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  1. So if their A220 would be up to the same standard as their E-175, I'm glad they just stopped the development. I have their 175 and it's been removed due to it basically being unflyable (gave it multiple tries after patches).
  2. I have the BKSQ Caravan and King Air and love them both. I never flew the King Air before buying BKSQ's addon (well I tried once and couldn't even get it to start up). It has since become one of my favorite GA planes to fly. Next from BKSQ is the TBM and that will be a day 1 purchase.
  3. Only 101 addons? That's amateur numbers! Hehehe.... Seriously, I definitely have more loaded than that, depending on what part of the world I plan on flying. Thank you Addon Linker.
  4. I don't see KDEN. Can fly nearly anywhere on numerous airlines from there.
  5. You say you're nervous about reinstalling the sim. You also say you can't even load the sim right now. SO, what do you have to lose? The next update isn't going to be for a few weeks so take that time to do a completely clean install of the sim (no third party addons) and see how it goes. I had one of the early sim updates totally hose up my sim and a reinstall solved it and since then, nothing major has happened (yes, I get the occasional CTD but I also have nearly a terabyte of third party addons - darn you flightsim.to!!!!!). SO most probelms are my own doing. MSFS has it's issues as others have said. However, it is far beyond any previous version as support is ongoing and bugs actually do get fixed (unlike FSX where there were maybe two patches and then nada until abandoned). If you feel that MSFS is just too problematic and X-Plane is a better option for you, go for that. Nothing wrong with picking the sim that's right for you. Best of luck to you. Back to my King Air flight before i need to start descending into Faro.
  6. And another amazing scenery you're creating. I've recently started flying around California to visit your creations. Some incredible work.
  7. Had held off on this since release due to not so great visuals. Would like to do some classic TWA ops and of course Lambert is a must for that. 😉 Does the update make it actually worth spending the money?
  8. Another recommendation to check out Les' SPAD videos. They helped me out immensely when I was first starting out with SPAD.
  9. I was 13yo and the only computer geek in my school (using those 'amazing' TRS-80s - hehehe). Still two years away from my introduction into flight simulation (Sublogic Flight Simulator II on the C64).
  10. The TBM - start it up, advance throttle to full and go! Ok, maybe not THAT simple but not too far off.
  11. You're the man!!!! Have been looking to grab a couple liveries for my new KA.
  12. I had the same issue earlier. Was taking off from San Juan and just as I got airborne, the engine died on me. Totally forgot about the engine damage and failures. Ooops! Still having major autopilot issues but trying to work through them until an update comes.
  13. I have Final Approach's Newark and it's not very good either. Drzewiecki Design is working on Newark and from the shots on their IG, it's going to look amazing. Hoping for a release by the EOY. As for La Guardia, haven't heard of anybody else doing it yet (but guessing that DD may have it on its list).
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