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  1. Disable animation. I think I've found an application within the pay ware My Traffic that disables the exits. That's probably a solution. Thanks.
  2. I've forgotten how to disable FSX default jetways. I also wonder about disabling jetways in SDOE. Please advise if possible. Thanks.
  3. I've downloaded a couple of FSX planes via Orbx. It appears the free-ware airplane downloads listed on Orbx are versions 1.0, however documentation provided within the downloads indicates fully upgraded products. Example: Bristol Bulldog documentation indicates version 1.3., 14 June, 2019. Many thanks to Aeroplane Heaven for these wonderful (for me FSX) aircraft.
  4. Hello, As a senior I really don't require much out of computer flying anymore. I lack the energy to change much, if anything so I'll stick with FSX. At this point a few short VFR flights is enough. I'm a very experienced (if old) FSX user. I'm a bit confused why a new ASUS monitor would not work. All I need is a 21-27" sub-$200(USD) monitor. My old ASUS monitor (which only works part time) has lasted about 10 years. I appreciate all the tips and tricks and consideration.
  5. Hello, Monitor, desk top and FSX set at the same resolution, 1920 *1080. That particular monitor has been returned, but still need to buy one. Thank you...
  6. New Asus VP279 not working correctly with FSX, but works with "most" other games. Asus monitor driver in use. -FSX starts ok. -When starting a flight screen goes dim, and requires monitor reset. -Same issue with all other FSX sub-menus, including exiting FSX. -Same issue with Nvidia control panel. Thanks for any tips.
  7. No difference but thanks for the tip.
  8. My older video card has HDMI and DVI-I ports. The new monitor has HDMI and VGA ports. I don't have an adapter for testing. Thank you.
  9. Very recently purchase new Asus monitor, and using HDMI for the first time. Previous monitor was a DVI-I. Now I'm forced to turn off/on the monitor to scroll through the FSX menus and sub-menus. I also need to do the same after starting a flight. If I don't, I'm staring at a blank screen. Advice and opinion welcome.
  10. I use the Do-228 every now and then. Beautiful cockpit.
  11. I successfully used mklink/J to transfer some large file directories off of the primary FSX drive to a separate hard drive. Although I have to say, I did not fully understand the utility.Thus, my question is how do I reverse the process without mistakenly deleting the files. In other words, I wish to revert back to the original. Below are the commands to reverse the changes, however I do not understand how and where to use them. Do you use these commands from the FSX root or where the files were copied to, and which command is appropriate.Is there a specific sequence of events I should follow that will reverse the process?Thanks in advance.=============== example ======= To delete a symbolic link to a file or directory, the following command line syntax can be used (in each case, "linkname" specifies the name of the symbolic link to be deleted):•For links to files: del linkName •For links to directories: rmdir linkName SOLUTION: rmdir on the other hand will only delete the directory link, not what the link points to.
  12. There's always the option of manipulating the FSX.cfg Since I'm using a low rent outdated computer, I've started to use many different FSX configs for different scenarios and it definitely makes a difference. - minimizing clouds/weather - adjusting image complexity and autogen - adjusting AI traffic and completely avoiding default AI - perhaps using the HIMEMFIX=1 - adjust the frame rate limit and experiment with fixed frame rate and unlimited frame rate. - flying the default airplanes is far less demanding, and if big iron is desired then use the default jets. - I've experimented with flying in different FSX areas, and avoiding big cities altogether is much easier on the computer. The Australian outback, many different areas of Brazil and the Argentine Pampas, the plains states of Canada and the USA, Russia, Africa. Investing in Orbx Global and flying in these areas can be very enjoyable and far less demanding.
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