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  1. I have an i7-5820K (6 cores, HT on). Plus nVidia 960 with 4GB. I always set the process priority to "high" & I have the frame rate internally locked to 40, with fairly modest scenery detail settings. Despite this, I often see blurred textures. Would I see any benefit from using AM, if so, what setting? Thanks,
  2. Very, very sad to hear this news. I have "Shawbury Fields" & it is the one piece of scenery that I normally choose to fly around for "low & slow" flights. It would be good if one of the larger companies took this under their wing - I guess I can just hope? On a more technical note, I will not be back at my PC until the end of March - will download links for back up still be available by then? To the couple behind ES - many thanks for what you have provided to the FS community, I'm sure that it wasn't an easy decision to give up, but Real World priorities always have to come first, & I'm sure that we all understand that.
  3. As with others, interesting results but no surprises. Given the growing number of high quality aircraft now becoming available for it, I would hope to see DCS included in this year's survey.
  4. Tried this for a few hours then deleted it. Only four airports world-wide? Non-working instruments, no map. IMHO Infinite Flight is far superior, as is Aerofly FS. Sad to see LR devoting resources to this when so many issues exist with the desktop product.
  5. My opinion would be go for the VR lens. It will be of benefit in normal photography, & will also allow you to hand hold shots in lower light than would be possible without VR. You can always pick up a bag later.
  6. True - if you're not using hardware calibration on your monitor then you're almost certainly not seeing true colour reproduction. I bought a Syder Pro calibrator a few years back, & it really made a difference the first time that I used it. I don't recalibrate as often as I should, so when I do there is a slight but noticeable shift between "before" & "after". Definitely worth doing if you want to see the colours that the manufacturer intended!
  7. I would be very surprised if there wasn't an SR71 replacement in operation - it's just not in the public domain yet.
  8. FSUIPC is the one piece of software that changed the way Flight Sims work. Without it (& Peter Dowson) much of what is taken for granted today simply wouldn't be possible. Unfortunately, far too many people seem to be unaware of this fact. Buy the product & give Pete a small return for the incredible amount that he has done for us down the years. Consider it a gift, a donation, a "thank you for everything that you have single handedly done for Flight Simming", but just do it!!
  9. Must admit that I'd also forgotten about FSX as a soaring platform! If you head over to the UK Virtual Gliding Association (UKVGA) then you will find links to lots of gliders, & also some sceneries & lift add-ons. Well worth a visit!!
  10. I used to have Silent Wings, which was quite good. I believe that the best one around today is Condor, although I'm happy to be told otherwise!!
  11. Very impressive video - well worth watching more than once. And you can't say that about many advertisments!! B)
  12. I was never able to get this working properly in FSX, so not surprised that it won't play in P3D. A great shame that they never updated it for FSX - it was always a superb aircraft in FS9 & deserved better.
  13. You need to understand that in P3D, much of the heavy number crunching that is done by the CPU in FSX has been handed off to the GPU. Things like terrain mesh are now processed on the GPU, thereby freeing up the CPU for the flight model etc.. In short, although a better GPU will not make a lot of difference to performance in FSX, a good GPU is a must to get decent performance out of P3D. The LM P3D website has this to say: Prepar3D v2.0 brings many exciting updates to the Prepar3D simulation platform An all-new, modern DirectX 11 rendering engine that can take advantage of modern day graphics cardsThe core rendering system in Prepar3D has been completely overhauled and updated from DirectX9 to DirectX 11. Prepar3D is now able to better take advantage of modern graphics hardware. This has two main benefits to the user:Increased performance and control over what is displayed The further ability to have modern rendering features added to the rendering engine, including:A fully dynamic shadow system, including internal virtual cockpit shadows and terrain shadows. A new HDR lighting system featuring tone-mapping that brings increased immersion when training in all times of day. Volumetric fog and increased fidelity of clouds and weather.
  14. This guy has only made three posts, & then he comes up with this. Am I the only one smelling a Troll here?!? B)
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