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  1. Vargveum

    Dash 8 Q400

    Also bought from JustFlight. Discounted.
  2. Vargveum

    GTN 750

    Bought the XP Lear 25 yesterday and thinking about retrofitting it with RNAV capability. Does the GTN work in the VC or do you need to open 2D to manipulate it? thanks
  3. Vargveum

    FSLabs A320 wrecked my P3D?

    Yes, I'd say so! (well, unless I knocked something into place up in there)
  4. Vargveum

    FSLabs A320 wrecked my P3D?

    Jude, thanks for your input. Yes, I have AV off for the applicable folders. Actually flew the bus a couple of times with no issues before, apparently, dust put an end to the fun. FSLA320 is aquitted from my point of view now.
  5. Vargveum

    FSLabs A320 wrecked my P3D?

    Roland, thanks. Little sunday morning update; I deleted shaders, cfg, reinstalled nvidia driver, reinstalled client, content etc. Finally ended up wiping P3D completely. Just reinstalled this morning but the results were the same with huge stutters and everything default. Finally, in a moment of desperation, I took out the vacuum cleaner and went to work inside the cabinet... And lo and behold... Smooth as butter again and we're back in business as far as I can tell. Feel a little bad for questioning FSL but that install was the only thing that corresponded perfectly with this issue. So there you have it. Just get rid of the dust! :)
  6. Vargveum

    FSLabs A320 wrecked my P3D?

    Jorn, installed in 4.1, thanks :)
  7. So, I installed the A320 on P3D v4.1 and all of a sudden the sim is lagging every few seconds. Basically unflyable. This is regardless of which aircraft I am using and how much I fiddle with the graphics settings. Before I installed FSLabs, the sim was really smooth. I've uninstalled the bus and the spotlights, but the problem persists. Any one else noticed something similar?
  8. Vargveum


    Yes, you got it!
  9. Vargveum


    ISA at FL100 is -5C (if based on 2 degrees drop pr 1000 ft). If the actual temp at FL100 is 2C, the deviation is actually ISA +7C. The atmosphere at FL100 is 7C warmer than the standard atmosphere. Makes sense?
  10. Same here. Completely off vs official metars.
  11. Vargveum

    My flights)#10

    Outstanding! Happy birthday
  12. Vargveum

    Recall error

    Thomas, I loaded the default state, started the APU and shut down the engines, then saved a new state. Now it works!
  13. Vargveum

    Recall error

    Could someone give me the ABC list of how to do this..? I thought I did it according to Kyle's, but it was a no-go for me...