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  1. Hello, I am trying to increase the LOD value without any visual effect. I have tried both Terrain Level of Detail and Objects Level of Detail, moved the sliders down to 20 and back up to 200 and still the trees end maybe 1 or 2 miles away from me. I have also tried to edit the Uercfg file by changing the LOD value to 2 or 4 or 6 without any change in the game, it is like it is stuck on one setting and it cannot be changed. It does change when flying on monitor but not in VR. I am definitely changing the settings under VR and not PC Any help on this matter would be great. Thanks, Bart Cpu 8700 OC to 4.7, water cooled, 1080TE, 32gb Ram,
  2. Exactly. How about something bigger like a Turbo Commander, C441, PA 31 Chieftain. I know a2a are working on a nice twin but lets face it, it's years away from being available. All I am saying is some verity would be great. Cheers, Bart
  3. You're right, they are progressively getting less and less views. Bart
  4. If you check what metar time it is using compared with real time metar you’ll see it is always 2 hours old! Has anyone picked up on this? Bart
  5. I too have the Honeycomb yoke and what I do to get around that problem is use the Remote flight A/P app on my ipad. It lets me adjust the heading in increments of 1 degree. Hope that helps. Bart
  6. Exactly! Just more jibber jabber about the same thing. "we will fix this, we read, we listen" that's all! Not much new at all. They haven't even started on the weather, the LOD issue's!! But I understand that most of their customers are people who just grab an xbox controller and fly overt their house, not hard core simmers like us. Hence they fix what will appeal to the bigger market share. But at least they read and listen to us...We hope. So lets be optimistic. Cheers, bart
  7. Can you play MFS on an Iphone? No!... Well, I can with Ex-Plane! 😂
  8. The patch is not coming on the 27th. We will be told on the 27th when the patch will be released. cheers Bart.
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