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  1. Hi Geof,you should definitely use a download manager, like DAP or FDM.Haven't been able to log into the store either for the last few hours; seems like there's a bigger "appetite" for FTX than anyone expected...Cheers, Holger
  2. Hi Christian,old thread but still valid: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchFor 10-m data you may want to work with the FractionBits parameter to get sub-meter vertical resolution and avoid terracing effects; see the Terrain SDK. General background on FS mesh design (some of it has changed for FSX) available at Steve Greenwood's old site: http://home.earthlink.net/~smgreenwood/welcome.shtmlCheers, Holger
  3. Hi Tom,there's a bit of an odd prerequisite for this to work: your polygon needs to be covered by a custom land class file that resides in the same scenery folder as your cvx file. What classes you use for the land class file doesn't matter. However, FSX will search for the textures of that land class file in your parallel texture folder. Unlike FS9 this won't cause memory leaks but it does show up as a read error log in Filemon and may lead to micro stutters (if your project area covers more than just a few sq km).An alternative approach is to place your class 002 as land class and then draw polys along the outer edges where you don't want desert, using the surrounding land class for those polys. The visual result is the same as placing a desert poly but it avoids the requirement for the additional land class file.Hope that makes sense.Cheers, Holger
  4. Hi Tom,nice stump speech of the us vs. them type: "Beware, there are dark and evil forces lurking out there!" Ever considered running for office? ;-)Cheers, Holger
  5. Hi Brian,thanks for fishing my post out of the ether and taking the time to respond. Good point about us readers not knowing what's happening behind the curtains.My main point wasn't that the business models are the same (ad sales and sim shop revenue vs. "direct" product sales are obviously different) but rather that both organizations include volunteers and that some of these were portrayed as belonging to "the dark side" ;-) whereas you moderators are supposedly "just volunteers". Anyway, it's not really what this thread is about, just wanted to post it as food for thought. Cheers, Holger
  6. Hi Brian,"And it is hard to just brush off all the complaints and ranting we get leveled at us constantly, these volunteers who take their own time to try against all odds to make this a good place for flight simmers to come. "While I have no difficulty understanding your frustration and have tons of respect for anyone volunteering to moderate a public forum I see a bit of a double standard here. On the one hand you lump people like Jay and Nick, who volunteer their time and skills to a commercial project, into the "commercial developers class" yet on the other hand you bring up the "we're just volunteers" card every time someone points a finger at the moderators.AVSIM is not a charitable organization, it's a business just like commercial developers and publishers are. Whether you guys get paid or not is between you and your employer. You represent the public face of this business and thus presenting yourself as unsung heroes while holding other groups of volunteers to different standards isn't helpful, IMO. Cheers, Holger
  7. Hi Nick,nice move and sentiment - down with banners ;-)(then again, I have occasionally been accused of hiding the fact that I'm a developer because I *don't* use banners, so you never will be able to please everybody...)I actually like the fact that AVSIM has a fairly strict policy against payware advertisement by developers - as long as it is applied fairly and equally. On the other hand there are forums that don't have these restrictions and they don't seem to develop into ad fests of commercial developers either. For example, Flightsimworld has these endless threads in its screenshot forum about REX, FST, etc., to which Beta testers and developers keep adding new shots and people seem to enjoy getting visual updates on the development process. Sometimes it's the very presence of rules that make things more complicated than they need to be.Like I said though, I prefer AVSIM without direct advertisement in the general forums.Cheers, Holger
  8. Hi Marc,this is tricky. It's possible to create narrow linear flattens (including sloped ones for the ramps) that would create such a "trench" but its definition, meaning the steepness and shape of the banks is directly tied to the mesh resolution slider (or the equivalent Terrain_Max_Vertex_Level setting in FS9) of the user's system.Thus, most developers would probably choose to make a GMax model of the entire trench/overpass system. I believe that sinking that into the ground would work though I have no first-hand-experience with this approach.Cheers, Holger
  9. Hi Mitch,and keep in mind that after re-installing FSX or any of its service packs (as well as Acceleration) you need to repair or reinstall *all* add-ons that manipulate the terrain.cfg file. That's because FS replaces any edited version of the .cfg with the default, unedited version.Vic+ is one of these, as are Vancouver+, all Ultimate Terrain-X packages (just start and shut down the configurators once), some of the MegaScenery titles, and perhaps others.Also, if you're using the modified terrain.cfg by Ludowise & F
  10. Hi Mike,you might want to check the USGS seamless server - http://seamless.usgs.gov/ - or do a web search for Florida GIS data. Many US states now provide public domain orthophotos at 3ft or better resolution. The difference is that you'd have to use free or low-cost GIS software to pre-process the images, which typically are in UTM or some state-specific projection. Some of us here have hands-on experience with these tasks so feel free to ask specific questions.Cheers, Holger
  11. Hi Mike,you need to use photo editing software (Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, etc.) to add a water mask and/or blending mask to your file, either as a separate file or additional channels in the original image. Assuming we're talking about FSX your best sources of information about the process are the FSX Terrain SDK as well as Luis' excellent tutorial: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxsd&DLID=112595Sorry, but distributing add-ons based on any of the image tile servers (Google Earth, VE, Yahoo, etc.) isn't legal, as their terms of use clearly state. Freeware or payware makes no difference in this case as you'd have to purchase a licence for the imagery, which costs about $30 per square kilometer!Cheers, Holger
  12. Hi Mitch,see http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=tos under Refunds & Returns. The Tickets page is http://www.flight1.com/ticket.aspCheers, Holger
  13. Holger


    Hello Gottfried,it's an interesting idea but has a couple of potential drawbacks:* if FS was to interpolate an area around the airfield at run-time it would take additional resources during a flight* if the interpolation was done during installation of the add-on terrain mesh files, ACES and mesh developers would have to agree on a standard process for doing so* for bigger airports the plateau issue is usually due to the requirement of flat runways but for smaller airports the mesh issues are more likely due to the airport itself being placed incorrectly. If third-party add-ons fix the airport placement then that could "mess up" the interpolation processCheers, Holger
  14. Hi Robert,except for industrial areas and forestry cutblock Vancouver+ utilizes whichever ground textures you have installed, default, GE-X, or otherwise.Thus, if the autogen changes of GE-X lead to fps improvements on your system in general then those improvements should also be noticeable in the Vancouver+ area.If you use Vancouver+ with GE-X or other global texture replacements make sure that you select "FSX Standard Textures (use with global replacement sets)" in the Vancouver+ configurator menu.Cheers, Holger
  15. Hi Phil,what a great story to share. I'm so glad you pulled through all of this. We had a couple of scary months in the simFlight forums last year wondering whether we'd ever see your famous giraffe avatar again.Interesting point about networking PCs and "farming out" add-ons like RC.Keep on rocking!Cheers, Holger
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