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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all. I've been having an issue with my AIG Traffic injected by the Traffic Controller program that's related to cockpit and external view audio. In the cockpit, I'm getting what sounds like engine startup and other ambient sound effects. The issue, is that's it's too loud to the point that I've got to turn the Other Aircraft volume slider down to 10%. It's the only way to make it tolerable. Some workarounds I've seen on the forms and elsewhere is to turn on Headphone Simulation. For exterior sounds – when switching from cockpit to outside – I'll get a sudden jump in volume and then no sound from aircraft taxiing or at the gates around me. Haven't seen a fix for that one... Anyways, all feedback and suggestions are appreciated in advance!
  2. When towing the 747 the steering is reversed unless the break/parking break is applied, I have released the parking break with the mouse not a shortcut as suggested but no difference. Also the tow seems pretty poor across all airliners - gives the impression the plane is pushing the tug and the steering is not very responsive - anything I can do to improve this?
  3. CP not unload from processes when exit from tray. When press close window icon - all ok Need disable CP in SimDirector mode!!! Can not work properly middle mouse button.
  4. Hello, I would like to post some bugs I found around some airports in Ecuador. I hope they can be corrected in a future Patch. thanks. Cristian bug 1, airport SESM, coordinates S1 30.51 W78 3.58 SESM1 by Cristian Caicedo, on Flickr bug 2, airport SEMC, coordinates S2 18.89 W78 7.59 SEMC1 by Cristian Caicedo, on Flickr bug 3, airport SENL, coordinates N0 5.18 W76 52.63 SENL1 by Cristian Caicedo, on Flickr
  5. I love this Aerocommander and I've been waiting for it since FS2004. Now I found some bugs. Clock is missing hands HP Limit ON-OFF test button is not working DME is showing NAV 1 in the 3 selector. (DME1- DME freq- DME2 should have) What is " Hide copilot"? On the paint scheem says Dash-10 but the flying performance is not for a Dash-10. Other than these bugs. I like it.
  6. Hi I want to thank you guys for this amazing work! i been using fsgenesis for a few years and after installing your freemeshX i notice the difference in the areas i fly in FSX ...im a commercial pilot so i know my mountains very well and ever since i install freemesh i notice a few bugs in my country COLOMBIA. i dont know how to upload the pics in here but i can give you the airports where i notice spikes around the mountains wich in real life they are NOT there... SKPE SKAR SKGO SKVV SKCL- THE AIRPORT just sinks underground i use orbx vector and even try the Vector configuration tool to fix elevation problems but no luck... also notice that after installing freemeshX at MADEIRA (LPMA) there are some spikes in the airport... without freemesh i had no issues with all of this airports... any feedback will be appreciated once again keep up the great work guys
  7. I have been using the 737NGX for some time now...today i did 2 flights, the latter was a Geneva to Vienna...in the VC i pan around the cockpit as you do flicking switches and occasionally having a lookout down below...in the last 15minutes of the flight i could suddenly no longer pan around the cockpit, i couldn't zoom in and out using the + and - keys on my keyboard, i couldn't look left or right using the Numpad keys...and on landing my reverse thrusters wouldn't deploy when pressing F2! This has happened in the past maybe once or twice and i cant work out why! Has anyone else had this? If so how did you fix this?!?! Its extremely annoying! I used the PMDG 737-600 in this last flight...may i also add everything was fine up to the last 15minutes or so...im unsure if i some how pressed something to stop all the normal functions working but i really would like to solve this as its almost impossible to function this plane when suddenly the VC becomes stuck in an unhelpful position and the keyboard stops functioning! Cheers!
  8. good day to you all, since I started flying with the QOTSII on IVAO there has been this issue where in the sim the frequency might be set to eg. 119.6 (EHAM_W_TWR) but it wil jump back in IVAP to, and this frequency is always the same, 136.970. This is according to Flight Data Recorder from FSUIPC. I have gone the whole flight on radios in 122.8, and got messages too on that frequency, and still FSUIPC picks it up as 136.970. This causes that i miss some clearances because randomly my radios to change to a non existing channel Any ideas on what this problem could be? Thank you
  9. ok so i flew the tutorial flight and started a new circuit of the ksfo area, touch and goes, rtos and the like and i found a few things. on approach the autopilot never acquired the glide slope (i'm more than willing to admit i might have missed something) the gs bug stayed right on the money until 1800ft then the queen leveled out and i had to hand fly the rest of final and touchdown. (wow its smooth, probably best hands on landing I've made in the sims). the app mode was selected and the localizer captured as intended, second after doing a rejected takeoff, (i purposely left the trim set out of range) i slewed back to start of runway to go again and the push back feature started pushing the queen into the bay. i used the push back to leave the terminal but had to stop it short to avoid driving through the building behind me. getting to the tutorial manual there might be an omission in the directions. on page 77 it talks about setting the mins to radio and a number appearing in the pfd at the bottom, on my flight the mins readout didn't appear, quick turn of the dial showed it was set to zero. but the instructions never say what it should be set to. i ended up throwing a guess in at 55 agl. this is a great aircraft and you guys are by far the best of the best. I can't wait for the -8 and as soon as the tax refund comes I'm finishing my move to p3d with the ngx and t7 and the xpacs.
