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  1. Hi, I have FSX steam on a cyber power PC with a GTX1070 and a AMD processor. However when I load the game now with almost any add on plane it starts the game with one engine off. I've gone through correct checklists to start it and I have even started other engines on the plane but there is always one engine that refuses to start. Whats going on? Can anyone help?
  2. I've used flightgear and X-plane I love x plane the planes fly really well. Flightgear however free is of very low quality especially in the planes, if you want a plane with systems simulation don't use it
  3. What's the best dash 8 100/200 for FSX in terms of system depth? Thanks
  4. is EGPWS (terrain radar) simulated in the wilco erj-145 v2 and is the plane considered a study sim? Thanks
  5. okay I will take that into consideration thank you so much
  6. Being a fan of planes with complex systems and a huge fan of the dc-10 What is the systems level of the cls Dc-10. I know it's a FLITE aircraft but what does that exactly mean in terms of the simulation level? Thanks
  7. okay I will take that into consideration thank you
  8. Which L1011 (Captain sim l1011 or just flight l1011 pro) has a more in-depth system simulation and can any of the two be considered a study sim?
  9. Hi, I was wondering which of the two (coolsky cs SS V2) is better, and also which has more systems simulated. Thanks
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