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  1. ...Unless Tom Cruise makes a movie about an ATC that saved the world.
  2. Yes it does. Even the water was morphing. Maybe it is server overload, I dunno.
  3. Yep, me too. They probably made this decision in order to avoid PayPal's fees, which are quite high, knowing that the bulk of the purchases will be made in the first few days. It is about maximizing profit, which I totally understand.
  4. It's that external software that runs it that is killing y'alls performance. I never liked the idea of having to use software external to MSFS, but since the Asobo code is basically FSX, these developers are forced to use it.
  5. Guys, humor me and try something for me. When on the ground, toggle all the planes lights on and off by pressing "L" on the keyboard. For me, when I turn the lights on, my GPU usage goes up 6% and I lose 5 FPS. Is this normal? I just noticed this after the hot fix. I have only tried it with the C414 and the Baron 58.
  6. That is where it installed, and was found by the plane on a restart of the game, so yeah, it was DL into the proper folder.
  7. Yes, but based on my experience last night, you have to do the SB download BEFORE you start the game. What I did, was start the game, pick the 737, pick my departure AP then hit fly. I then went to SB and created a flight, DL it and tried to load it into the plane, and it wasn't there. After a restart it was there, so if you want multiple flights in one session, I don't think it's possible. Maybe it would have worked if I was at the world screen and not in the plane. I'll try some scenarios to find out.
  8. Ya'll can't get your model airplane to go zoom? Just kidding. I am getting mine tomorrow 🙂
  9. Something is broken then. If you use Nvidia, in the control panel, under 'setup gsync' make sure 'enabled for windowed and full screen mode' , since even in full screen mode, you are actually in a windowed game.
  10. None whatsoever. This game, when in "fullscreen" really isn't anyway. It runs in "borderless fullscreen windowed". You can read more about that here .
  11. If it's not in the UK, they don't seem to care about it.
  12. Who cares? Buy it and fly it or don't. It does not matter.
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