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  1. Based on what? Not being argumentative, just curious why you feel not.
  2. Inspire them to do what? To fly fighter planes IRL? How is that not perpetuating what MS is taking a stand against? I just don't see how allowing the weapons to be rendered (non operational) on Marketplace planes is harmful.
  3. And? The point is that they allow planes in the game which were DEVELOPED to kill and destroy, not to sightsee in or ferry people. Armed or not, the inclusion of the plane is hypocritical.
  4. No sir. They get displayed at airshows, but that is not their purpose. I guess you were joking.
  5. Why include the F-18 in the game then. Do you think it was developed to inspire awe in kids? No, it was developed to destroy and kill.
  6. Then they should remove the whole Top Gun mess and not allow ANY combat planes because IRL these planes have only two purposes...death & destruction. They are weapons platforms.
  7. I find his self promotions irritating, but not as irritating as many of the YouTuber's accents. Hell I can't understand many of them...and they speak English.
  8. You need a girlfriend, not a psychologist. (and a spell checker)
  9. ...Unless Tom Cruise makes a movie about an ATC that saved the world.
  10. Yes it does. Even the water was morphing. Maybe it is server overload, I dunno.
  11. Yep, me too. They probably made this decision in order to avoid PayPal's fees, which are quite high, knowing that the bulk of the purchases will be made in the first few days. It is about maximizing profit, which I totally understand.
  12. It's that external software that runs it that is killing y'alls performance. I never liked the idea of having to use software external to MSFS, but since the Asobo code is basically FSX, these developers are forced to use it.
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