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  1. They *are* M4 screws which all have a pitch of .7 Hope this helps!
  2. Question for honeycomb Alpha/Bravo owners. Does anyone know the measurements for the top screws? I know its an M4, but not sure of the thread pitch. I need longer ones for my Bravo so I can mount it under my desk. Thanks for any help!
  3. I ordered a honeycomb Bravo from Gulf Coast Avionics On January 22nd. This beautiful box arrived today via UPS. Not a terrible wait.
  4. I had a saitek radio and auto pilot panel. Overall it is ok, but one of the LCD digit lines died on the radio. Talk about a bummer. Also the selection knob on the autopilot panel is unnecessarily difficult to turn. Honestly, do yourself a favor and consider Class Echo. It does all your COM, autopilot, GPS functions, and various aircraft systems. Great support as well with a very active discord channel. I love it. https://shakeprint.com/
  5. Overall PF3 is nice. Great voices with regional accents. I also like that can use it for IFR and VFR flights. The developer also updates the program consistently. A low spot is probably how it handles SIDs and STARs. They are not automatically chosen, but must be inputted and created by the user. PF3 does not "control" AI with vectors, etc. but you can here ATC speak to AI on the radio.
  6. Terrain Spikes. AI traffic leaves a ton to be desired.
  7. I believe Aeroplane Heaven have confirmed they are working on getting their C-47 into MSFS. I hope the C-46 is coming as well!
  8. So, the Mackinac bridge was added and included in the update notes. But honestly, this is pretty disappointing:
  9. I have the 1.2 GB cap with Xfinity. streaming MSFS doesn't seem to use all that much data in the scope of things.
  10. @janda Why the need to start a duplicate thread, when you literally started the same one two weeks ago?
  11. I'm hoping Asobo's USA update will bring will bring the bridge into the game. I've also toyed with bringing some of the many great lake's lighthouses into the game, but have only done limited testing.
  12. same. Also seems like live weather is still not working all of the time. Not sure if it's a server issue?
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