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  1. Kalorien

    New to FSUIPC -- please help

    Wow, in the first picture the groundscenery over the wingview looks very nice... 😮 Hard to believe it's FSX. How did you do that
  2. Kalorien

    FS2crew Button Control

    OKAY, I am in an open climb now. Works nice. Thank you for your quick help!! Assigning "C" did the trick 😁 Peter 👍
  3. Kalorien

    FS2crew Button Control

    I assigned it to a joystickbutton. Mhm, okay, I´ll try the "C" key and let you know.
  4. Kalorien

    FS2crew Button Control

    Yes, I do hear the whole Preliminary Cockpit Prep, Cockpit Prep and Before Start Procedure till step 20 as stated in the manual. The FO is also setting up some settings No. I am red it already more than twice. http://www.support.fs2crew.com/help/manuals/#pageid=captain___pilot_flying With and without the internal Airbus checklist I have no luck. There is only one audio device listed in the cfg, Realtek High Definition Audio. But thats not a Headset Device... Is that the problem? I´d like to have all audio on the speakers. Peter
  5. Hi, I just bought the software, but I am not able to start "Before Start Proc". In the CFG button I have a positive audio test and I can run the "Run PF" button (I can hear the FO Flow) but nothing more. After the half an hour preflight everything stays silent. Do I have to activate the internal checklists of the airbus itself? Peter
  6. Kalorien

    Advice for returning simmer?

    Hello, I am also a long time simmer. I personally liked 9.1 the most. I waited very long to switch over to FSX. And I knew it would be a hard one. Now having a powerful system I can enjoy simming. It took me more than a year to find out, I think longer..., to find the "right settings". I don't have every week time to test almost a day, because when I test it takes that long. Sometimes I still change little things to see the effects. I am with FSX not Steam. The decision to change to SE wasn't a question. It's not worth it from what I saw. My FSX runs the same. P3D is a bit better, but for me no question. Reading the terms of use stopped my interest. X-Plane is very nice, but I think a bit too bumpy. I will keep an eye on that! Maybe other sims are coming, but it will take a lot of time to convince me. Because: The fight for money goes on and on and on. If there is a real brakethrough we will know! If not, I will not spend any cent more in simming. Buying over and over for almost the same problems is a nogo! FSX is not a beauty comparing it newer sims, but for me it works quite good. I can fly (with vas control) anywhere I want. My final words to this: we don't need half way ok sims. We are desperately waiting for a full working product with all options FSX has and more to come without developers who are killing almost the hobby just for money or beeing the finest of their own.
  7. Kalorien


    I don´t know... the german government? you never know... The FSX computer is only online when needed, like activating software etc. Other tihings will be done on a second computer, which is a bit more online. Further activation on the internet is done on a completly different computer without MS! But maybe, there is some kind of probability having a connection problem at my place. Of course, that can always happen. Now it´s working, and that counts for me. Anyway, thank you for the nice 737. Peter
  8. Kalorien


    Ok, that was a quickie. The Operations Center is alive now. Thank you whoever did this
  9. Kalorien


    I just checked my security settings in my firewall and my router. After removing everything, that means no firewall at all, and blocking porn sites in the settings of my router, I have still no luck. I found another post somewhere about a user to be forced to go with a vpn connection???? Nah, that would be too much.
  10. Kalorien


    I inserted a foto. There you can see it just stops there. The manual says, it must be updated the first time you are running it. And that would be normal... Ther is no Operation Center at the moment, look
  11. Kalorien


    Hello, I just purchased the 737NG Base Package. After reading the manual, I started to OCU App, but it doesn´t update to the end. How am I going to solve this? Thank you Peter
  12. Hi Rafal, it is very difficult to say, because maybe my almost enthusiastic hardware would behave in a different way when you use it. I use AIFP and UT2 and I am happy with it. Well, at my AS-EDDF, not all stands are occupied, because it is not realistic I think. But there are enough, maybe 30. Additional 6 moving Ai are ok too, when making a t/o or a landing, maybe more, it depends on so many things. If you are thinking about new hardware, don´t make any rotten compromise. If you can afford it. Make the full pull and you probably won´t regret it. The manual of AIFP explains the % sliders, have a look there and find your balance. :wink:
  13. Kalorien

    Need help

    Hi, most important is the CPU! That´s why I have an Intel 4790k http://ark.intel.com/products/80807/Intel-Core-i7-4790K-Processor-8M-Cache-up-to-4_40-GHz
  14. Kalorien

    FSX Configuration Guide Download

    Thank you! :smile: