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  1. It's a known issue. Something to do with the underlying code of the gauges. Definitely frustrating to have a steam gauge cockpit with worse performance than a dual glass one. Hoping this gets resolved eventually. I fly my 110 in the Caribbean so FPS issues are normally not an issue (can handle the drops to 20ish).
  2. That Alitalia download has been driving me nuts since I installed AIG. Thank you for the workaround. Got it now! Also finally got all the Flightsim.com downloads to work (removed the cookies and logged into flightsim.com again and tada!!!!). Gotta say I've been loving AIG. Currently flying in the Caribbean so the traffic is quite light. That's ok. I know it's there ready for me when I head back north. 😉
  3. Was going to recommend Filbert Flies but I see he's already been mentioned. 😉
  4. Hmm, getting the same issues here. Running at 40ish FPS in the Caravan for a while and then after about 2 hours, the stuttering kicked in a FPS dropped to 20 or less. Tried to turn off photogrammetry and Bing detail but the sim crashed. Not on the beta here.
  5. Has it been released? Latest update I have from a couple days ago does not have the MCDU SERVER folder.
  6. No laughing here. I've had to restart multiple CRJ flights because I could not taxi only to realize I forgot to remove the chocks..
  7. Always a good day when the TBM mod gets some updating love. 😉
  8. I gave this a try just to see how it flew. On climb, it would go up to a climb rate of 5000+fpm for a couple seconds and then drop to 0. This behavious continued until I just gave up. I will admit that I'm clueless about the 787, so I have doubt that I did something wrong. Just was curious to give it a go.
  9. Well worth the price for sure. As others have said, the mask has some issues (which Bijan has stated and that he's still working things out). I keep the mask on even though the Garmins don't like it. I am loving the fall colors and soon it will be winter so will be time to swap over to winter textures.
  10. Yep, not looking to fly the Caravan Wonder Woman style. Hehehe... I'm sure an update will be forthcoming. The TBM is my primary flight vehicle at the moment. 😉
  11. I was able to load up the default unmodded Caravan as well. Looking like it's the mod that's the issue.
  12. Well post update I flew a TBM flight and amazingly, nothing new broke in my TBM this time. However, I'm getting no cockpit when loading up the Caravan (both DX 11 & 12, default or custom liveries). Removed the improvement mod to see if that works. Anybody else having issues with the Caravan? Update: Looks like the improvement mod may need some updating.
  13. Gotta say coming from someone who had no idea what this AIG thing was a few days ago, I'm amazed and very pleased with what it is. So far I've grabbed most of the major North and South American airlines and it's crazy watching aircraft actually doing things at airports. Haven't flown into/out of any major airports yet to see how the ATC handles things. Should be interesting though, I'm sure.
  14. It's quite possible you're experiencing the Washington DC CTD issue. I've flown in and out of KDCA & KIAD a couple times and have been fortunate to not CTD yet. I'm waiting for updates like everybody else though and keeping away from DC for now.
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