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  1. bobby456gt

    Cheyenne III Discrepancy List Thread

    Inside the VC, when the left engine is shot down, does not show the blades. The nose cone of the Cheyenne has different shadow. Actually, the darkness of shadow is inverse of the sun light.
  2. bobby456gt


    Me too, TC and RMI did brought the 58 to life again. I replaced the Fuel totalizer with a RMI and Gem6 with the Fuel totalizer.
  3. bobby456gt

    RMI Addition to Baron 58

    Hi Alf 1, is there any chance you can share this mod? I really miss an ADF on Baron.
  4. bobby456gt

    690B Discrepancy List

    AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE FLIGHT TEST DATA Flight Test Data (690A)TPE331-5 TPE331-10T Thermodynamic Shaft Horsepower 840 minimum 1,000 minimum Flat Rate Torque To 6,000 ft 16,000 ft Cruise Speed 276 KTAS 300+ KTAS (ISA, 9,000 lb, 96%, 20,000 ft)
  5. bobby456gt

    C690B bugs

    I have not found the difference clicking the "hide copilot" check. Where do you see it? Of course you can paint anything, but my point is that the performance for the airplane is for TPE331-5 engine and not -10. I was expecting Carenado made a -10 Commander.
  6. bobby456gt

    690B Discrepancy List

    Sorry, what problem did you found? Anything with ESHP output.?
  7. bobby456gt

    C690B bugs

    I love this Aerocommander and I've been waiting for it since FS2004. Now I found some bugs. Clock is missing hands HP Limit ON-OFF test button is not working DME is showing NAV 1 in the 3 selector. (DME1- DME freq- DME2 should have) What is " Hide copilot"? On the paint scheem says Dash-10 but the flying performance is not for a Dash-10. Other than these bugs. I like it.
  8. bobby456gt

    How about a new project with Learjet 31A ?

    I vote for a Learjet 31A too... with 5 tube EFIS... ha ha ha !!
  9. bobby456gt

    Learjet 35A

    Hi, I'm very happy with the Learjet but I have a question about the autopilot. How can I set a preset the VSI or set an rate of climb ie. 4,000 fpm? There is no manual for the autopilot and the autopilot does not have trim wheel. Thank in advance.