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  1. gpestel

    P3D V4 Black rivers / lakes

    Disable Frozen surface in Vector. It should be ok
  2. gpestel

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    Hi, Look at this interesting thread : G.
  3. gpestel

    SIMstarter NG - 1.3 released!

    Hi, It seems that this version is still unavailable for the Flightsimstore customers :(
  4. gpestel

    Realair Legacy Release

    Great News ! Thanks to the RealAir team =) G.
  5. And now it is available Go and buy it, you won't regret it !
  6. Hi, Wait for the RealAir Lancair Legacy for P3D, i read somewhere on this forum that we are near from the release date. G.
  7. gpestel

    FS Passengers for P3D released

    Great news !
  8. gpestel

    Prepar3D released

    It seems to be the good way... From the release note : "The Client installer is required for Prepar3D v3.1, however the Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional" G.
  9. Hi, if you use the G Sync possibilities of your monitor, you must disable VSync. To make the GSync efficient with P3D, in the NCP you have to check GSync enable in Full and Windowed mode Gérard
  10. gpestel

    1/2 refresh rate

    In my case it solves my problems... G-Sync On (so VSync Off) gives me the best experience in the sim with a Track Ir Gérard
  11. Apply Rob's advices If you can achieve a constant 40FPS+ try to lock@41. Your monitor will stay @40Hz and it should be smooth. Gerard
  12. Hi, G-Sync is active in your Nvidia Control Panel ? If it is, you can choose "In Full screen Mode" or in "Full Screen and Windowed" To make it works with P3D you have to choose "Full Screen & Windowed". When done, in P3D, you must desactivate VSync. Gérard
  13. Hi, A G-Sync monitor is a valuable option if you own an nVidia Card. Since some drivers versions, you can enable G-Sync in windowed mode. It helps a lot. Kind Regards Gerard