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  1. Yes, account mandatory, cannot view as I do not want a Google account !
  2. This is not revolutionary at all : I'm using a centralized taskbar for years under Linux.
  3. You Probably WON'T Be Able to Use Windows 11. But You WILL Probably Still Be Able to Use next Linux versions on 12 years or less Pc . Keep your "old" machine ! Keep your "old" printer ! Keep your "old" webcam ! Keep your "old" scanner ! They WILL Probably run under next Linux versions. I'm still using a webcam, a printer and a scanner under Linux because M$ said these devices are too old when W7 was released. Today, those 3 devices would probably be somewhere in India or Africa. Do we NEED Windows ? Well, yes and no, today, if we want to play with FS 2020 or some other games. Because in 2025, we WILL Probably Be Able to run Fs 20something with an Xbox, or Ps something. PS : I used uppercase letters, like in the above video title.
  4. It's the same thing we've talked about the last 11 pages in this discussion. And spacedyemeerkat answered to your question page 1 Today, Linux is really simple and powerful. I do not understand why most people still want Windows or a Mac ! Today, I can run most gui Linux apps under Windows. Windows, another Linux distro in the future ? Who knows ! (11 years ago Linux was a cancer for M$) It's much easier to run most Windows apps under Linux ! I would enjoy FS 2020 under Linux ! But this will probably never happen. Secureboot ? Not for hackers. But good idea to shut doors for other OS as many users do not know how to disable it ! We will not be able to upgrade a VirtualBox W10 machine (no one mentioned this) to W11 - this could be interesting for testing purposes ! As Fs 2020 does not run on such a system, it's not a problem here.
  5. Secureboot can be activated or not ! No need to reinstall if your W10 boots in UEFI mode. You will need Secureboot on for W11 only ! If it only boots in csm compatibility mode, then Yes you can format your disk in gpt mode and reinstall W10 if you want to upgrade to W11 ! Or convert your msdos disk to gpt and disable CSM (if you know how to install W10 UEFI entry on a fresh fat32 partition) Csm ->msdos disks (4 primary partitions + max 3 secondary partitions per primary partition) Uefi -> gpt disks with a fat 32 partition containing UEFI in an EFI folder (Microsoft Folder in this EFI folder) (as many partitions as you want) We can fake secureboot, (just google how to), OR disable secureboot for using Linux or Hackintosh and simply reanable it to boot your futur WIndows 11 as W10 runs with SB on or off ! ! Edit : under Linux, I can start TPM under my terminal : sudo modprobe tpm. No need to start the UEFI bios mode More info about how Linux can help you with TPM HERE
  6. Archlinux is not supported in Secureboot. My main OS is Linux, Secureboot is disabled in my bios ! Microsoft is really kind to us : I can keep using Windows 10. I will probably format my WIndows partition when Windos 10 support will end. I will only loose FS 2020 !
  7. Hello, Updated Windows 10 today (version 21H1) No difference using Fs2020, I keep W10 21H1
  8. Hello, I'm using the Ms Icon A5 to fly over villages around home, and record some videos. I display waypoints (villages I want to fly over) so that people know where they are : villages names are displayed ! Problem : waypoints disappear much before being over villages, and next waypoint is displayed too early ! Can we keep waypoints a bit longer on screen before switching to the next one ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Updated in less than 1 hour (Steam + Fs2020 + France Benelux Luxembourg + some items in content manager) Castles around home are ok, churches not yet ! So, for me, visuals are better. I did not test many things, but, so far, no problem.
  10. Hello, Others will confirm : you have to install the core program and then update it. I have not heard anything about an updated version ready for download. You are right : so much time would be saved
  11. Hello, Do not but the Dvd version because you will still need to download all updates. And if a dvd fails (read error) you will not be able to install it ! Steam will also download +- 80 Gb. Same with Microsoft version and Game pass ! You should probably bring your computer somewhere where bandwidth cap is not a problem, just to install it ! And go back home once everything is ready for use
  12. Thank you albar965 : distance circle is useful for me. With your links, I have understood how to set distances to 1Nm, 2Nm, 5Nm !
  13. Hello, I would like to fly around some local hotspots using Fs 2020 ! Can I draw a circle around an airport (radius +- 2 km) and export my project as a flight plan for Fs2020 ? Thanks in advance.
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