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  1. Thanks John, for the tip. I reduced textures by half and was able to complete a flight, fluctuating between 5-24 FPS. I don't think this is a workable piece of software for my ancient computer. A little bit confusing since I own many Carenado planes that work fine, as well as A2A.
  2. Thanks friends, when you turn 70 you experience many stupid things on a daily basis. I'm attempting to use this plane in FSX/A.
  3. On my very modest computer I get an OOM with every flight, the only Carenado product of about 20 airplanes that gives me an issue. No other plane in my hangar gives me OOM, including the A2A C172 and Cherokee. Before I give up on it, perhaps someone has a few tips and tricks. My FPS is locked at 30 and the S550 has been fluctuating between 20 and 30. i700@ 3.4 ghZ - RAM 16 - GeForce 760 video card.
  4. Many thanks, do you have an opinion on the 550 versus the 525? Which Carenado jet has has the best performance, it that's a valid question.
  5. Yes, I'm looking for better framerate as I've heard some Carenado jets suffer a bit. Thanks...
  6. The Nigeria flight that I've done comparing it to Google Earth, could not really make a close comparison. Texturing was not so great. Lot's of little water modules. Maybe that's the way it is.
  7. My observation so far, not much different than Orbx Central and South America. No improved airports. Some of them are sitting on plateaus (Orbx included mesh). Don't remember which. Texturing looks great with my limited explorations. Don't have Vector and wonder what that would do for improvement. I think there is at least 1 vendor that offers a few pay ware African airports. No idea if they would need to be adjusted for Orbx.
  8. I'm seeking opinions on what may be the most relaxed Carenado Jet with goof performance and framerate (if there is such a thing). My goal is reasonably quick flights between USA medium and large airports. My favorite quick flight is a San Diego to LAX shuttle, at night. I only have a moderate computer compared to your modern rigs, and can only use HD planes if I reduce texture size. I'm not a pilot, and not looking for study planes. I don't currently own a Reality XP or anything like that. At my slightly advanced age I'm a fan of the Carenado "Ready To Taxi" implementation. Thanks in advance for your opinions. i7 2600K @3.4 GTX 760
  9. Hello Jim, I checked the Carenado C-152 with a fresh download on Friday the 10th. Internal date code is exactly the same. Dave
  10. Can't determine procedure for starting this airplane at night. Please offer tips and tricks if you have the plane and you've figured out a procedure. CTL E will not start this bird up. Thanks in advance for answers.
  11. No worries. These edits allow me to use the software, and I appreciate your help Bernt.
  12. station_load.0 = 220, 2.0, 0, 0 point.0 = 1,-21.3, 0.0, -0.30, 1500, 0, 0.6, 35, 0.25, 1.5, 0.90, 4.2, 6.2, 0, 115, 115 point.1 = 1, 2.6, -6.4, -6.00, 1500, 1, 1.0, 0, 0.85, 1.5, 0.95, 4.8, 6.3, 2, 120, 120 point.2 = 1, 2.6, 6.4, -6.00, 1500, 2, 1.0, 0, 0.85, 1.5, 0.95, 4.6, 6.1, 3, 125, 125 No cross wind in use. Probably not the totally correct way to do it, but I'm old and tired and I call this my war-zone band aid.
  13. The new Orbx Central will not recognize one of my paid for and registered Alaska full fat regions, although FTX Central still does. Since that particular receipt has gone missing it's doubtful Orbx will reinstall that full fat region for me, which is of course, understandable. Nevertheless, I continue to keep FTX Central along with Orbx Central just for that Alaska full fat region. FTX Central still correctly downloads the Alaska scenery for me, which is my point...(as of 2 weeks ago). It's been pointed out to me (and I agree) that using bot FTX Central and Orbx Central can create issues.
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