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  1. I removed them, it worked once, then next day without mods wasn't working again, I don't know how to explain that.
  2. Yesterday I thought that removing some mods solved the tbm ap and yd not turning on together problem, today it's back to pre-patch behaviour again... FPS gains are there though.
  3. Fstarter is 12 dollars, does it make the standard version 20% better?
  4. Only the mod which lets you lower the screen lighting and the mod for the landing lights, possible problem found?
  5. Yaw damper still doesn't activate together with autopilot on the TBM...
  6. The return to main menu after flight and live weather doesn't works is still there...
  7. Yes, also if you create a flight plan to a custom point, or a monument, when the flight loads it's all gone!
  8. Did they touch the numbers to make older generations look worse? My 1070 does 30-40 in large cities at 1440 with high-end preset. I don't even go THAT low with some stuff on ultra like I am playing now.
  9. The power consumption is what's keeping me down, do I really want to double my electricity bills for 15-20fps more?
  10. Have you tried different technologies on fresh installs? I believe something else was slowing you down.
  11. That's caused by a dated design being pushed to its limits in a desperate attempt to not look too bad (on paper) compared to their competitor. I built the first AMD System in 20 years because of this. 190€ for my 3600 felt like stealing.
  12. Hipsters, they want the flora without the fauna, when will they learn?
  13. Speed differences that you'll never be able to tell in a blind test on games or during normal use of the computer, you won't even be able to tell SATA3 from NVME.
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