes me wonder if your cockpit is the window seat.
  8. Its a design choice. This have been discussed at the aerosoft forums before. Reason being is that you cant see much of the wing from the pilots chair position unless you plaster your face to the glass.
  9. I see every thread that interest me. You coincidentally happen to be there. :lol:
  10. Err no, V1.10, HF015, HF016. Follow the numbers.
  11. Hi everyone, I made a patcher, patching the sim1.dll with the values of Johan_Dees. So all credit to him. Dropbox Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33517934/fsx.tire.friction.coeff.update-patch.exe Only tested on acceleration. Those who downloaded, please mirror if possible as the bandwidth may burst my dropbox limit.
  12. Alt + Enter to go to windowed mode and then one more time to full screen to try bring back the menu. Looks like you are running out of memory.
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