  10. The issues with the autopilot have been discussed under the known Bugs topic. One of the issues the FD button missing from the KFC225 Autopilot. On of the posts stats that this AP in real life did not come equipped with a FD. I thought this odd so I went to BendixKing and downloaded the manual. It does come equipped with a FD. I started a support ticket because when I first purchased this product the FD did not work. After several days I have heard nothing on the support ticket. For those new comers who want a FD the solution is simple. Scroll through the .CFG until you find the equipment list or search Flight Director. You will find flightdirector=0. Just change it to 1. This will enable it. The button in the VC is missing but will illuminate when any button is pressed. It is even clickable, just can not see it. Your cursor will turn to a hand over it.
  11. I haven't flown the M20R in a while, but it's an awesome aircraft that I always find myself coming back to. Having been spoiled with some really excellent addon aircraft recently, I've been quite annoyed by a few remaining issues in the M20R (and literally all my other Carenado aircraft). since the infamous Idle cutoff bug was fixed I haven't seen much about the M20R. I thought I'd start a discussion to see if anyone else was still flying the Mooney, and maybe get some more people to report these issues to Carenado. Or who knows? Maybe I'm crazy and these aren't effecting anyone else. So these are things I reported to Carenado months ago and I'm wondering if I'm the only one: 1 - RPM / Prop handle: It seems wrong to me, but currently, decreasing RPM seems to do absolutely nothing other than to increase fuel flow. That's not right is it? Am I the only one who's noticed? Am I wrong in thinking fuel flow should actually decrease along with power? 2 - Power Settings: related to my last point, power settings aren't anywhere near the table on the back of the sun visor. They were darn close when the plane was released. A few months later the performance was broken in an update and never went back. 3 - Fuel runs out with... 3?... I think it's 3 gallons indicated in the tank... While there is unusable fuel in the Mooney, the digital readouts in the cockpit should read 0 gallons before the engine dies as per the POH. 4 - The sound issue: This one has indeed been discussed before, but never fixed as far as I can tell. Let me know if I'm wrong on this one, it's true I haven't noticed it recently. The problem usually occurs when switching back and forth between internal and external views. The sound of the plane will suddenly change and it sounds awful until suddenly the problem fixes itself many minutes later. 5 - Alternator Amps: If the plane is started on the runway, the alternator produces less power than if you start the plane cold and dark from the parking at a given RPM (very strange and the least of my concerns). Well that's my list, what do you guys think? Is there anything else you have found? Is it hopeless to dream that one day Carenado might actually fix any of this? Are any of you still even flying the M20? I know I keep coming back to it. Thanks!
  12. Here are some bugs I've identified with the MSFS Baron 58: When using rudder trim, the trim percentage is not shown when hovering over the trim wheel. This works properly for aileron trim however. When using the Garmin 1000NXi to manually tune com frequencies, it sometimes skips frequency intervals. For example, using the fine tune knob I tried to tune to 118.370, but could only get either 118.365 or 118.375. When customizing tail number and callsign, the custom tail number does not appear on the tail. Leaning the fuel mixture doesn't appear to change the engine temps or fuel usage. So, I'm at a loss on how to properly lean the mixture. That being said, I'm enjoying exploring both the Baron and MSFS.
