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  1. airplaneguru84

    Cockpit Texture problem....

    I tried, but to be honest I had know idea what I was doing. Sorry. Hopefully someone will come to the rescue.
  2. airplaneguru84

    How does DTO work?

    First, I'm still a noob when it comes to Flight Computers, my only experience comes from the Q400. That said, how does DTO function in the 340. When I select a way point for DTO, I'm not given a direct heading to that way point. Instead it seems like it simply makes the way point "active" but still navigates based on the previous way point. Am I doing something wrong, or is this another case of Carenado punting off a project as "finished" when it's not?
  3. airplaneguru84

    Cycle through waypoints? (not with GTN)

    I was wondering the same!
  4. airplaneguru84

    Cockpit Texture problem....

  5. airplaneguru84

    Cockpit Texture problem....

    Turns out that it was TomatoShade. The 340 needs a profile still. Maybe I'll look into making one.
  6. airplaneguru84

    Cockpit Texture problem....

    Hello, I just picked up the S340 from JustFlight. Verson 1.2. I have a problem with the cockpit texture in that it is speckled. Not sure why? The only thing I can think of is that I have TomatoShade installed?
  7. airplaneguru84

    Choosing where to go from/to

    AirHauler2 might be worth looking into. I've found it's given me a little bit more purpose and reason for flying, while also encouraging me to fly into airports I've never tried before.
  8. airplaneguru84

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Nevermind, reloading the aircraft seems to have fixed it?
  9. airplaneguru84

    Aerosoft CRJ

    I too have this issue. For some reason the sim defaults to the CPT standard view whenever changing views. It will not stay on "OnBoard (Chaseplane)". Deleting the cache fill did not remedy the problem.
  10. airplaneguru84

    computer freezing

    Sounds more like a hardware related problem, not software. I would personally check your CPU and GPU temps while flying and make sure your not overheating. I'd also run memtest and make sure your memory is ok. I recently had a similar problem (Freezing only fixed with a hard reset & BSODs) and it ended up being a bad stick of ram.
  11. airplaneguru84

    DME does not work in P3Dv4

    DME works with the new 1.1 patch.
  12. airplaneguru84

    Virtualcol CRJ Update Released!

    Exactly what happened to me. Could not get to flight level with out stalling. I've since reinstalled the pre patched version and then modified the .cfg with b1bmsgt's tweaks.
  13. airplaneguru84

    Virtualcol CRJ Update Released!

    I feel like the patch has now made it underpowered. The pendulum swung from one end to the other... Am I alone on this?
  14. airplaneguru84

    Virtualcol CRJ Update Released!

    Is anyone experiencing porpoising at cruise? I'm currently in a flight from KMSP to KGTF, and while cruising at FL320, I'm getting some major porpoising with the autopilot on. I'm using the patch/update.