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  1. TE regions make no sense really if you want to go FSL. Rather get big regions, LC, Global, UTX...whatever, and buy airports that you are flying.
  2. Well yeah, I must agree here. I was on alpha/beta team, I was very skeptical when they announced the release date, I waited, and at that point decided to get the 1€ xbox subscription. Since then, I left it running for two months, I think 2nd month cost me €4 or something like that. Now I cancelled the subscription and won't be buying. Albeit I love most of the visuals, I will return to P3D, as this is in most of the other aspects than visuals (and with the current patch, that is questionable too), more usable sim, and will check MSFS in 6-12 months.
  3. I agree to most of what he says. They should dump the current menus, which are terrible - I've said that in January already. Or at least create an alternative menu, strongly decapitated, to provide simmers a better "tool" (=sim). I don't need big pics, screenshots or whatever in the sim. Name, size, basic info, enough. More important is the start-up screen performance, way more important. I am not trying to compare, but I really like how FSX and P3D have all basic stuff on the main setup screen.
  4. I have 1080ti with 1440p monitor, 6700k @ 4.8 HT on and 32GB RAM. I can play Ultra in many scenarios, cities need little backdown to keep smooth. My FPS are locked to 32fps and GPU usage is hovering around 60-80% usually, depending on situation, clouds etc. I definitely have no problems keeping it away from 100%. But I *have* to limit FPS in the driver, otherwise it's pegged at 100%, giving max possible FPS.
  5. Sorry, but what is THE ONE recommendation to all (Prepar3D) simmers who want more FPS?
  6. I just don't get it. I love P3D and I love MSFS. In P3D I can do a very complex flight with FSL A320, including calculations, FMS programming, various approaches (RNAV, ILS, VOR, take your pick), and in MSFS I can take off from LOWZ in TBM, not caring about autopilot or procedures, and just enjoy the view. Basic AP functionality is here, so I can put it into AP and pan around... it's enough for now.
  7. There are other projects - company-wise not comparable with MS/Asobo though - which were released to the public unfinished and turned out to be great products with best scores on Steam. I wouldn’t judge a product by a mere quality at release day nowdays.
  8. I would say I do. Not regularly, but like if something is loading for couple of seconds, all cores go to 100%, FPS drop somewhat, and after couple of seconds all is well again.
  9. Freesynch? -> FREESYNC For some reason people always call it FreesyncH... IVT is not "another type of hyperthread", sorry. Virtualization is something completely different. OT: Installed Lasso, started Neo in LA, I am getting 36fps static on the ground on Ultra with GTX 1080TI. Some 40 outside. After takeoff, I experience extreme stutters. Changing that thing in Lasso does nothing. However, I observed an interesting thing. Disabling HT cores in Lasso instantly changes the FPS from 44 to about 19. Still, the best way for me to achieve smoothness is set whatever FPS I want in the driver directly (limiter). I am setting 32fps, and set my screen to 32Hz. And voila. Perfect smoothness, and no stutters really.
  10. Now hold on, I wouldn't go about calling MSFS bucket of brass washers.
  11. I have smooth experience by limiting to 32fps in the Nvidia driver settings (3D profile). If I want extra smoothness, I set the screen refresh rate to 32Hz, and go full screen.
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