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  1. Hello, not really sure why, but I get lots of stuttering when I'm on VATSIM compared to offline. Just sitting at the gate, I can observe the scene stutter a lot when I pan around, compared to when not connected, it's smooth as a butter. I'm not sure if it's a performance issue really, because my FPS are generally good, especially in external view. I am locked at 32fps (with screen also at 32fps), so it can't be a sync issue. As models I am using FLAI with vpilot. Currently only 5 aircraft visible and/or in the vicinity of the airport. Seems like a problem with AI models? Because if I pan view down towards the aircraft and pan, it's again smooth. You have any kind of pointers for me? Thank you.
  2. Hello, not sure what changed, but I used to have slew heading change also turn the view - as in, the view will turn together with an aircraft. Right now, the aircraft turns, but the view remains in the same direction. I am using FSUIPC and Chaseplane. I know I could most likely change it in the .cfg, but is there a setting in either FSUIPC or Chaseplane to fix this? Thank you.
  3. Reading this thread, I have a feeling I will stay away from NGXU, although I've been an avid PMDG user for many many years. I've also flown NGX since it came out regularly, and NGXU seems like a NGX upgrade at this point, more than a new aircraft. And if I am not mistaken, they removed the $99 MSFS upgrade included, right?
  4. Just to correct this a bit: if you did not touch your UAC, then you will receive an elevated prompt when installing P3D/FSX, which absolutely same as if you did not do it, and confirmed the elevated prompt. The problem arises when people start lowering the UAC, which is a complete nonsense.
  5. Backup-System with Veeam Backup. Media Creation Tool -> download ISO -> mount -> install -> reboot. All good.
  6. Not quite sure about icing, but windshear and turbulence are both covered by Activesky. It is in my opinion the best you can currently get for P3D in terms of weather. ASCA or REX to complement it for better cloud visuals.
  7. Had EZCA. Bought Chaseplane more or less out of curiosity, cuz everyone said it's great. Had I known how similar it is, wouldn't have bought it. Then I bought EZCAv3 (I think is the latest, paid only the upgrade price), out of curiosity. Now that I have both and I use Chaseplane. Why? Don't really know... I think it might be prettier GUI and cinematic mode...
  8. Hell don't know what's bothering you, but the voices seems great to me, way better than they ever were in FSX.
  9. Rob, please, you do understand sarcasm, don't you? So, I guess 25 years in FS world, including all P3D versions in "pro" version, doesn't give me enough insight.
  10. No doubt. But can't deny that it simply looks ugly for today's standards.
  11. But seriously... "professional simulators". Until couple of years ago, before P3D, we had "only" FSX and XPlane... and everything was "professional" enough. For years and years. Now comes LM, strips down all "gamey" stuff, not really necessary, makes a menu which looks "professional" (debatable), and now it's a pro sim? Under the hood, it's the still the same sim... half the sliders are still the same! Only changed the look... and oh wait, there is no menu music and they added submarines!
  12. Nope. Hangar Chat 😉
  13. That is just it though. You need ORBX Global and UTX just to make it bearable to look at. It ain't pretty. Just bearable. To make it pretty, gotta pay way more.
  14. I think the original poster is right in some points, but the general opinion here is something that bothers me: I don't think his intention was to say that ORBX will be gone. Only that sceneries like TrueEarth won't be necessary any more. Because MSFS provides that already. But I wholeheartedly agree with @Farlis, ORBX might as well continue to *enhance* the scenery, just like they have been doing for a long time now. I don't believe it either financially viable nor timely possible for Asobo to go into such detail, like 3PD have been doing for P3D. In my opinion MSFS looks better than P3D in almost every aspect. Even P3D loaded with addons. Even with TrueEarth, and v5 with enhanced atmospherics... MSFS is still in the front - my honest opinion. If you personally didn't experience flying in MSFS, especially in "interesting weather", then you can't know how it is. Didn't Asobo say they are also making a "sim for simmer", or something along the lines? I think they are on the right path to achieve that. @simbol: you capitalized game. By a word of definition, both FSX and P3D are a game. All the same one, actually. P3Dv5 being a heavily enhanced ESP-"game". So is the MSFS. But, by making it moddable, like P3D and XP are, it will essentially be open to the 3PD market - so, in that respect, what is different than P3D, except that there is no 3PD content for it yet? It will take time to establish itself like P3D/XP, given the right conditions. I think the "base-layer" is very well done.
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