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  1. I don't see anything in my original Grand Caravan duo that would assist in installing a GTN 750.
  2. Thanks, but I have no available commands like your are suggesting with Windows 7. I have no idea what might be the difference between Symbolic link and Junction link. I'd like to move a large file from (I'll call it temporary file) from G:\FSX\temporary file to C:\temporary file using some sort of link. I don't understand what exactly to type out, nor do I understand what I would type out to safely remove the link. So I'm looking for examples.
  3. The usage context confuses me a bit. I'm hoping someone knowledgeable can type out the correct usage. create a symbolic link on drive C:\ safely remove a symbolic link from drive C:\ many thanks...
  4. I've used the regular FSX Carenado C208 plus Cargomaster for years. Not the HD version. When you click o.k. after the plane selection it's a slow loader on my computer, but once loaded has zero issues.
  5. I have the Beech D18S. I fly it completely stock, I think it's great. I'm not a pilot, now or ever.
  6. tuning 1300 on ADF-2 starts a playback of an old song while in the VC. I'd like to adjust the volume (or even add to it) with Audacity or something. Does anyone know the file name and location? I can't remember. edit, file found.....sound\Aerosoft_Sound_System_Cat
  7. thanks to everyone re: Hawaiin airports information.
  8. And...what about their older (?) Hawaiian airport collections #1 and #2 for FSX/FS9. Would like to hear about frame rates and how they fit in with Orbx global.
  9. This has been solved by moving all of the pertinent textures from the remote drive where they previously resided, back to the FSX root drive. Now, everything is good. On my computer, the AI airplanes still reside on a remote drive and work fine.
  10. I'm seeing black powerboats in FSX/A, and sometimes black fishing boats. I enabled the missing texture line in the CFG and it reported that I was missing some powerboat DDS and fishingboat DDS files. Except that I'm not missing the DDS files, they reside in the Global/Texture folder, as well as my FSX backup folder. Unfortunately, certain boats still show up black and obviously missing textures. The only other information I have is that this stuff resides in the LWcfg.SPB file. Any ideas? Happy flying...
  11. thanks for the heads up, Herman.
  12. Thanks Bill, for the reminder about VAS footprint. When running the demo's I did notice a mild loss in performance (FSX/A at KEDW). Still, hard to resist not buying the old, iconic British fighters, not to mention the Mosquito.
  13. Speaking for my self, I was only mildly interested since I have notifications enabled and there were no notifications. I have no real concerns about any sale except discount percentage. I also have many, beautiful free Orbx supplied airports. No worries here.
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