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  1. I believe this is a limitation of blending Photogrammetry and Satellite imagery. It's two sets of data, taken on different days, potentially different months in potentially different seasons from different altitudes and angles. Take a photo of your own street in mid December and then try to blend it with an image of your own street taken in June and this is probably how it would appear.
  2. I haven't bought anything else for the sim since I bought the Kodiak. Still completing a world tour in the JustFlight Arrow. Can't see myself buying much else for a while yet, unless something blows up like the Kodiak did.
  3. Excellent stuff. It sounds like it has a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing certain third party aircraft take advantage of it but may try the Caravan myself in the coming days.
  4. Are the prop effects not very noticeable or are night lighting and FPS more important than flight dynamics? As we are 8 pages into a thread, prop effects get 4 mentions two of which are about the animation. Can't move for posts asking for better flight dynamics usually. Asobo bring them and it's like Where's Wally looking for discussion of them.
  5. I'd love to see Whistler get a scenery package of some sort. I had a great flight there and back from Santa Cruz in the Kodiak, imagining the cargo hold was full of mountain bikes.
  6. It'll all depend on where the data is sourced from. Microsoft are not a mapping company themselves, they just buy data to use. For example, much of the lower level UK data comes from the UK's own national mapping organisation; Ordinance Survey. The low level French data comes from Institut Geographique National. In Washington State, USA it comes from Vexcel Imaging. In New Zealand it comes from Maxar. So it'll all depend on the availability and cost of the data. This same reasoning is why there is such big variations in the quality of the data. Google have far more invested into mapping and although they do use the methods above, they also collect their own data. Google Maps has over a billion users a month and mapping is a big priority for them.
  7. Oh I get you. So the connection is only wireless to the PC. You remove the USB cable but replace it with a power cable plugged into the wall socket.
  8. So does the USB hub plug into the PC or the Joystick? Because either way, I still can't see how electricity makes it to the joystick?
  9. There would be no way to currently achieve this with existing devices as the devices would still require electricity even if you found a way for the device to communicate with the computer. I personally do not share the thought process of wireless being the future for flight sim equipment. It doesn't seem compatible with it's use. You are essentially asking for your device to have more expense and a shorter lifespan to save the few minutes of cable organisation.
  10. https://store.kodiak.aero/ Looks like Quest have had and do have some really nice merch, so I think I'll join you in that.
  11. I guess they may be able to fix this by just allowing models that are not currently in use to be loaded in. Maybe even a user could find a config file edit for this.
  12. Check to ensure that the setting named Use Generic Models (Multiplayer) is set to OFF. But to be honest it seems the sim just handles it badly, hopefully it's something they will improve. I recall from a large group flight in the early days of MSFS post release that me and my buddies could all see the correct models for default planes.
  13. Weirdly, I believe you can land on Photogrammetry buildings but oftenn not on hand built assets, at least not Asobo made ones. I think some third party sceneries may also support landing on buildings or have custom landing pads. If it helps, the Volanta app shows helicopter landing pads.
  14. The sim has the F18 Super Hornet as a free pack. If you haven't downloaded it already, the package should be in the in-sim marketplace. It was released at the point where the sim started to support actual supersonic flight. It's like unmentionables off a polished spade.
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