  13. I uninstalled the plane, then reinstalled the original download plus only added SP1b. I cleaned out the multiple instances of C++ runtime modules and kept only the x64 bit versions of C++ 2005, 2008 and 2010, and limited each to ONE runtime for each of the three years. This made a huge difference in my performance and frames. Having bunches of C++ runtimes and different flavors (x86 and x64) seemed in my non-scientific mind, to pose potential for conflicts (which one would take precedence)? So by limiting to the 'most current' runtime for each of the 3 years (05, 08 and 10), my perception (which may not be YOUR reality) was things got a LOT better.I have read posts by other Avsim members who do NOT recommend cleaning up (narrowing down) the C++ runtimes, so I am NOT advocating this for anyone else to try. I did it, and I'm happy. You might have different results. I am not afraid to try stuff like this because of my software development background, I have faith that the latest iteration of the runtime modules "SHOULD" be backward compatible with prior versions of the SAME YEAR series runtimes (e.g. 2005 later versions replace earlier 2005 runtime versions). HOnestly, I can't see a benefit to having 2 or 3 runtimes for the same C++ year model, particularly 32-bit AND 64-bit on the SAME system. Makes no sense to me. So this is working ok for ME and no CTD's since I adopted this schema. Again, I remember admonitions by other members and if you're happy with 2 or more copies of a given year runtime, MORE POWER TO YA! Me, not so much!Reinstalled all the applicable PMDG liveries.Reloaded the aircraft from the FMC.Altered some key settings, most notably the actual THROTTLE position to over-ride the A/T. This finally gave me the punch I was looking for for steeper and more aggressive climbs "on demand". Even without Bumping up the Engine rating to 27K. (Flying the 800)JOY.Plane peforming better than EVER, climbing strong, even without pre-configuring the FMC on the ground (just set 3 fixes and entered a route while airborne, flew the route perfectly, landed CAT III at Seattle on the numbers, center of the runway, I hit the reversers and JOY).I re-ran the ******* Bojote FSX config webpage, seemed to help refine things. Is it just me, or is it amazing that MICROSOFT doesn't have an online web-tuner for FSX? (similar to ******* Bojote's site). I find this incredible. One can only hope that whenever "FLIGHT" is released, some kind of online tune-up hangar will be available. It makes so much sense...but I can see from a liability point of view, extreme reluctance on the part of a "major" software vendor if for no other reason than potential heat from users who get less-than-stellar or "unexpected" results.Turned down the AI trying to get the killer Frame Rates.Frame Rates outstanding, graphics quality best ever. Performance is flawless.Your mileage may vary, as always, having a rock solid backup image before attempting any major changes in your FSX is always a wise move.(doing a full system image as we speak)Robert
  14. Thanks for all helps.If you can run job normally, can you list your os and configuration if you like? A number of players have reported this problem, but till now no solution is provided.
  15. You probably all know the first one, the street lights in MSFS look like UFOs. For each light, there is a source, but nothing beneath, they are just hanging in the air like magic. I don't blame Asobo for this, I guess they did it to optimize performance. Flying lights The second is more serious: there is a bug in the Garmin information regarding the runway length. It is in FT while it should be in meters. On this screenshot, LFBD runway has a length of 3048m and not 3048ft. Runway Length (sorry for the links, I was unable to insert images from URL)
  16. Hello, This is a list of the less known / hard to find fixes to little bugs in FSX sp2. 1) Texture.cfg: In the "SimObjects" folder of FSX, you will find a lot of objects used the simulator. Each one having a "texture" subfolder. In these "texture" folders there is a 'texture.cfg' file. In this file, the line "fallback.3=..\..\..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture" should be corrected as: fallback.3=..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture 2) Missing models: In the "SimObjects\GroundVehicles" folder, 2 vehicles are incorrect: - "VEH_air_firetruck_sm" is missing the "model" folder completely. Anyway, it is the same vehicle as "Veh_firetruck_sm". To fix: remove the "VEH_air_firetruck_sm" folder, and add this section in the "sim.cfg" file of the "Veh_firetruck_sm" folder: [fltsim.1] title=VEH_air_firetruck_sm model= texture= - "Veh_Land_Car_Mini3_Junker_sm" is missing the "model" folder and the "sim.cfg" file. To fix: copy the "model" folder and the "sim.cfg" file from "Veh_Car_Mini3_Junker_sm". Edit the "sim.cfg" file so as the line "title=Veh_Car_Mini3_Junker_sm" reads: title=Veh_Land_Car_Mini3_Junker_sm - As a bonus, you can remove the "Textures" (with an 's') folder from "VEH_tractorCab" because it's useless. 3) When FSX loads, it looks for a file called "msgothic.ttf". This file is in the "Fonts" folder of FSX, but its name is "msgothic.ttc". To fix: just make a copy of "msgothic.ttc" and rename it "msgothic.ttf". These are the ones I know of, you're welcome to add yours.
