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  1. Thanks for letting me know that this has the pop-up weather. It's crucial to me that the transitions are smooth over the accuracy of the weather.
  2. Much appreciated. I shall watch this for future updates.
  3. Thanks for correcting me. I'd previously ignored the product on the basis of my ignorance about what it does. What was it about weather force that let you down? I'm guessing you wouldn't recommend it?
  4. If I recall correctly, REX is just a collection of weather presets. It will not provide dynamic weather, just adds presets for weather scenarios missing from the list of presets in the default sim.
  5. I think what they are trying to say, is that it's not really "two platforms". The Xbox is just a fairly powerful AMD PC inside a box with a locked down Operating System. The specs are not much different to many simmers PC's. The differences in the versions of the sim will likely only be tweaked to take into account certain limitations of using a console (such as peripherals, control over graphics settings) and further optimisation on the basis that the majority of Xbox consoles are exactly the same, unlike PC's where we almost all have different components. For example, the cooling on the Xbox will probably never be as good as a well cooled PC. I can see where you are coming from with your hypothesis, but things have really moved on and the DirectX Box is much much closer to a PC than ever before.
  6. I would hugely appreciate if anyone, preferably multiple people, could reply to this post in regards to the abrupt weather transitions. I haven't started the sim so 'no comment' in regards to any potential update or background update. But would love to know if anything has improved or if the abrupt changes still exist.
  7. Sorry! My bad! Not a release date. That's me being excited about the Quest Kodiak. They did another preview and announced the Beta Test scheme, not a date. The pictures look fantastic though. If you'd like to see the previews, they posted them on their Facebook page (Not sure why they use Facebook as much as they do, won't link it as I don't like how Facebook handles linking to articles)
  8. This looks fantastic from the preview posted above. Really excited for this latest addition as it's an aircraft I've wanted in the sim from the start. I can see myself putting a solid amount of hours into this.
  9. IndiaFoxTecho just announced the release date for their F-35, for those looking for something a little more bespoke and in depth.
  10. Great suggestions, just in time for the sunset party. Thanks again.
  11. I ended up trying some of these and they do work with SU7 and so far so good, they seem good quality. Thanks very much for your suggestions, I shall check these out.
  12. Hello Avsimmers Hope I find you well. I was looking for a good VFR route that took me from a small airfield to a beach airport or beach resort and found a fantastic route from Ardmore Auckland or Pauanaui in New Zealand and I recommend you check the destination out. Wonderful. However, I was hoping to find a freeware or payware for Pauanaui to make things even nicer and have only come across one freeware on flightsim-to which hasn't been updated in a while. I have checked the in game marketplace and Orbx with no luck. Anyone aware of a developer with a focus on New Zealand airports or know of a good product/mod for Pauanaui? Cheers
  13. Is that the guy who makes the ones from the single bit of stainless steel that you fold into shape yourself? Mostly operates on eBay? If they are as good as you say, I may look to replace my TrackIR trackclip.
  14. JustFlight Pipers are great. The sounds are incredible, they do state saving and accurate systems. Agreeable price.
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