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  1. You have no idea. The amount of work Marwan put into this is nothing short of astounding. For a one-man labor of love, this aircraft deserves legendary status. I really want to spell out all the things he’s done with it, but I’ll let y’all discover that for yourselves!
  2. I'm literally the worst person to ask about that!!! I'm partially deaf (total loss in left ear, severe in right with a hearing aid). But...I do hear enough that I enjoy music and can chat fine with people (albeit with difficulty at times). So, I'll tell you what I can about sounds based on my experience as well as other testers. The sounds are very nicely done with a distinctive engine whine (particularly nice touch is that warbling after start-up). I do know that some of the sounds (engines, for one), were recorded straight from a real-life source. If it helps others to be more confident about the fidelity and accuracy of this aircraft, a couple of testers are typed pilots.
  3. I believe so, yes, but don't quote me on that. I'm no modeler/programmer. Obviously not the propeller feature!
  4. There's some screenshots in this article that showcases the interior: https://msfsaddons.com/2022/04/20/remember-the-hondajet-its-finally-coming-to-msfs-as-flightfx-secures-publishing-agreement-with-the-developer/
  5. Not as far as I know, it should be available on May 31 as the trailer says. Xbox is a different story, that would probably come later I imagine.
  6. Being a tester, I can assure you it falls under the high fidelity category. It won't be at Milviz's 310R level, though, with wear/tear, maintenance, own/rent, but the operations and systems depth is DEEP. Flight dynamics is pretty much on the nose with its IRL counterpart.
  7. MSFS Marketplace only. They are also planning to release on Xbox, but the integrated Working Title G3000 mod is the wild card on whether or not it works on the Xbox, but the developers say it *should* since it's programmed javascript (I think? In any case, it's in a language that's supposed to be fine on Xbox).
  8. Marwan has successfully integrated the Working Title G3000 into the plane as a stand-alone avionics suite. In other words, the mod is built-in. It’s also heavily customized to match the IRL version. As for KGSO, funny you mention that…
  9. Waffler11 here! You're 1 post away from 20,000! Way to go mate! That aside, I'm betting the 310 will be well over $50, but I'll buy it, of course! (If I don't win it)
  10. Almost like a BOGO but up to 4 items for some pretty massive savings. Considering picking up the Pipers. https://www.justflight.com/bundle
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