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  1. Hello, Can we increase the timeout setting that is set to display names of cities ? I would like to keep those names a bit longer ! I would also like to display those names earlier ... Thanks in advance
  2. This kind of printer is really noisy, and where could we find Win 10 or 11 drivers ? With this, you can use such a printer under Linux ! Note : I'm also joking.
  3. Que j'aime à faire apprendre un nombre utile aux sages. (Que = 3 j=1 aime=4 à=1 faire=5 apprendre=9) 3.14159 -> Pi Password with this phrase can be Qjaàfa3.14159->Pi You could use something stonger : “Que j’aime à faire apprendre un nombre utile aux sages ! Immortel Archimède, artiste, ingénieur, qui de ton jugement peut priser la valeur ? Pour moi ton problème eut de sérieux avantages !” Pi you get is much more accurate ! You will remember your password, but it will be quite long to type it ! And you want to fly Fs2020 as soon as possible.
  4. Hello, If you use Steam : Without your steam password, you cannot use MSFS 2020 ! To be able to change a steam password, or any other passwords, knowing the user's email name is not enough : you must also know the email password to be able to reset the account.
  5. +1, or a bad graphics card, or bad contacts between graphics card connector <-> motherboard !
  6. Hello, If you want to simulate a real cockpit, use a VR headset, not a (some) monitor (s). But 2 other people will not be able to enjoy. Using 3 TVs or 3 monitors is not as good as using only 1 large monitor, because of the gaps between monitors. If you do so, use the same size for all 3 TVs ! You will not be able to set left view on left monitor, right view on right monitor for your friends (center monitor for you) Most important is a powerfull computer (CPU, GPU, nvmedisk) with a fast internet connection (you will have to download more than 120 Gb of data)
  7. Hello, Consider other things such as HDR, color and contrast, and viewing distance, which can all make a huge impact on your viewing experience. Edit : not easy to calibrate/characterize, so, may be, it's not for everyone ( to fully enjoy those 4k monitors) ...
  8. Queen - nice song ! No computer, flight simulator, internet, at that time, but we were happy like today !
  9. People will confirm : original 2020 release must be updated to the latest version to be able to fly -> no difference after the update because same version ! If correct, you cannot compare original 2020 release and today's version.
  10. Hello, Windows is updated every week. Quite often, you must reboot your computer, it installs updates while shutting down and while rebooting. We got Windows updates at the end of Xp's life. Before, I used CDs to update. Same with 7, 8, 10 and now W11. I also get quite often updates under Linux. Difference is I mostly never need to reboot. Mac OS ? Same problem : you can / must update. Difference with Linux or Mac OS : you choose to update or not, when you want. You can only postpone updates under Windows (7 days) I've lost much more time updating my Os than updating FS2020 (no need to reboot) I do enjoy world updates. I'm happy to see bugs solved. I understand it can be boring if your internet speed connection is low. In France, we are lucky : optics fiber is not really expensive (2 Gb down, 600 Mb up at home). Updating speed is not a problem for me. So, Your OS will be updated for a LOOONNNG time. Maybe forever. Updating once a month FS2020 is not that bad ! Thank you Msoft and Asobo ! Also, do not forget the world is changing fast : a new road here, a new lake there, etc... it's good to see changes from time to time on FS 2020 !
  11. Hello, Does FS2020 starts significantly faster in your case ?
  12. Hello, Simply edit camera.cfg to move the cockpit cameras you want for the plane you use. I did use one post on this forum that explains how to. I changed left, right and up view cameras position outside the plane. You can download samples here to understand how simple it is. Example, IconA5, left view : my settings ;===================== Quickview gauche QV1 du sim ===================== [CAMERADEFINITION.4] Title ="Quickviews - L2" Guid ="{16CB84B4-0AB6-4C94-B006-8C0640D0E583}" Description ="" ... SubCategoryItem ="QuickView4" PitchPanRate =10 HeadingPanRate =30 InitialXyz = -7, 0.04, 1.53 InitialPbh = 15, 0, -90 ... ---------------------------------------------- Up view, my settings ;===================== Quickview avant - vue haute - Qv4 du sim ===================== [CAMERADEFINITION.9] Title ="Quickviews - Up" ... InitialXyz = 0.005, 3.00, 1.53 InitialPbh = -15, 0, 0 ... X,Y,Z : position de la camera (camera position values) Pbh : angle de la caméra sur X,Y et Z (camera angle on X, Y and Z axis)
  13. Hello, Did you try disabling hyperthreading in your bios (you will get more power with your main thread) I also use an Oculus Quest 2 - it's connected with an usb cable to my computer. i'm using standard Nvidia settings, RTX 2060 Super. Results are quite good (I have not monitored fps). But I'm using an I9 10th gen, not an I5.
  14. Hello, Last week, I bought an Oculus Quest 2, because of my own 360 videos ! Today, I tried Vr & FS2020. Here are my comments : - Setup is really easy, I just followed this page - Assigning a button to reset the camera was easy too. - I feel like in a real plane : new experience - it's more tiring than using a wide flat screen. I feel better when I move my head slowly. - no stuttering with an ULM, some stutters with an Icon A5 (all settings to ultra) I only used my Thustmaster Yoke to fly. I suppose I need a mouse or my Oculus sticks to play with some instruments ! What input controls do you use ? Do you feel sick after a flight ?
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