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  1. Cees Donker

    FSX-Steam Crashes

    Ed, OP? Sorry, it's early over here! Other person? I don't have that program (EZCA) installed. Steve, I have used the exe's of the planes (in the tools folder) do the job for me. That won't work, obviously. Cees ( I'll be gone until Wednesday on a little trip, I won't see the answers until then.)
  2. Cees Donker

    FSX-Steam Crashes

    Without the popups it works okay. I disabled them in the panel cfg. Cees
  3. Cees Donker

    FSX-Steam Crashes

    In the default Cessna 172 the popup is without problems, It's the combination of 3d and 2d of the 530 that freezes up FSX-SE in the third party planes from A2a and Milviz. Cees
  4. Cees Donker

    FSX-Steam Crashes

    I've got the same freezing of FSX-SE after opening the popup.....the problem is with the 530, the 430 works fine. Cees
  5. I have won the dispute. I dropped a complaint at PP, with arguments, and they ruled in my favor and I'm getting my money back. Dovetail and Steam were both deaf for my complaints and arguments, that's why I went public in the first place. Having satisfied customers is obviously not important to them. I have learned a few important lessons. First: I read all the posts in this thread and I can't say I'm happy with the pejorative tone some people take in this discussion. (I appreciate the moderator, who is doing a great job putting things in perspective, and correcting people that make patronizing remarks.) Secondy: I won't buy anymore addons as DLC from Steam. That wraps it up. Cees
  6. Thanks for the offer, thanks for the helpfulness some people have shown here. But I know how to edit a cfg file, been a simmer since 1998, done a lot of repaints, airfields and so on. Do I want to do that now, after buying a commercial addon? No. It's not just one cfg, there's lots of them in this addon! Another member described how he did it and it took him a lot of time. I don't want to go there for now. Besides that: how would you think about buying a new car and getting the seperate parts instead of a working one on four wheels? Cees
  7. Here's the other person again. I signed with a name BTW. It's Cees Donker. It's about the F-16 from Aerosoft. This addon has only generic textures. The real textures are missing. If you install these textures after dowloading them from Aerosoft, the visual model is gone! Well I'm not paying 23 euros for a model that I can't see, so I wanted a refund. That was refused three times. People don't care, people don't read, they just apply a rule. That is very frustrating, when you know it isn't right! I tried for hours to get the model to show up and that is explained by the people from steam as playing, and thus I wasn't eliglble for refund! I don't like being treated that way, so I went public. If it costs me 23 euros for an addon that does't work, I'll do my utmost to get it across that I won't accept that, not for these 23 euros, but out of princple. Cees
  8. ..for your FSX-SE, think twice, or better buy the addon from the original publisher! Their addons don't work properly, and once you've tried to get the addon to work and invest a few hours, they tell you bluntly you've played with it for more than two hours and so you're not eligible for a refund. I've had it with these folks. Never intended to go public, but they leave me no choice. Cees Donker