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  1. OK, I repeated with the Baron and got the same results: frames go from 80ish to about 45. By driver do you mean the NVIDIA driver i.e. I should downgrade to 466.27? Thanks, Scott
  2. I am using the Reality XP 430W with XP 11.53r1, and am suffering from large frame rate hits when I open it as a "popout" window. I first noticed when using the JF Archer III that my frame rate dropped from ~ 39 to 22 when I popped out the 430W. I tried using the stock 172, and my frames went from 80 to 40! Is this typical? My system is a custom built PC with an I9-10900K, RTX2070 Super, a 5120 x 1440 monitor, and 32GB of D4-3600 RAM running the current version of Windows 10 Home and latest NVIDIA driver (466.47). I have also run a Garmin G5 gauge as a popout window, with minimal effect on frame rates. Any suggestions? Thanks, Scott
  3. Looking through the manual, it looks like it is not simulated as a button on the yoke, but is implemented via the P3D function "Flight Director (synch pitch)." There is no default P3D keypress for this - it needs to be assigned by the user. I should be able to choose that through LINDA's Default sim function list, correct? I can try this tonight or this weekend. Scott
  4. TOGA works! On takeoff, at least. I managed to land after the tricky RNAV RWY 30 approach at Bozeman, so did not test it in go around mode yet 😉 Thanks! Scott
  5. Will try. the TO/TO annunciation only occurs on the ground in takeoff configuration with the AP disengaged. it's pressed just before advancing throttles to TO detent. Scott
  6. It's a momentary press - does not have to be held. When clicked with mouse the animation shows the button depressing and popping right back out, The PFD lat & vert modes immediately change to "TO" over "TO." I will try the TOGA_ON function (prob tonight) and report back. Thank you! Scott
  7. I did not get a chance to try the Sync yet (btw - it should synch hdg AND spd - unlike hdg synch button on MCP). The TOGA press did not work. I could see the button depress, but the mode did not change. When I pressed it with the mouse soon after, it engaged. Weird that it caused the visual press, but not the action... Thx, Scott
  8. +1 for me tonight. Worked earlier today. Scott
  9. The TOGA push button is located on the throttle handles. It engages TOGA mode on the runway just prior to takeoff, or when initiating a go-around or missed approach on final. The Sync button is on the backside of the yokes and (if AP is NOT engaged) it synchronizes vertical and lateral mode settings to those currently flown (e.g. you are climbing at 240 kias in SPD mode heading 225 in HDG mode: the speed bug will be set to 240 and the HDG bug set to 225. If I understand it correctly, that will center the FD bars, and engaging the AP right after will direct it to fly exactly as you had been manually. Can be handy if flying vectors from Departure manually, and want to hand it off to the autopilot quickly as workload climbs, for example. Scott
  10. All seemed to work as it should on a flight from KLAX to KSFO (well, reverser axes a bit weird after landing, but that seems to be an aircraft / FSUIPC thing), as was the FD's confusion when I was vectored by P2ATC off the SERFR4 direct to the IAF (STINN) for RNAV 10L (I entered STINN in the DIR/Intc page, but the aircraft became hopelessly confused and I had to fly the approach via HDG mode). Two functions I could not find in the drop-downs to implement: 1. TOGA 2. FD Synch Am I just missing these (hidden somewhere), or are they perhaps working under vanilla P3D functions (much there did not work in testing prior to discovering LINDA, so I may have incorrectly assumed these need LINDA as well)? BTW, thanks so much for your efforts on this project...I am starting to dream about a fully-outfitted hardware cockpit for the CRJ which I enjoy due to short trips, the challenges of throttle management, descent planning, and V/S planning on non-precision and visual approaches, Not to mention other aircraft I can connect via LINDA such as the Twotter, 737NGXu, and 777-200. -Scott
  11. All seems to be working well in CRJ Pro 700 AP except for CRS1 knob inc/dec function. Anyone else having this problem? I am using Linda 3.0.12 with P3Dv4.5, FSUIPC 5.153, CRJ, and the CRJ v1_3 lib for Linda. All other AP functions including HDG, SPD, ALT, and V/S inc/dec knob functions work perfectly. Trace shows: [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:068EC0FA0:1" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:068068EC0FA0:1" [L] LVar: ASCRJ_FCP_CRS1_SEL = 214 But the CRS indication does NOT change in the PFD nor the CRS1 knob tooltip. If I rotate the knob with the mouse I see: [L] LVar: ASCRJ_FCP_CRS1_SEL = 215 and the CRS indication in the PFD changes (though interestingly the values do not agree - PFD shows 218). Any help most appreciated - thanks! Scott
  12. Solved! While surfing some other posts about GS issues I found his tidbit: I hadn’t, since the HSI was the instrument in question, but apparently Alabeo didn’t code this quite right. Once I enabled this option - voila - a working GS 😄!
  13. I did set it to Nav1, but didn’t disable the 530. By this you mean commenting it out in the panel.cfg file?
  14. Hello, System: P3D v 4.2 on Win 10 machine. I have the GNS 430w V2.1, and successfully installed it into the Alabeo PA32. I can use the GPS to navigate enroute (it drives the HSI needle), but the problem arises when I activate a GPS approach: the 430w continues to provide lateral guidance, but I get no glideslope (the 430w does change to LPV mode). Whereas in my Alabeo C404, I can fly a full LPV approach to minimums. The stock PA32 has both a 530 and a 430. I replaced the 430 with the Reality XP 430w using the Addon wizard, and again, it works fine for everything but APP. Might this have something to do with the stock 530 being present? I tried "installing" the Reality XP 530 (which I don't have), such that the 530 panel is dark, but same result. I could not find any avionics switch setting in the PA-32 cockpit that might route things differently. I looked at the configuration settings menu, but left it default as the HSI was working...did I miss ticking a box there? Something else? Thanks! Scott
  15. Yep, tried that. Oddly, P3D immediately displayed a screen saying it need "at least an airport or Navaid" to start, and closed right down. Apparently I have no default scenery? Something clearly was way off, and trying to start with one FTX airport enabled to get past that screen caused the same error as previously. I gave up, but was consoled by having a fairly recent disk image of a working configuration at the ready to restore 🙂! After restoring an image from 2 days prior, P3D worked (as expected), and still worked after the Windows 10 update 😅. Now its time to slowly add the new stuff to see what might have done this. Thanks again for all of your efforts to help. Great forum, and very helpful CTD guide. I just had one of those issues that evaded diagnosis. Scott
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