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  1. Maybe you already read this page !
  2. Yes, search for "reinstall" and you will get what you want, as this subject has been already answered several times.
  3. Hello, I did not use FS 2020 today. I only use it from time to time.
  4. Maybe your ears are not as good as before, as so many problems can arise getting older, concerning sound. Some of us can really feel a huge difference between a $100 equipment and a $1000 equipment. + some good loudspeakers. Using a $100 equipment ? a smartphone ? Do not forget, there is also a difference between Wi-Fi and wired connection (sound quality, of course) Who is really listening music today as we did before (in French : sans zapper? peu d'entre nous) few of us. If you stop listening good music quality, your ears will become lazy and unable to make the difference anymore. You will never be able to recover. Of course, Spotify, Qobuz, ... are so easy, so fast to use.
  5. You can hibernate your computer : power is off ! Switching your computer on will reload everything, including your flight. You can also unplug your computer, move it, replug, restart when you want and fly again.
  6. Hello, When you install a program, Windows adds many entries in the registry, and in many hidden folders ... Restoring files is not enough, you must first reinstall FS 2020. If you use Steam, it will be a very easy process. Just install Steam, login, locate Fs 2020, and click install !
  7. Yes, same for me : I did install FS 2020 on 3 different computers - that was "a piece of cake" Of course, I only use FS2020 on one computer at a time.
  8. You are right, I replaced my Rtx 3080 Nv card by an Rtx 4080 Ti, for Blender Davinci Resolve FS2020 I spend more time using Blender and Davinci, both are much faster than versus 3080 ! Time is money too when working. Note : I sold my "old" Rtx 3080 Ti to a friend.
  9. Yes, display port on both sides (video-card <-> monitor). See But I experience 0 problem. AnkH experiences flickering problems. He could empty his rolling cache just in case ... usually causing stuttering problems to some of us.
  10. I also use a Nvidia 4080 card, and experience no flickering, no washed out colors, no stuttery. I did increase all settings in fs 2020. I did install the Gigabyte driver (mentioned in the manual), and did not play with Nvidia settings ("out of the box") My screen resolution : 5120x1440 pixels. I'm using one 4080 display port output - not the hdmi output ! ...And Davinci Studio is also running / rendrering much faster .. but this is another subject.
  11. Hello, Is the complete guide in kindle format interesting? Who read it?
  12. Hello, using a 1 gb optic link in France, in a small village - 970 Mbps download speed, - 600 Mbps upload speed. (average using a speed test webpage) Fs2020 updates averages 250 Mbps ! I have not tested the average when flying because I get no problem.
  13. Asobo is nor responsible for what we add in our community folder. It's easier just to move them out manually ? oh no, Addon linker is much easier (clik = enable - unclick = disable)
  14. Half method : remove haff (2.5 trillion) add-ons and chek if it starts or not You will find what "2.5" trillion add-ons is concerned. In this one, remove half ad-ons, use the other half (you have 3.75 trillion good add-ons) And so on. It might take some time to find incompatible add-on(s). You could use addon linker to help you !
  15. You will find a GF_ASTRO_ONE_MANUAL_v1.0.2.pdf file in the Documentation folder. Chapter 7 : Question: How do I charge the battery? It’s dead and the fuel page is empty! Answer: First ensure your motors are off / throttles are at 0%. Then click the battery between your legs. It will switch to a battery camera that allows you to charge both forward and rear batteries to 100%. Use Quick views to access your 2 batteries. I do not know why your batteries are empty upon launching. I changed some settings in the SimObjects/Airplanes/gotfriends-astro-one/cameras.cfg to get a full outside view without the drone. aircraft.cfg might help you Page 10 of the pdf manual gives you interesting settings.
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