  17. Hi, When I enter my flight data in the FMC most of the time all goes well, v1, vr, v2 are calculated and shown on the display. But in some cases, the display still shows No Vspeed in yellow: I start looking around, clicking, but no way I can get the speed bugs to show... What did I do wrong? Thanks, Tony
  18. Source: This thread Feel free to add your points with a short list and also report any current issues via the Alabeo ticket system. They might not change much if it doesn't get reported. :wink: While we are at it, just a list, not sorted by any priorities: no yaw damper (cleared item, the KAP equipped planes didn't have that) a flight director shouldn't be available (on KAP140 eq. planes), but it is (can be disabled in the aircraft.cfg) rudder trim knob and indicator are reversed G1000 transponder setting always is on, no GND or other modes available G1000 PFD popup uses the wrong 'suction' source (same as stdby instruments) whereas the VC G1000 PFD is correctly unaffected by any 'suction' loss. G1000/KAP140 no altitude alert sound de-ice system, panel labelled with 'no smoking', aircraft.cfg setting states NO anti-ice system at all on that plane, panel pumps (which should pump de-ice fluid) are bound to fuel pump commands, no anti-ice modes (mainly pumping actions) available, system is always off autopilot, popup gauge has 'FD' button, VC does not. As previously explained, there's no FD on the real KAP140 eq. plane, so the VC is correct. wrong fuel type as per aircraft.cfg, the plane runs the Thielert Centurion engines which consume Diesel or JetA, not Avgas as the cfg says. Only P3D related: Too high ground friction and/or weight dependence (to be investigated by users)Note: This post cannot be updated all the time. Later posts therefore give the more current picture regarding the plane's bug status.
  19. after watching "Flying with Rich" latest episode about the limited edition cirrus, he stating that this is the best selling general aviation airplane in the world. so I was happy to jump and try it out in the simulator. bad call I switched from A2A Comanche which is an awesome add-on albeit a little tasking in fogged in Alaska. this Carenado sr22 is a complete junk, it's full beta, simply not a release ready product. The CDI in GPS mode does not work does not show the right screen stucks and does weird things all the time like buttons not working as 5 minutes ago or stuck in weather mode and unable to bring back the main map. alphabetical keyboard working or not. it depends AP speed hold mode completely off AP logic clearly buggy can't steer the airplane on the ground without braking The so-called immersive HD sounds have clear looping artifacts and all in all just very weak and lackluster. flight model is lame and arcade like. yet what I see is still sold on simmarket for 40 Euros, the latest version being 2020 or before. also some other Carenado products I tried are the phenoms, which aren't that bad, at least the g1000 works normally without the horrible navigraph add-on...so Coronado does have a limited but working g1000 addon. how is this possible, what's going on in the simulator addon market? why aren't these bugs corrected especially if they have a working code? why aren't they called out on this forum by the administrators? guys its 2022
  20. I just found that our Airport History isn't getting saved. I did a few flights after SU5 at various airports and it's still showing airports that I've flown at before SU5 released.
  21. Flightsim worked fine for a week but now the game suddenly completely stopped working. It updated itself, (instead of the game, Windows Store opened and showed some game app updating), and every since the start screen is broken. You can press a key, but it shows the loading screen for half a second and then brings you back to the "press a key" screen. Any ideas? I googled some and saw people with the same problem who suggested making sure you're signed in with the Microsoft account, rebooting, running as admin,... none has helped.
  22. Ok just some of(what I consider are) bugs I've found. 1: No landing lights illuminating the gound interior or exterior. This maybe because there is no light actually in the area of the wing where a light shoud be on interior view. No landing light illumniation interior No landing light moddeled on the interior No landing light illumination exterior 2: Taxi light only illuminating a small circle. Taxi light only illuminating a small circle 3: 'Custom brakes sounds on taxi and landing run'. I've not heard these brake sound at all on taxi or landing. 4: The propellors seen to just stop on shutdown, unless I'm doing something wrong or its realistic to just...stop, especially engine 2. Right prop just stops on justdown 5: Takeoff config always comes up with a config warning even though I believe I've everything set for takeoff following the supplies pdf checklists. 6: Alt callouts only calling 500, no DH callout even though I can hear it when you hit the test button. Anyone else get these?, get others? or know I'm doing something wrong?. I really do love this plane and the above are no way near any sort of a deal breaker to have me sideline it, just sharing what I've found. Thanks!.
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