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  1. Video is realistic. Spacecraft buffeting around in the atmosphere! Guess that's why they're not called aircraft. 🙂
  2. The trees in your screen shot are rooted, but appear to have bare sections midway up their trunks. What's going on?
  3. Yes. 'Reduce' is a safe word. 'Eliminate' is an absolute goal and a strange bedfellow in the world of software development. 'Hopefully eliminate for the foreseeable future' would have been a more revealing response! 🙂
  4. Notice how MS versioning looks more and more like IP addresses (x.x.x.x) ! As long as you have most of the 'important numbers", your pretty much up to speed. 😄 Welcome to AGILE programming. More frequent patching, tweaks, and small feature releases (much like Win10 "Patch Tuesday").
  5. Bing maps and the use of AI algorithms certainly saved developers a lot in terms of time and manual labor. And don't forget the positive impact made by high-speed networking.
  6. Autumn scenery, contrails, breaking waves, the moon(?). Can't wait for 3rd party developers to provide small airfield activity. Remember the guy that mowed the grass in FSX?
  7. Running wireless? Try using a hard RJ-45 network cable direct to your router/gateway. This recently helped a friend of mine when hosting a critical Zoom meeting.
  8. No cupholder? Now that's a show-stopper. 😄
  9. Like a trip to the Sun. if it's too hot, go at night!
  10. Autumn is not very far off in the northern hemisphere. Any release updates on seeing Fall colors come late September?
  11. FS2020 is a drinkable wine that will improve with age (think AGILE development process). Let it breathe. Besides, too much whine while flying is dangerous! 🙂
  12. Low frame rates? Stuttering? Blurry scenery? If the answer is no, close the PC hood and enjoy the sim! 🙂
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