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  1. I have an i7-5820K (6 cores, HT on). Plus nVidia 960 with 4GB. I always set the process priority to "high" & I have the frame rate internally locked to 40, with fairly modest scenery detail settings. Despite this, I often see blurred textures. Would I see any benefit from using AM, if so, what setting? Thanks,
  2. Very, very sad to hear this news. I have "Shawbury Fields" & it is the one piece of scenery that I normally choose to fly around for "low & slow" flights. It would be good if one of the larger companies took this under their wing - I guess I can just hope? On a more technical note, I will not be back at my PC until the end of March - will download links for back up still be available by then? To the couple behind ES - many thanks for what you have provided to the FS community, I'm sure that it wasn't an easy decision to give up, but Real World priorities always have to come first, & I'm sure that we all understand that.
  3. Thanks for that J.C. I've already discovered that all eight cores are working away, but overall cpu usage doesn't seem to rise above 40%. The graphics card on the other hand is pegged at 98% - 99%! Think I know where my next upgrade is going to be! Are any NVidia cards recommended as being particularly effective for XPX?
  4. Hello All, Just made the move to XPX from FSX. My cpu is an i7-960 @ 3.2, & the graphics card is an o/c GeForce 560 Ti with1mb. What would be the most effective settings to use in NVidia Inspector to optimise the display? Thanks, Bernie
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