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  1. I've just bought 737 replica levers for the Saitek single throttle quadrant and the manufacturer suggests calibrating the unit with FSUIPC. I've been on Pete Dowson's forum but with no success.... Does anyone have any instructions or advice that may help? Flying the PMDG 737 or 777, in an 'ideal world', the centre 'stick' will control thrust, the left 'stick' will control the spoilers (lever pulled 'down' to extend and 'up' to retract), and the right lever will extend flaps (lever pulled 'down' to deploy, and 'up' to retract). If this can be done using FSUIPC, please advise how and if not, is there a way to achieve this in FSX? Thanks for any help. Toni.
  2. Hi Paul. I'm a little confused - after opening each lever module, do the O-rings go around the lever itself (i.e. 'wrap around' the lever) or do larger ones go on each side of the lever so that they are 'sandwiching' the lever when the module is screwed together again around it? Perhaps an idea of the thickness and diameter of the O-rings may help....? Many thanks, Toni.
  3. Is there a way to increase the tension/stiffness on the three 'levers' of the Saitek Throttle Quadrant? The reason I ask is that I've just bought replacement 'handles' to resemble the B737 but their weight pulls the levers down. The quadrant is clamped on my desk and there is no room to mount it in a 'box' to make it more 'horizontal' (which would alleviate the problem). Thanks for any help. Toni.
  4. It would also be great if Aerosoft would finally release Malaga (LEMG) for FSX. They've had development screen shots up for ages but this project seems to have 'died'..... Anyone have an update? Toni.
  5. I had an identical problem last year and the fix, when found, was easy.... The problem was the computer was shutting itself down 'automatically' to preserve the CPU from frying itself through simple overheat. Bought and installed a new CPU fan / heatsink and 'hey presto'! Until then, I never knew computers had built-in self- preservation... Hope this helps. Toni.
  6. Shalom Aharon, and Shana Tova! Great shots - lovely to see this nostalgic old plane again. (That colour scheme shows the plane was on lease to Liat from Courtline Aviation based in Luton, UK. Went bust forever ago!) Scenery looks great too. Toni.
  7. Great shots! What version of the 787 was that and does it have a 'authentic' flightdeck? Toni.
  8. Great shots! What scenery packs are they? Toni.
  9. Bubi42

    No ILS....?

    Thanks Mike! Toni Rauch
  10. Bubi42

    No ILS....?

    Duly noted, and educated....! Many thanks for all the help. Toni Rauch
  11. Bubi42

    No ILS....?

    Hi again Kyle I just checked and I had picked runway 26L as opposed to ILS26L...! I guess that's why I had the problem. That said, is there a way 'in flight' to tune the radios before an approach so that the plane picks up the correct ILS frequency, or is it that the only way to change the runway from e.g. 26L to ILS26L is by using the FMC DEP/ARR page? Thanks, Toni Rauch
  12. Bubi42

    No ILS....?

    Hi Kyle Thanks for the reply (and sorry about the name...) I've just flown a circuit using runway 26L (UK2000 scenery) in a Beech Duke, and the ILS frequency of 110.9 is correct and works fine. I don't know how to check the currently installed nav data (which the 777 relies on..?), but online charts also indicate the same frequency. Any ideas? Toni Rauch
  13. Bubi42

    No ILS....?

    Before starting a long flight, I programmed the FMC for the correct STAR and arrival on ILS runway 26L at London Gatwick (EGKK). However on approaching Gatwick, the ILS frequency (110.9) was not 'picked up' so 'LOC' and 'APP' couldn't be selected. I also tried manually entering the frequency on the FMC RAD/NAV page (LSK pre-populated with 'PARK'), but got the message 'invalid entry'. Any ideas what may be wrong....? Thanks!
  14. Many thanks to all who responded. Much appreciated. Problem solved by deleting the FSX.cgf file and allowing the sim to create a new one... Toni.
  15. Thanks Ian It seems that the actual unit isn't faulty as it appears to calibrate correctly (even 'inside' FSX). As soon as the calibration is 'applied', FSX screws it up again.....
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