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  1. OK, turned FXAA off and things are much better... Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I do have it on! Hmmm... I thought that was supposed to make things better. I'll turn it off and see what happens. I haven't been modifying the config files at all... just using P3D's settings for the graphics... I guess that DOES alter the config through the program...
  3. In Prepar3d, using the virtual cockpit view, the image is somewhat blurry. Reading the MFD and PFD is not easy at all. I've played around with the graphics settings with not much change at all. My system is: i7-6700K 32MB ram MSI GTX 1060 graphics card. 500GB SSD for OS and programs 1TB HDD for data and such 3TB HDD for more data and such and backups Display is an ASUS 1920 X 1080 and everything other than P3D is nice and sharp. I don't have other sims or any games so, I have no "apples to apples" comparison to go by.
  4. On an IFR flight today, ATC kept handing me off to other control, back and forth, every now and then. I would be passed from control "A" to control, "B" then control "B" would shuffle me back to control "A". A minute, or less, later, control "A" would again hand me off to control "B"...and so on. The frequencies didn't change for each control station so. It appears that the ATC routine in Prepar3d uses very rigid demarcations of where one control station ends and another begins so, if you are flying a route that sort of follows those borders a bit, some confusion over just who should be providing control happens. One thing I thought of was that there MIGHT be a way to introduce some sort of leeway. That way, one control station won't pass you to another until you are a good distance within the new control station's area of operation. That COULD reduce or eliminate the back and forth. Anyone know of such a thing? Or, a good replacement for Prepar3d's ATC that will handle both VFR and IFR.
  5. A program such as Prepar3d can be a daunting thing for many of us new to flight simulators. Whenever I have an issue that is causing me difficulty, I have found that either a search of this forum or, if the search does not provide an answer I can use, posting my question gets me RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO BE! All of you are great at sharing knowledge and you ask nothing in return so, I just wanted to make sure to let you know that I appreciate all that you do. Thank you!
  6. It's been a "thought" for some time and I simply do not have the skills to do it or, I would! I envision the ultimate redneck airline with matching aircraft. The picture in my mind includes total backwoods/ swamp dweller, crew and airline name. As for the aircraft, tons of duct tape and bailing wire holding things together, obvious air frame patches, perhaps even a huge jet engine tied/ duct taped onto the top of the fuselage of some older propeller passenger aircraft. Sometimes, my mind goes to strange places without me...
  7. Hmmm... it even flies an ILS approach!
  8. From what I can tell ... no, it is not possible to vary your flight level using a flight plan. At least not in the Baron 58. It would be nice if we could! Just think, you could specify an elevation for user waypoints. You could generate the ultimate mountain range flight plan where you can just let go of the controls, grab the camera, and play tourist while the AP did all the work!
  9. Thanks folks! I never wouold have guessed that the AP is labeled a "radio" panel! Got it going... I LIKE IT!
  10. I've been playing around with the stock beech baron with the g1000. I can't seem to locate any autopilot functions so, I'm wondering if I have simply missed seeing it or if it simply does not have autopilot. Thank folks!
  11. So, the aircraft is a p3d stock airplane and has the G1000 GPS in it. I remember reading a post a while back that mentioned needing an addon to get the avionics and GPS working on this one but, I have lost that post and can't remember what was needed.
  12. Thanks for the info on the wheel chocks! If it happens again, I'll check that. The gear was down, tires flat. Just as if I had landed hard. Hasn't been happening again since I got rid of Chase Plane, restored the system to before the windows update, and then repaired the p3d and pmdg installs.
  13. Well, things went straight down hill! The next thing to manifest was that p3d would simply shut down right after the scenery loaded. I tried repairing the p3d install several times to no effect. Then, I tried a system restore... didn't work. Next, I uninstalled Chase Plane, did another system restore to an earlier date (prior to some windows updates) and another repair of the p3d installation. After all that, I had p3d running again but had to reinstall the pmdg 737ngx to get it working too. SO, either Chase Plane or the windows updates were conflicting with p3d... either one is likely.
  14. OK, I'm getting strange behaviors when trying to use the PMDG NGX in Prepar3d V4. Here is what I'm running at the time: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. P3d V4 64 bit as administrator Chase Plane FSUIPC - latest paid version At first, P3D was telling me that the parking brake was on but, nothing I did would get rid of that status. I tried ctrl + the period, I tried the button on my Siatek throttle quadrant set up to toggle the parking brake, I tried the parking brake at the cockpit throttles... nothing would get rid of the p3d message that the parking brake was on and, the aircraft would not move so, the program was actually leaving the parking brakes on. Next problem that came up was after restarting p3d. My default aircraft comes up and then I change it to the 737-800 house livery. Everything loads and the airplane immediately "crashes" showing the wheels flat and the engines on the ground. Any idea what might cause all this strange behavior? could it be either FSUIPC or Chase Plane causing some sort of interference? Thanks folks!