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  1. Never mind! I solved the problem, but let's leave this up in case others run into the same issue I did. SOLUTION: Reload the scenery. Especially make sure the addon is active in the community folder or addon linker, whichever you're using.
  2. Hi, I tried to search for this issue both here on avsim and across the internet in general. I bought Aerosoft's Antartica Rothera addon a few days ago and its airport, EGAR, is not showing up on Little Navmap for some reason. When zoomed in, the airport is there, but not selectable. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  3. I had the honor and pleasure of testing this plane as well as assisting in the development in the paint kit (forthcoming!). FlightFX and Volctech are both composed of consummate professionals and are very receptive and responsive. I got to test it in VR with my Reverb and, as RyanB said above, it's a treat for the eyes. It's a roomier plane than I thought it would be, but then they did widen her a bit! Don't forget you have those Bose A20's with ANR (or ANC, was it?) that can be activated via the VAMS page. You can play tunes in peace now with this plane!
  4. Same monitor I have (almost, mine is V1, a little older at 100hz refresh rate). It's not the flashiest or the best color, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better value for a big ultrawide monitor at just $320 USD. I have zero complaints. Even works with G-Sync (maybe a little flicker here and there, but not really noticeable). https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=38035
  5. Due to obvious limitations in MSFS, I think that part's going to be skipped unless someone quickly whipped up a KC-135 and figure out a way to simulate mid-air refueling.
  6. MtnFly is working on the Lear 35A, actually. Here's a video of it (just internal, but shows you the depth)
  7. What's next? Simulating an ice cold bath in the lake? Stumbling in the dark to the woods to take a leak? 🙂 I think this is the equivalent of "jumping the shark" for addons...
  8. One option is to fly VFR...then ignore ATC! FAA might be knocking on your door, though...
  9. Beechcraft Bonanza. PLEASE! With the improvement mod, it’s begging for an analog cockpit!
  10. Clouds are the one thing I set permanently on Ultra. I don't think the team at Asobo were lazy at all. I think some people may underestimate the difficulty of creating such a complex, unpredictable, and dynamic weather system. I mean, there are super computers dedicated to weather. It stands to reason that to do anything further with clouds is just asking for trouble in the form of melting PC's. I think what they achieved with MSFS is nothing short of remarkable. I get that people want more, bigger, better, and badder things, but we're limited by technology at the moment. Calling a talented team of developers "lazy," I think is inaccurate, to say the least.
  11. Today's the day, folks! 1700 Zulu, HJet will be unleashed! XBox users will also get to buy it, a first for Working Title technology!
  12. I think the continent of Africa and South America are in need of some loving attention.
  13. For one thing, heavily modified visuals. Marwan coded it to include the synoptics that's on its IRL counterpart. In addition. he successfully implemented working VNAV, complete with a VSD display (really, a very neat feature). He also integrated it completely into the plane so you don't also need to have the G3000 mod. In fact, it was recently tested on the XBox with great success, so for XBox fliers, this is a big deal as it will mark the first time XBox users will have a plane with WTT *and* Navigraph! Beyond that, yes, the navigation part is still WTT, but once Working Title is done with the refresh, I'm pretty sure Marwan will look into swapping out the systems, but it might mean re-building his synoptics and VSD from scratch (WTT G3000 completion currently projected for end of the year...at best).
  14. I also have the FFB2 and it works fine, but I think I know why you're having trouble. Presumably because it's an older joystick, there's no default profile assigned to it. Basically...it's blank. You have to go into the controller options and do the tedious job of assigning the various functions to your joystick. NOTE! For the roll, pitch and yaw axis, make sure you assign the correct axis binding! When I first started it, I had them assigned to the wrong bind and ended up going 100% full surface control instead of the responsive axis it should be.
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