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  1. Unless you have emptied your "recycle bin", you should be able to just open that up and restore the file...
  2. I just tried it out for myself. You're correct, FSUIPC does not do anything of significance with the mouse... kind of a bummer... I thought it might.
  3. Just trying to pass on what I have learned. I'm still a rank beginner!
  4. Easy enough to check! Go into FSUIPC and see if your mouse is listed as a controller. If it is, then try button assignments and press a button to see what shows up.
  5. You might have better luck using the paid version of FSUIPC to do that. It's a simple process of selecting the controller (mouse, joystick, panel, etc...) then press the button and choose which command to send in association with that button press.
  6. Just to see if I could muddle through, I set up the weather in P3D V4 for clouds on the deck, 2 mile visibility, and used the instruments to fly a few miles from the Reno/Tahoe International airport to the Reno/Stead airport... I made it but it was an UGLY flight!
  7. Yeah, I know where to turn it off because that is where I turned it on. What I would like to know is if there is something I should be doing about those errors?
  8. I just fired up P3D V4 to check that the latest Win 7 update didn't kill it. While there, I decided to go through my options settings. There is one to display "Content error" that wasn't checked so, I checked it. When I shut down the sim, I was given the message that "Content Errors" had happened and the path to the "Content errors" log. Yes, there were errors! What I'm wondering is what, if anything, I should do. The sim works great as far as I can tell and I'm fairly happy with what I've got going anyway. I can't see anything bad going on because of these errors.
  9. I use the options for the camera found in FSUIPC. I can move the camera forward, backward, left, and right, with the assigned keys of my keyboard and turn the camera using the hat switch on my yoke. Chaseplane is a good addon EXCEPT, in my instance of P3d V4, it kept toggling my landing gear! I would be flying along and the gear would drop down... not good. I stopped using it. I can't comment on EZDOK since I don't have it.
  10. I made this very simplistic video showing getting the IRIS Simulation PC-24 from cold and dark to up in the air, use autopilot to fly a flight plan and an ILS approach...
  11. This is the PC-24 from IRIS Simulations and I've become quite happy with it. Yeah, it's got "quirks" and is far from perfect but, it's a load of fun to fly anyway!
  12. About those airports... addon airports, freeware or payware, should be placed with a higher priority of any stock scenery to ensure that they are properly utilized by the sim...
  13. OK! That did it! The whole problem was that I didn't realize that I needed to put it into another folder labeled "Scenery" inside the folder named for the airport... it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to have to have a path like this ... "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\krts\Scenery" but, it is what it is...
  14. Thank you Jorge! I'll try that out in the morning. Right now, I'm just off work and headed for bed!
  15. So, I need two folders? One labeled something like "airport KRTS" then inside that one, another folder labeled "scenery" then in the "scenery folder goes my bgl?
  16. OK, an airport near me has ILS on one runway but the stock airport doesn't have it. I want to add that ILS to that runway but, I haven't been able to figure out how to get that done. I thought I could just use ADE to load up the stock airport, make changes, then put the compiled BGL into the sceneryt but, that didn't work very well since I guess I don't know enough to get everything generated. Any help?
  17. Hmmm... in that case, I would start eliminating addons to see if they are interfering. Things that enhance camera views would be my first suspects...
  18. You can look in the "controls" to see if P3D has assigned the switches in the hat to anything having to do with views, camera, pan, or look.. There should be a slider next to any assignment if it has. You'll need to move the slider to the right to indicate that the action should be repeated as you hold the hat to one side or aanother or to the up or down positions. Alternatively, you can use FSUIPC to assign the hat switches (called buttons in FSUIPC) to the "pan" functions. Be sure to check the box to repeat the function as you hold the switch or it will simply "step" the view one little bit at a ti0me as you repeatedly push the switch around.
  19. Just did my own little review of this airplane. Just a short "around the block" flight. didn't mess with the gps or autopilot. Nothing really detailed going on... just firing it up, taking off, and a straight forward landing...
  20. I downloaded the PC-24 and pointed it to my P3d V4 install folder and it installed perfectly. Haven't flown yet but took a quick look and started it up. So far, it seems to be working quite well. You'll find that you have just one "panel view" and you'll need to simply pan and zoom around the VC cockpit and click buttons that way though.
  21. OK, I got it working well enough. I had to use my pitch control in addition to the one throttle control to get two engines into reverse thrust but, it worked.
  22. I've been trying to find a way to get reverse thrust. I am using the Saitek throttle quadrant. Though it does have the detent that is seen as a button by FSUIPC when you pull the throttle back past idle, I can't find anything in FSUIPC to associate that to any kind of reverse thrust function. I'm sure I am simply missing something but have no clue what it is. I know that the P3D V4 control configuration has reverse thrust but I don't know how to set that "button" past the idle position to that function. All I see is an axis... not a button. Hope I have been clear enough with my question! Thanks in advance.
  23. Well, I decided to buy it too. Here is a review of it:
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